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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Atlanta Catholic

Bishop Gene Robinson foolishly responds, "Well, I'm first in many categories?" No, you are not "Bishop" Gene Robinson. There is nothing new under the sun. There have been many Judases who have also betrayed Christ for less than 30 pieces of silver.


"First in many categories."

Hmm, let's see... Robinson is "first":
1). to be nominated for the "(gay) Pride Precedeth a Fall Award", 2009.
2). in line for a fire and brimstone shower.
3). on the devil's "Thanks for Making My Day" list.
4). and foremost a heretic.
5). in his own mind.

T. Shaw

Hell, no. He/she's worst in many categories.

If it were not for the wonderful airmen, marines, sailors and soldiers fighting for us in Afghanistan and Iraq, I would be no longer proud of this country beginning 1/20.

We shall prevail despite all the Obamahama-worshipping imbeciles.


Speaking as an active duty enlistee, there is more to be proud of in this country than those in the military. Yes, many are heroes, but there are many MORE unsung heroes doing the right thing, day in day out, and not getting credit for it. Good priests. Good nuns. Good teachers. Good pro-lifers. Good parents. Etc.
Thanks for the support...but let's keep it in perspective too. Our battle against the spirits of darkness is more important than those abroad. Our battles abroad will ring hollow if abortion continues.

Atlanta Catholic


That's a darn accurate list! I guess you could also call it, the desired consequence guide for the "Whose Who" of historical and prominent failures.

James Rich

Mean Gene put his own interests and ambitions over his faith's well-being. It takes a crazy sort of ego and self-righteousness to convince yourself that being the cause of a world-wide schism that still hasn't completely played out was in your religion's best interest. Nice bit of sophistry; it must help him sleep at night.

And that's how it is over and over: people of his ilk destroying things in the smug sanctimoniousness that what is so apparently disastrous is actually in the "best interest" of people. He's not selfish, he's heroic; he's not destroying, he's breaking new ground.

See you at Mass in the coming years, Anglicans.

Simple soul

Whited sepulchres?



Thanks for your insight on the true heroes of this world. I agree with you. I think the best heroes are parents who teach their children to be good human beings, to love and serve one another, and most of all to love God. Your contribution as a volunteer soldier makes you a hero in my book. Lastly, your comment on abortion is right on. All acts of justice, goodness, righteousness, and selflessness performed thorughout the world are not enough to counterbalance the evil of abortion, a savage holocaust for which we are all responsible.

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