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Thursday, February 12, 2009



If this so-called Archbishop doesnt like the so-called ''cult'' that he is in,he can always leave.
In fact,I'd prefer it if he and others like him took the out and left Holy Mother Church,and let those of us who wish to adhere to Tradition and Doctrine worship witout the dubious benefits of his so-called opinions.
His views are tantamount to schism.

The man speaks apostasy.



Simple soul

Yet another soul in need of fervent prayer. Too often we forget the Prince of lies always goes after our priests in a thousand ways constantly working to undermine and weaken their faith.
He is a master strategist and tacticiam knowing if he can take out a cardinal or bishop thousands of souls are placed in peril.
We can be grateful that in our lifetime we have had a succession of courageous loyal and devout popes.People in earlier periods of the church's history suffered the pain of less virtuous popes and only the protection of the Holy Spirit made it possible for the church to survive.
Individually we each must strive for holiness in the circumstances we find ourselves in whilst praying for one another and mother church.

Fr. Joshua Wagner

They will do just about anything to sully the name of the Pope- you can pick on this guy pretty easily since he isn't JPII- that is, a likeable Rock-Star who ended Communism. Benedict on the other hand was a Nazi supporter... right? I mean he was a Hitler Youth... Right? By force... Right? and he escaped... Right? Oh yea we are going to leave things out. I suspect also there are a lot of good things done by Bishop Wagner that are going "unnoticed" as well, all for th purpose of defaming the Pope. In my mind, this just means Benedict is doing things the right way... the way he has done it for decades. I would not want to be Pope... not now or ever. I don't doubt the Wagner quote is taken WAY out of context too by the way.

James Rich

It took a while, but I think I can recognize liberal-heresy speak when I see it. "Local control" means basically doing whatever you want with no oversight or control or accountability.

We see how "local control" is working out for our Prostestant brothers, where they struggle with being unified against the impulses of a few leaders who want to refashion the denomination as they see fit. I have a feeling the Church would look very different if the likes of this bishop got his way on everything.



I too am Roman Catholic. Not a convert, but born into it.

I do have Orthodox family members. My mother's family came from the part of eastern Poland that is now part of Ukraine.

I don't think that as a group orthodox clergy can be classified as "arrogant." This is not to discount whatever particular experience you have had with orthodox clergy, but rather to dispute the logic of branding thousands of orthodox priests, across numerous denominations (Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Greek, Romanian, etc...) as arrogant because of your experiences.

Hopefully those making the momentous decision of choosing a church are starting with where they are doctrinally.

I would concur with your observation on Protestantism, especially the newer (and today most popular) type of non-denominational "big-box" (my adjective) Protestant Church that frequently have NO DOCTRINAL POSITIONS save that of Pastor Bob, or Pastor Bill, or whomever has founded the Church.



Catholic Observer

The diocese of Linz is undoubtedly the worst diocese in Europe; they even have a monument dedicated to Judas:


Perhaps the Archbishop has forgotten our Church began with a few and by its small band living the teachings of Christ and the protection of the Holy Spirit despite the might of the Roman Empire.
Christ warned what would become of us if we try to accomodate the world we are meant to be salt.


The Church long ago and many times over has opted to see itself as a school for sinners more than a society of saints. Too many posters here are Donatists, effectively. You'd happily kick everyone out of the Church who does not agree with you. By my calculations that would be about 75% of the Church in America. Ah, but the "pure" and "perfect" always know what's best. How pathetic!


Wagner is right, folks. Look at the prophecies of Fatima and Akita, and throw in Garabandal while you're at it. Yes, I know Garabandal isn't approved; it can't be until the prophecies come to pass. But neither have the Church authorities condemned it.
Anyway, my point is, all three involve prophecies of increases in natural disasters unless we clean up our act. The one point on which I disagree with Rev. Wager is his calling them "retribution." They are not retribution; they are warnings. God in His mercy is giving us every possible chance to shape up before he slams the "Big One" down on us. If we choose not to see it, that's our problem, not His, nor is it the problem of those who try to open our eyes.

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