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Friday, February 06, 2009


James M. Essig

Our Lady deserves a special honor and respect that only a mother can have. She is the spiritual mother of every human person and is the Queen of Heaven, the Queen of all Saints, the Queen of all Angels, the Queen of all Deacons, Priests, Bishops, Archbishops, Cardinals and Popes, the Queen of all Religious Brothers and Sisters, the Queen of all Biological Mothers and Fathers, and the Queen of all Souls including the Souls of the Holy Innocents who are aborted while still in the Womb.

Our Lady has revealed to visionaries or apparitionists in some of Her various Church Approved Apparitions over the past centuries that She is The Queen of the Universe. There, by definition can only be one Queen of the Universe and She is it.

In the still controversial Apparitions of Our Lady in the village of Medjugorie in the former Yugoslavia, Our lady, according to an interview given to one of the visionaries has stated that She is the Queen of The Cosmos. When the interviewer asked the visionary, what does that mean, the visionary said, She is the Queen of Absolutely All Creation ... of Everything not God. This beautiful aspect of Our Lady is the Title of a book on Medjugorie entitled, "Queen of the Cosmos" or something like that. I bought a copy of this wonderful book over a decade ago and took out a Highliter felt-tip marker and had a field day underscoring all of the similar descriptions of Our Lady that were given in the book.

Most importantly, Our Lady is the Mother of God, the Immaculate Conception, the Mediatrix of all Graces, and our Mother. She is not just any old sinless conception, She is The Immaculate Conception and the Queen of Peace.

It has been stated according to one of Her alleged apparitions, that still has not had a definitive ruling on by the Church Authorities, that She longs to be in a special way, the Mother of All Creation.

Yes, Folks, she is that motherly, loving, and nurturing, and that great. We can do a great service for Our Mother by praying that She indeed will become, by the granting of the Lord GOD Almighty, The Eternal God The Father, the Mother of All Creation. I do exactly that just about every time I attend Mass. Can we do anything less for Our Loving Mother ?!

Catholic Church Theologians have classically stated that she is holier, more noble, and more Full of Grace and any other creature. According to some theologians, she is holier, more noble, and more Full of Grace than the entire remainder creation combined.

Heck, listen to the words of the traditional Catholic Prayer, the Hail Mary, which is an integral part of the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Hail Mary, Full of Grace, The Lord is With Thee. Blessed Art Thou Amongst Woman, and Blessed is the Fruit, of Thy Womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, Pray for Us Sinners, now and at the Hour of Our Death. Amen.

Her very Title is Full of Grace. Our very Catholic Tradition proves such. Daily recitation of the Holy Rosary was recommended and encouraged by Our Lady of Fatima, and by Mary in the Multitude of Her other Church Approved Marian Apparitions.

Give the Most Holy Rosary a try. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. You can purchase a Rosary at any Catholic Book Store and you need not be Catholic to Say it. In fact, you can be Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Taoist, Hindu, etc., and still say the Rosary. Our Lady loves each and every one of us with a love that is personal, heart-felt, and pure, and she calls each of us by name.




Now I've seen a lot of Mormon temples, and all of them are very plain, blockhouse-looking things, but this one looks like nothing so much as a mausoleum. Its arechitecture is not all that bad, in and of itself, but next to that magnificent basilica, it would have been nothing less than an eyesore.

James M. Essig

What creature can be more glorious than a mother! What creature can be greater than or equal to Our Lady.

Mothers have a uniquely close relationship with their children. It is within the mother’s womb that a child is first conceived. The mother’s womb is a place of sanctity where an embryo first exists to which a spiritual and immortal, directly and immediately created soul is united.

The bodies including the brain of her children are knit within the womb of a mother.

Since the physical relationship between a mother and child are so close, all of the physical energy fields and perhaps any para-psychological fields emitted, generated, or emanating from a mother’s body envelop the mother’s child as the child grows in the womb.

According to the Catholic Faith, its tradition, and the various approved Marian Apparitions, the Mother of God, Mary is the highest or greatest creature by Grace. Mary is accordingly, The Queen of Angels, The Queen of Heaven, The Queen of the Universe, and according to the still controversial apparitions of Our Lady of Medjugorie, She is the Queen of the Cosmos, the Queen of Absolutely all Creation, the Queen of Everything not GOD.

While the Bread and Wine are consecrated by the prayers of consecration made by Catholic Priests into the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass through the Power of GOD, it is Mary the Mother of GOD who knit entire Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ within Her Womb for 9 months as the Baby Jesus grew within His Mother’s Womb.

The greatest creature is not a man, but rather is a woman, i.e., the Mother of God and all woman should be proud of their Spiritual Mother Mary and the unique role she plays in Salvation History as Mediatrix of All Graces. All graces given to any creature by virtue of Christ’s Life, Passion, Death on the Cross, and His Resurrection from the Dead come from and are dispensed through Mary as Mediatrix of All Graces.

Our Spiritual Mother Mary is so Full of Grace, that She bears the Title “Full of Grace” in the Prayer “Hail Mary”. Many Catholic theologians hold that She is so Full of Grace that She cannot contain any more Grace. She overflows with Grace and dispenses this Grace to we creatures.

Women are a uniquely special form of GOD’s creation and only a Women by definition can be the Mother of GOD.

All women, and young girls, should be proud of their mothers especially their Spiritual Mother Mary. This applies to absolutely all women regardless of whether they are married, married with children, single, celibate, virgins, consecrated virgins, religious, or heterosexual or not.

I say to all you woman, that Mary, The Mother of GOD, and Your most Loving, Tender, Beautiful, yet most Strong Mother has been Assumed into Heaven where She has been Crowned by the Holy Trinity as Queen of Heaven where She now, exalted by the Power of God, stands next to Her Resurrected Son, Jesus in Glory.

Yes, what a remarkable creation each and every Mother is. Mothers, especially Mothers with Children are the Prime caretakers, custodians, and guardians of their families especially their children. Since each family is the basic fundamental social unit of society, and since each family can be said to be a little Church, mothers play a prominent role in providing for or causing innumerable future family churches to exist either through their future lineage and/or by the examples they set. Who can claim such a privilege but a mother!

For all of you women who have been mistreated by others, are or were the victims of domestic violence, are discriminated against by those with macho attitudes, or who in any other way are mistreated, look to your Spiritual Mother Mary for Help and even more so to Her Son Jesus and Our Lord for Help. You can bet that Jesus has supreme respect for all women since He came into the world, and in a very real sense took His Human form from within the nurturing womb of His Mother.

Note that it was through imaginative mental imagery and somehow feeling the gentle calm and nurturing voice of Mary, The Mother of God, even if only as a purely natural rather ordinary experience that can be explained by psychodynamic principles and realities particular to my psychogenic personality structure, that I was converted from an angry young adult male who at one point was contemplating entering the service and who use to play lip service to the conservative Cold War mentality and prideful banterings of the 1980s at every opportunity I could and who used to gloat pride-fully over the destructive powers of my country’s nuclear arsenal, to an advocate for an Era of Peace as mentioned by Our Lady of Fatima, and to an advocate of respect for all God’s creation.

In short, I personally have become an advocate for Peace, Green and sustainable technology, and the Dignity of the Human Person. If the reader of this post had known me 25 years ago, they would most likely have thought of me with all of my former macho attitudes and pretense as the most unlikely candidate for such a conversion. Just as assuredly as Our Loving Mother called me back from the brink of Hell, think of how much more She can do for you as the good persons that you are.



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