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Friday, January 16, 2009


James Rich

Another example of a Hollywood star being an absolute stupid, gutless wonder. He couldn't bring himself to criticize Catholics, Evangelicals, and Muslims for some reason. Hmm, I wonder why that might be? I guess it's open season on Mormons and the Mormon Church. Watch for more denigrating treatment of Mormons in movies/tv shows in the next year or two. Those anti-blacklisters and anti-intolerance types are just getting started on their own "pink" scare, witch hunt, and crusade! I guess they're not opposed to Inquisitions, Crusades, Black Lists, and Witch Hunts as long as these serve to promote their own purposes.

Like the Boy Scouts, Hollywood and gay activists have found a target they can attack with virtually no prospects of any retaliation, sympathetic cultural blow-back, or much resistance. Why doesn't he mention the black churches and black vote that pushed the Amendment to victory? He would need too much courage for that one.

You're gutless Tom; go back to wearing a dress for a laugh. I can only say, fellow Catholics, that it was the Boy Scouts, now it's the Mormons, and who do you think is the real target coming to a theatre/parish near you?

Simple soul

When Jesus rebuked the pharisees He was uncompromising and used strong language condemming them for their hypocrisy as a group but I don't recall any incident in the gospel where he was contemptuous and sneering in his rebuke of a gentile When he rebuked the woman at the well it was with gentle wit.It is our duty as practising Roman Catholics to try and become as Christ like as we can aided by the powerful graces of the sacraments.We all need to humbly remember that non practising Catholics have deprived themselves of those graces and non Catholics have no knowledge of them.It is encumbent on all of us to pray that our brothers and sisters come to know Jesus.We each have different temperaments and Jesus can use us in different ways but my old mother once said to me we seldom learn by sarcasm or unkindness most of us learn from love and kindness.

Atlanta Catholic

It would certainly send a message if everyone who values morality refused to pay one red cent to see the movies that these spoiled rotten people make. The public helped make them wealthy and famous by viewing their movies. Now, all of the sudden that qualifies them to mock everything moral and sacred under the sun. They have abandoned God and for some, their roots. Their new god is popularity and wealth. Don't go to their films and don't buy their videos. The overnight conversions or very tight lips would happen if many refused to spend money to honor those who dishonor God.


I don't think anyone really listens to Tom Hanks. It's impossible to take him seriously after Best Buddies.

Perry Robinson

Perhaps Hanks should pull the log out of his own eye first. He is a member of the Orthodox Church and the Orthodox also supported Prop 8 in California.

James Rich

...Sounds more like Forest Grump.

Simple soul

Don't let Jake and others holding similar views or adopting lifestyles that are leading them away from God upset or rattle your composure.You must pray for him and others like him. Remember the prodigal son and the good thief and there but for God's wonderful grace could go you or I. It does not matter if he mocks us or calls us deluded fools Jesus was mocked and reviled-God bless you Dominic



While I think the tone of Dominic's responses to you are beyond the pale, his overarching question as to why someone like you who obviously does not love the Church, nor Her teachings, finds this blog interesting - is valid.

I am old enough to have seen the political pendulum swing from left to right to left and back again.

I am continually reminded of the OT admonition - "Put not thy trust in princes." Even suave princes like Obama!


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