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Monday, January 12, 2009


Atlanta Catholic

The Catholic voters chose this when they chose a pro-death leader.


Atlanta Catholic is right - the Catholics have themselves to blame for electing this madness in DC - but also the Catholic Church leaders and their milquetoast leadership - never able to make a hard decision in under months to years, not standing up for the flock, getting caught in their own filthy scandals, always trying to reach out to the enemy in dialogue. What use are the leaders in the Catholic Church? They have led us into ruin these last 50 years.

Pius V

"Mark Warren?" Do you mean Rick Warren?

Pius V

"Rev. Rick Warren, who's likened committed gay relationships to incest and polygamy . . ."

If Warren's comments count as likening committed gay relationships to incest and polygamy, then when gay marriage advocates say that easy and frequent divorce has changed the nature of marriage to the point that gays should be allowed to marry, are they likening gay marriage to flimsy, easily-dissolved marriages?

Rev Donald Spitz

Obama is one sick puppy and. This sodomite is a disgrace and should be ran out of town.


It is a sad day for America. The Office of the President is disgraced and its not because he is Black (I would like to see Alan Keyes in Office) its because of this guy obama and his homosexual likes and pro-baby ing mind.

T. Shaw

1/20/2009: The Beginning of an Error.


God loves gay people but He also says " The prayer of a man with right standing according to His word avails much" So in whose name is he going to pray?

Atlanta Catholic


He won't be praying. He will be fooling himself in the name of the father of lies.


People as human as they are have rules in their own little houses but when it comes to the house of the almighty God, they think in their minds that they can do as they like. Imagine what kind of thinking is that?

James Rich

This is a counter weight for the Rick Warren selection. It mutes the Warren opposition, because how can they argue against having everyone included.

Robinson is some piece of work. He and his relationship were more important than the faith of tens of millions, which he sent free-falling into schism due to his arrogance and narcisism. Well, I can't be too sympathetic, as it was long overdue.


Obama's incredible koolaid drink even has reached this blog! I post something about him not being a Natural born citizen and real cases in conference at the Supreme Court regarding this matter including Dr. Alan Keyes case and wooof! it disappears.


like i said woof it disappears!

Atlanta Catholic


What is Mike talking about? What is disappearing regarding Obama?



I don't know what he is talking about. I've deleted no entry to this post.



James Zlata'Husa , Obama supporters, the disposable ones that is, will be declared after Jan 20th the smartest ones in the concentration camps by Mr. Stalin Obama and comrads! One will be able to recognize them by Obama's new fashion line, the Che Obama T-shirt with matching "O" hat. They will be reading their personalized copy of Sal Alinsky's manifesto and chanting "Change yes we can" or perhaps if their IQ is as high as "The One" they could get out by bribing Obamas Hiltler civialian brownsshirts, with the Obama face coins. Start buying now while supplies last!

James Rich

I'm not sure who sounds nuttier, James Zlata or Mike. The Church should have no political pronouncements or implications, according to James, and fascism and brown shirts sporting an "O" are just around the corner, according to Mike. How about staying on focus and refusing to go Art Bell.

There aren't going to be concentration camps, and there isn't going to be an Obama-led American re-birth. What there probably will be is a greater reliance on the federal government, which will be annoying and pathetic until the demand for services and money is no longer sustainable...which will probably occur in the next decade or two. A country where 50% of its citezenry don't pay taxes is not a country that can sustain a lavish social agenda.

James Rich

James Zlat,

The priest was right in what he said; he shouldn't repent, those who voted for Barak should. He shouldn't repent any more than a doctor should go on a diet and check into treatment because he tells an obese man that he needs to lose weight, stop smoking, and cease drug use. That's moral inversion, James. If abortion is wrong, then anyone promoting it is an accessory to it, whether they really feel like they are or not.

I sometimes look at the political world a lot like many do here: which party/candidate is the least worst that can win? Right now, that's the Republican Party, although there's no guarrantee that will continue. If they drop their abortion plank, then I'll be gone, like many other pro-lifers.

James M. Essig

I have a really weird post today, in fact so weird that some might not understand it but I thought I would develop and articulate the concepts within by which I have amuzed myself, if only in a childish manner over the past week or so.

What I am about to mention below is strictly personal opinion and does not necessarity imply directly or indirectly the teachings of the Church in its Tradition, Sacred Scripture, and the Ordinary and Supreme Majesterium.

Note how ever, that I have put many hours of thought into the discussion below and I do not post these comments lightly, but given the state of affairs of our modern civilization, I have become convinced that I must speak out regardless of the consequences.

We are in a profoundly dark era in which even many Catholics do not believe in the power of Satan and his minions to wreak moral havoc and moral distruction.

You think that every thing is just rosy and peachy keen and that everything is working out? Tell that to each of the gaurdian angels of the 4,000 babies that will be torn from their mothers womb today within the U.S., or the poor virtualy defenseless woman in India and other countries where woman are brutally abused by there husbands for standing up for womans rights, or all of the new born babies who will be killed in China today because they are not of the proper desired gender, or of the approximately multibillion dollar revenues that will accrue today for the global military industrial complex for weapons systems, some of which may have the ability to kill us all off at least by indirect effects, the the common use of cocaine and other illegal stimulants by many white collar educated professionals within our country, a practice that only supports and funds the cold greed of the violent drug cartels that are now starting to take their battles to our very own city streets with ever greater boldness.

Yes, Satan is alive and well and many people do not even believe he exists anymore. Satan's greatest weapon, I am afraid, is not prideful boosting and showing off his existence, but rather his greatest weapon is inducing the belief in the populace, even in many of the faithfull that he does not exist, that he is just a manifestation of some primal caveman like instinct of humanity.

I assure you that Satan is far more deliberate and calculating than all of humanity combined on Earth. Given the steely cold and rationally trained crew members aboard our modern scientific nuclear submarines, those of Russia, the use of modern drugs and torture being used in the fight against terrorism, and yet the cold calculating development of the scientific and molecular formulas of the morning after pill or RU-486, etc, the Devil has turned our own rationality and cold scientific industrial apparatus in part into a weapons of our own destruction.

The real point is that any creature, whether known or unknown by modern science, philosophy, and/or theology, and even any and absolutely all classes of creatures that may exist but are unknown to the Catholic Faith, or any faith-based system for that matter, can not in the end take away the glory that GOD has destined for you, your family, your spouses, your Pastors, your children, and the unborn Holy Innocents that are mercilessly slaughtered in the most brutal way by the effective slaughter houses we call abortion clinics. At least when we slaughter cattle, their meat goes for a good purpose to feed and nourish us. Abortion clinics, however, almost always simply throw the Fetus, embyo, and baby in further stages of development away just as if the body of the subject Holy Innocent was a piece of nameless trash.

What I am about to say, first, may sound scary, and I must say, although I have heard of the following concept, I still take it with a grain of salt. So don’t get too worked up over it.

We not only have become an abortionist country, but also a military and political bully along with all of the other countries that have held our race hostage to what Our Lady of Medjugorie calls Satan’s game of war which He plays with the human race. Rest assure, we do not need God to zap our biosphere out of existence. God works in ordinay ways and at Fatima, Our Lady has very sternly and sadly warned us that War is a punishment for sin.

I have recently read in some websites articles authored by intellegent and thoughtful individuals about the notion that nuclear explosions are perhaps capable of destroying human souls. The argument goes that if the human soul can be substantially united to the physical human body, than it can be effected by the human body or the physical world. If it can be effected by the physical world, then perhaps while united to a human body that was reduced to a several million degree Kelvin plasma in a nuclear fireball in the millionth part of a second, perhaps the soul would not have time to adequately be seperated from the human body and so become corrupted as the body was reduce to a plasma almost as hot as the enterior of the Sun which for that matter is over 2,000 times hotter than the center of the Earth (for all you folks who still believe that the center of the Earth contains Hell).

There are a lot of people catholic and non-catholic who speculate about UFO space alien coverups within the U.S. government, who dabble dangerously into the new age or into the crap of the allegded phenomenon of clairavoyance, these latter two practices having been forbidden within the new Catholic Catechism. Well guess what, these same alledged space aliens have a tendency to state ,when the subject has come up, that nuclear weapons can and have destroyed souls, including the souls of advanced space aliens themselves, as well as those of socalled astral travelers. If the reader of this posting thinks I am kidding, do a google search on the subject and I am sure you will find several relavent hits and even more references about such embedded in dubious articles and claims about space alien communications with human beings. For those of you who think catholics never think about the possibilities of space aliens, I once new a vocation director who was a Catholic Priest who was ,on the side of his clerical duties, almost obsessed with the notion of UFO space aliens and even, if my memory serves me correctly, has some new age books such as the popular 1980s book Communion which basically promoted the concept of space alien abductions of humans for dubious purposes, on his book shelf in his office.

The truth is, we simply do not know and cannot know what all of the effects of the most horrific temperatures or ionizing radiation flux densities produced in the hearts of nuclear explosions are on the human body soul combination and what humans and any existent unlucky ETIs experience as there bodies are completely consumed in times as short as the time it takes a high powered sniper rifle bullet to travel one millimeter. If you think I am joking, then perhaps the reader might want to test my theory by standing next to the next 100 megaton nuclear weapon that is built as ask the general in command of it to set it off while you are sitting on top of it. Personally, I will risk going to purgatory before doing that.

Either way, I am not speaking for the Catholic Church, but I am a firm believer that the entire human will be ressurected at the end of time, body and soul regardless if one or both are somehow destroyed before then.

We people within the United States have made many good contributions to mankinds state of the art scientific and technological prowess however, we have weaponized just about every major scientific discovery we have made. We claim we are one nation under God, yet we are willing to stockpile enough nuclear weapons to still perhaps end all life on the planet in a burnt out radioactive graveyard to use the language of Pope John Paul II.

What a contradiction! We have the where-with-all to perhaps end all life on the planet for the selfish sake of our national survival and the survival of our people, yet it has been legalized within our country to kill about as many unborn babies since Roe Verses Wade as has the hordes of Hilter’s armies slaughtered in all of World War II. Are we really any better in the collective eyes of these babies’ gaurdian angels whose inutterable spiritual grownings of sorrow must overwhelm them as they watch one baby after another cut from their mothers wombs or the souls of these babies who must be aware of the horrible painful guilt and sometimes suicidal depression that their mommies feel after willfully having their children cut and torn from the safe, warm, and soft home of the womb.

Now back to the main point of this article. Sorry, I just had to vent a little. The hypocrasy of Catholic Politicians who support abortion sometimes brings me to the boiling point. The Catholic Bishops and Cardinals who administer Holy Communion to these folks are complicent in the sin of sacraledge and are killing Jesus in the very Hosts they consecrate.

Now, the main concept applies to the notion of extremely existentially and exotic spiritual, lifeforms that are in no way humanoid or human like, not to mention also being non-carbon and non-DNA based.

Now we are all familiar with the concept of pure spirits such as the concept of bodiless angels which have no extension in space, presumably do not exist in time, and infact, are completely non-dimensional beings, a property commensurate with being a pure spirit such as an angel or a dissembodied human soul.

First, suppose there are additional chores of angels or levels of angels below and/or above the 9 choirs of angels mentioned in the Holy Bible. Accordingly, the Cheribum and the Seraphim are the Highest or most advanced classes of angels we know of, and accordingly, the number of angels that were created may be absolutely countless according to a translation of atleast one version of Sacred Scripture. Perhaps the Cardinality of Infinity of the numbers of the Angels is so high that it cannot be expressed in definate symbolic terms even given the entire physical material content of the physical cosmos as a writting tablet.

Could God actually have created additional Choirs or levels of Angels either lower than the lowest choir of angels or perhaps greater than the greatest Choirs of Angels, perhaps even much much greater than the highest Seraphim and Cheribum.

I recall that it is Catholic Traditional Theology that Satan was created with great, in fact fantastic natural power, intellegence, and even moral goodness. Some say that he was so powerful and exualted that he wrongly deemed equality with God. Others say that Satan rebelled when He thought that God should become incarnate using Satan himself as God the Son’s Created Nature and that upon finding out that God was going to come into the world using a frail human nature, He rebelled and along with him, so did a third of all angels that were created, in a purely spiritual war that involved an absolutely frenetic battle involving for lack of a better word, a war between the Good Angels and the Fallen Angels that involved a corescution of angelic weapons, whatever angelic weapons stands for. Perhaps angels had some form of utterly dimensionless, timeless, non-spatial, non-physical,eternal , or purely spiritual weapons or some incomprehensible technology with which they waged warfare that would make the arms or defensive means of the most advanced intellegent bodily extraterrestrial civilizations as well as that of the most advanced socalled intellegent bodily etherial ultraterrestrial civilizations, look like pea shooters, badmitten birdies, or Nerf balls in comparison.

Yes, although subject to the power and providence of GOD, Satan retains just about all or all of His natural power and intellegence and so He, I have to warn, remains very dangerous. Just think of all the moral fruitcakes He has conned into abortion and its acceptence, or those he has seduced into new age crap like crystals, fortune telling, the other Occult practices, the new age movement, or the absolutely stupid belief that God is an extraterrestrial space alien that rides around in an interstellar space UFO, or the global military powers that have spent so much money devising horrible weapons systems which may well be used in Armeggedon, an amount of money so great that I am a firm believer, as someone trained in physics, that if the money had gone into manned interstellar vehicle research and development, even given the known laws of physics such as special and general relativity, classical and quantum electrodynamics, microelectronics, ordinary nuclear physics and engineering, modern materials science and the like, we might be launching or likely already have launched manned interstellar space craft capable of traveling at a large portion of the speed on light to other stellar planetary systems to find out what really is there.

Think of it, with the known laws of physics, we could have already been or about to become the space aliens. And what did we do instead, we are on the verge of trashing our ecosystems, we have armed our planet to the teeth, and we have perhaps aborted 500 million babies, perhaps even more, world wide considering the alledged socalled “enlightened” Chinese who often practice infanticide when they have more than one child and it is not of the desired sex.

Because Satan was by many theological accounts, deemed the highest angel or highest being ever created with respect to his nature; his natural good and natural strength and power, perhaps where there is one there is more. Could God have created additional angels with the same level of ontological goodness, power, glory, sublimity, transcendence, etc, that did not fall and which are known perhaps only to God, and now enjoy the Beatific Vision: Perhaps now in an exaulted state not even known to the elect in Heaven. I would have to argue that perhaps we have no way of knowing or that perhaps God has not intended any of us humans, any bodily ETI or UTI, any of the Saints in Heaven, any of the members of the known morally good choirs of angels in Heavan, and any of the Poor Souls in Purgatory to know about the existence of any such existent beings.

Now, even spiritually open minded Catholic Theologians will say that we humans cannot from Sacred Scripture or Church teaching claim that there exists intellegent bodily extraterrestrials on other planets any more than we can disclaim the existence of such based on Sacred Scripture, the Church’s Tradition, and both the Supreme and Ordinary Majesterium. If we as a Catholic Church cannot make up our minds about the existence of any bodily humanoid or bodily non-humanoid ETI, how can we rule definatively that additional choirs of Angels do not exist, perhaps even choirs higher than the highest choir as revealed in Sacred Scripture. Perhaps for some reason, God has chosen that it be the case that Mankind, and/or any bodily ETI and/or any etherial bodily UTI, and/or any Canonized Saints in Heaven, and/or any other Human Souls in Heaven, and/or any of the Poor Souls in Heaven and/or any of the Angels from the known Choirs of Angels, should not know about the existence of these other or perhaps even Higher Choirs of Angels: at least not yet!

Could there also exist socalled Super-Angels or beings that are created higher than any angels that are super-created-spiritual or super-spirits that are created as spiritual beings with an even higher level or spirit than the known 9 choirs of angels and any existent additional choirs. We refer to purely spiritual beings such as Human Souls and Angels as pure created spirits. Perhaps any existent higher created beings would be more appropraitely called pure Created Beings or Created Analogues of the Pure Being Characteristics of the Unique One and Only One Almighty God.

These created analogues of the I AM would nevertheless, still be utterly insignificant to the ALMIGHTY POWER OF GOD, OF THE TRUINE GOD, OF EACH DIVINE PERSON, OF GOD THE FATHER, OF GOD THE SON, AND OF GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT. GOD could wipe these beings out and all of the entire remainder of creation with one infinitesimal effortless act of HIS WILL. Yes indeed folks, GOD is that powerful.

Moreover, the Catholic Church holds that the Blessed Virgin Mary, is by Grace Holier, more noble, and more pure than any other creature. In Her Apparitions at Fatima Portugal, she stated that she is the Queen of the Universe, universe presumably meaning all creation. In the alledged apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the viilage of Medjugorie in the former Yugoslavia, it has been stated to at least one of the visionaries who she regularly appears to that She is the QUEEN OF THE COSMOS. When interveiwed, one of the visionaries was ask “What does that mean?” by the interviewer to which the visionary applied something to the effect that She is the Queen of all Creation, the Queen of everyting not GOD.

Thus, regardless of whether or not there are ETIs, UTIs, other unknown choirs of Angels, super spirits or super-angelic beings, the Blessed Virgin has been raised to the throne of GOD, and is holier, and nobler, and more Full of Grace then any other creature. Some extreme expressions of the extent of Her Holiness and Grace by some pious and devout Modern Catholic Theologians is that she is Holier, more Noble, More Pure, and More Full of Grace then all other creatures combined: That by definition would include all angels, all other human persons including canonized Saints, any additional choirs of Angels, any super-spiritual created beings, (i.e., super-angels, or created I AM analogues), any ETIs, any UTIs etc.

The Blessed Virgin Mary is an utterly absolutely beautiful woman say all of the persons she has appeared to. Some, if I am not mistaken, may have indicated that she appears toned down so as not to overwhelm those she appears to and still they say she is absolutely just plain radiantly beautiful.

For all you guys who have been spurned by woman, have had your masculinity mocked, or humiliated by a culture that no longer seems to respect manhood and womanhood for that manner, please, I beg you to know that the Blessed Virgin loves you beyond all telling, with a pure love as only the ultimate and perfect Mother can give. Just as She is the Mediatrix of all graces dispensed by Her Divine Son, JESUS CHRIST, she calls each of us by name, just as JESUS does. She does not just look on you as another run of the mill inferior human as so many of us humans are viewed, but rather views you as one of HER dear and precious spiritual children who She calls by name. Hang in there, because a measure of glory beyond all measure awaits you in the end.

For all you woman who have felt the burden of the glass ceiling in dailly life, at work, is college, in the military, and in politics, or who have felt surpressed by others such as by some domineering men. please know that the Blessed Virgin is the absolutely greatest, most holy, most pure, most powerful, most beautiful, most noble creature whether that creature be a man, a woman, a priest, a brother, a nun, a Pope, an ETI being, an UTI being, an angel, a demon, any super-angel, or created super-spiritual being, indeed absolutely any creature whatsoever. She longs to have the absolutely perfect mother daughter relationship with you and you can be absolutely assured that She calls You by name, with a love, warmth, and longing that by far, outdoes any such love you could ever have for your biological children including any of you woman who have precious new borns. So hang in there and take heart, for a measure of glory awaits you beyond all telling.

JESUS CHRIST, TRUE GOD AND TRUE MAN, has risen Glorified and is now seated at the RIGHT HAND OF THE FATHER. JESUS CHRIST; whose MAME is inexpressibly more exualted above every name in this life and in the life of the world to come, both in Heaven and upon Earth, has in a real sense conquered death with HIS PASSION, DEATH and RESSURECTION. HE ,it has been stated, is to be the FATHER of the WORLD to Come.

Yet he only does the Will of the ETERNAL FATHER, who is the MAJESTY WHO SITS on the THRONE who absolutely all in HEAVEN will worship day and night. It is said that all creatures will have to confess that JESUS is LORD either by force or free will in the end. And this includes all humans in Heavan and Hell, all ETI and UTI, all Angels, and Devils including Satan, and any of the conjectured super -angels of super-spirits I have described above for the sake of this argument.

Just as we must suffer the frailties of our human nature and die, we are destined to be Risen whole and complete on the Last Day as GODs children. Without the Cross, there is no glory. With our dailly crosses, in the very end, there will be glory for us beyond all imagination. We are children of GOD and indeed that is what we are by grace. What we will become has not yet be given for us to know, but we know we shall be Like HIM.

So with all of the talk about abortion, terrorism, terrorist states aquiring or developing nuclear weapons, classified black projects within the U.S. and Russian darks halls of secret research labs developing unspeakable weapons systems, the prideful gloating over the commissioning of a new U.S. nuclear powered nuclear missile submarine, that by some accounts could do our race in through indirect effects such as buring metro areas’ firestorm smoke, and the like. the looming threat of Global Warming and water level rises and fresh water depleation, and talks about a possible asteriod with Earth’s name on it, the seemingly unsurpressible drug cartels and their growing boldness for use of deadly force, and most of all, the banterings of politicians who would legalize any and all forms of abortion, I say take heart. Christ kingdom is literally not of this world and what I really mean, not of this physical cosmos.

I do not know what effect this message will have on people, but I feel I must state my feelings on such. We are a civilization heading for suicide and we now have the ability to bring our world to an end and God knows what else.



James M. Essig

Hi Folks;

Now comes the good and pleasant side of the types of subjects for which I made arguments yesterday in my previous post.

Regarding the human soul, the reader of my postings will note that I tend to be Highly Schoolastic in my views of the Human Soul.

I tend to believe as Saint Thomas Aquinas believed that nothing created whatsoever can destroy the human soul. I tend to view the human soul as spiritual, eternal, naturally immortal, incorruptable per addends and per se, intrinsically independent of the human body including the human brain for both its existence and to some extent its operations, simple, unextended, immaterial, a first created essential or substantial principle.

From any reasonable interpretation of the New Catholic Catachism of the Catholic Church, we know that the human soul is spiritual, immortal, the principle of unity within the human person,free, radically endowed with free will, the seed of eternity which we bear within ourselves, immeadiately and directly created, rational,and not reducable to the mere material world.

In addition, we know from Catholic Tradition that the human soul is multiply and completely present in every differential portion of the human body that is alive. We know that it is created Ex Nihilo, out of nothing directly from God and that it is not produced by the parents.

Some great Catholic theologian near the turn of the 19th century stated that the human soul is an immortal person that no one but ourselves has access to, not even the Almighty God in the real sense, that only we can make the free choices we make for good or for evil by ourselves. Only we can touch our souls in this sense because only we can make our free will choices. The power of the radically free human will which can make mortally sinful choices and then make a perfect act of contrition the next hour and/or a sacrammental contrition in the confessional says something about the power of our spiritual identity, vital life principle of personal identity, or our souls: The ability to act in radical and in unpredictable manners in ways that are radically undetermined in their causes. Yes, our freedom to sin and come back to the state of grrace again and again is indeed profound. If sinless bodily ETI lifeforms or UTI lifeforms cannot not have the freedom to sin, we are in a sense more free and have more powerful freedom of will then they have. The power of our human free wills is astounding and so is the transcendant property of our souls by which we are vested with such power.

This same late 19th century theologian stated that each human soul, each human person that has ever existed has his or her current experiences, thoughts, feelings, acts of will, whether on Earth, in Heavan, in Purgatory, in Hell, and in any form of Limbo state. Each such human soul is an immortal being that only that very same soul has access to.

Baring some unknown philosophical inconsistency in human and Church teaching on the Human soul such as the remote chance it could be destroyed by a nuclear explosion, a notion I brought up yesterday in the previous posting, simply to make the point that we will all be ressurected incorruptable on the last day, not matter what happens or could remotely happen, we will and are meant for eternity and will live eternity in Heaven or Hell, even if by some remote chance as might be known only to God that our souls might somehow concievably be natually destroyed on a temporary basis.

If the human soul is so transcendent and untouchable and naturally immortal, and which could only be destroyed by a direct act of God’s Amighty will, how the Hell could any human person or any created being whatsoever want to prevent such a soul from reaching the eternal joy and glory in Heavan. How could any human being want to use artificial contraception or the morning after pill to abort the process already determinably on track to occur of the actual creation of the human soul by God at the moment of conception. One thing is certain, when we use artificial contraception for all purposes such as the outright prevention of conception, it is not a hydrogen bomb that ruins the possibility of existence of the human soul that would otherwise be created, but rather weak chemical compounds or very frail mechanical boundaries that abort or prevent the process of conception.

Yes, some might say that I am a radical puritan, however,being a large muscular man, I have the utmost respect for authentic human sexuality. However, revelation is revelation, and the truth is according to the Catholic Tradition, Ordinary and Supreme Majesterium that Homosexual relations, fornication, adultery, artificial contraception, abortion, and the other commom sins of the flesh, etc., when performed with full deliberation, freedom, and knowledge of the full scope of the sinful nature of such acts are a mortal sin. No if, and, or buts, about it. Vatican II has not changed the Church’s teaching on this matter.

But any of us who have in the past, as I have, fallen into one or more of these sins of the flesh, can seek sacrammental absolution in the confessional. But upon being absolved, we must really stive to do better. I think the Lord knows exactly what temptations of the flesh are, since they are so common within our psychodynamic makeup.

For those who have had an abortion, paid for one, or advocated , legislated or worked to inact abortionist agendas. The Lord loves you dearly and wants desperately for you to spend eternity in Heavan. In fact, the Lord would like and prefer that you go straight to Heavan upon passing even to the point of being material for canonization. So do not give up, the DIVINE KING wants you.



The reader of this post and my previous posts may wonder why I have so radically changed the nature and theme of my arguments. That argumentative questioning is something that has rubbed off on me from on of my brothers. The funny thing is, at times when we were working together on the various patent applications for inventive concepts that we jointly developed, I would propose a certain way to right a claim in a patent application after some careful thought to which my brother would logically argue how about we do this instead, because my suggestion was too limiting or too broad. Often, upon comming into agreement with him on the same subject claim, he would then with all seriousness suggest that my way was the best, and the process would repeat it self for perhaps a half a dozen iterations on the same claim in some cases. For all of those who have worked in the field of intellectual property or who have any experience with writting your own patent application, you know what I mean. Grins and Giggles.

Simple soul

James take the time to read Jim's post it is worth the effort.
As to divisions re politics Remember when the pharisees were trying to get Jesus to take sides politically he evaded their trap. It is so wonderfully simple but our fallen nature with encouragement from the Prince of lies manages to complicate things We know to deliberately kill an innocent human being is wrong.Any politician who says it is not wrong is either evil or has been deceived into confusion by the Prince of lies.I prefer not to give my vote to a human being who can be deceived I want someone wiser to represent me.


Perhaps rudeness is not something that belongs on a blog that revolves around a religion about eternal love, forgiveness and mercy. Hmm, what I thought.

If you're the only person around here fit for heaven, Dominic, I'd rather go to hell.

Loy to Lar


You are right about the needlessness of rudeness.

From some of your other comments, however, I think that we have dramatically different ideas about what exactly love - forgiveness - and mercy mean.

Actually let me rephrase that as my opinion, as is yours, as to the meaning of those words - is meaningless. I should say that the Church - The Roman Catholic Church - the Church that Jesus Christ founded - has distinct ideas on love - forgiveness - and mercy that are IRRECONCILABLE with your stated views on life, e.g., abortion.

We don't live in a confessional state, so in the secular world anyone may have any opinion they like, but in the words of the late great John Paul II - "Christ's Church is not a democracy!"

I have gotten flak for not deleting clearly anti-Catholic comments, but in some way I think they can be educative as they give an insight into the reasoning, warped reasoning that is, of the unbeliever. Unless they go way way overboard as Athelstan has done (or for that matter Dominic although Dominic clearly has orthodox views) I leave them in.




You may well be very correct about the roman catholic church. I personally was raised a Protestant but don't really affiliate myself with a religious group currently. I do, however, think that the underlying lesson of Christ is love- and love will never be reached without tolerance and understanding. So that is what I strive to do. Although it may not be in line with everyones morals I do my best- as I'm sure you and many others here do too, to be a good person.

Kudos for letting other points of view be stated and allowing discussion to take place without name calling and pettiness.


Gay rights is highly charged issue - As a Catholic I believe in some "rights" but not gay marriage and feel that the Obama administration should have no obligation to cow tow to those who support it. Controversies abound in the Catholic Church and in Church politics - I've found a show on the web that looks at all sorts of these "like" situations of "moral choices" It's called "In the Arena" with Jane Hanson on just an fyi...... Ellen

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