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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


James M. Essig

We in the United States have been gifted with great natural resources, vital farmland, and leadership in the Global acquisition of scientific knowledge and technology. We have for many years been at the pinnicle of state of the art military, defense, and survailance technology.

However, such generalizations could have been made about other empires within the annuls of library history books.

We, however, are not entitled by GOD to remain in this leadership position.

When I think of the rampid abortions that are permitted at the State and Federal levels, the grave danger possed by the Freedom of Choice Act if it ultimately gets signed into law,the glorifying of one parent families and homosexual orientations as if such are supposed to be in vogue or somehow cool, even to the extent that pure heterosexuality is insulted by some, be the heterosexuality male or female, and the perverted culture that fosters cohabitation fornication which are now the norm among people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, I am beginning to fear that we are no longer One Nation Under God, but rather a nation which has been given the most be God, but which now rejects God the most.

Funny thing is, I know of Catholics or have met Catholics that think I am some sort of an odd ball for believing that Fornication, Adultery, Sodomy, Masturbation, Artificial Contraception, Abortion, Homosexual acts, Cohabitation, viewing of pornography in print, on the web, on TV, or in the movie theater, petting outside of marraige, and all of the other sins of the flesh are just plain and simply wrong.

Given Our Lady of Fatima's warning regarding sins of the flesh, I think it is time we heed this warning.

Russia's errors of communism etc., can still be spread throughout the Globe and various nations can still be annihilated. The translated meaning of the word annihilation is that of total destruction and not simply the notion of loss of political identity.

I do not understand why so many Bishops and Cardinals are so tolerant of openly Pro-Choice or should I say Pro-death politicians and the reception of the Holy Eucharist by such unrepentant leaders. These Bishops are complicent in the Sin of Sacramental Sacreledge.

I mean Come On! Is there some sort of Global conspiracy here?! If there was, It could not have been pulled off more effectively. I see the smoke of Satan here.




Thank you for this very well written, thoughtful article. I agree with your general premise but had to disagree with your assumption that President Obama was elected only to fix the grave economic crisis the United States is facing. While that was clearly the major issue in the election I think you are mistaken with the premise he wasn't elected to address other issues. He was elected based to address the collective set of issues that our country faced this past year; unnecessary war in Iraq, unpopular and forgotten war in Afghanistan, abuse of civil liberties by the prior administration, etc.

I won't offer an opinion on the specific issues you outlined but many/most of them were most certainly discussed during the election, albeit in secondary roles, and were part of the broader Presidential package we elected. President Obama was elected with a mandate to make changes well beyond those impacting our economy.

T. Shaw

Here's why US abortion will always and ever be 'legal.' "Catholic social teaching goes well beyond abortion," Chaput noted. "In America we have many urgent issues that beg for our attention, from immigration reform to health care to poverty to homelessness."

Therein this archbishop, and the rest of the shepherds, keep giving American catholics that voted for an unknown, inexperienced marxist's hype, change and abortion their URGENT ISSUES/"get out of jail free" cards.


I still can not understand why some people can not see the forest for the trees.

Our previous administration was Pro-Life in word only. Do your research at the CDC, abortions are already up for some groups. One of the main drivers for this is poverty.

Communism is dead, there is no red scare anymore. That being said our President is no more of a true Socialist than Reagan was back in the 80s when he implemented the Earned Income Tax credit - the most socialist, income redistribution law in our nations history. The right-wing blogs aren't going to bring that up though.

Our nation faces some great evils brought about by the previous administration and we should pray for President Obama that with God's grace he and his administration is able to make a difference. Because it was the de-regulation and the borrowing from the only viable nuclear power (and communist at that) for an unjust war that is truly putting our children at risk.

There is NO argument that Abortion is wrong from many Catholics who support Obama. Rather they looked at the statistics and saw that while the stated "Pro-Life" group had been in power twice as long since RvW, put the majority of the judges on the bench etc... abortions were rising again. Talk is cheap...

No one in Washington has been held accountable for anything the past 8 years, who do you think the bankers were taking their cues from? The nation spoke and held the party of the previous administration responsible.

What is so wrong about having a President you are proud of, even if you disagree with him on a major issue?

The bottom line is that abortions will be legal in this Nation until we force the issue through science. We continually let it become a religious issue and thus we fail. When an outspoken atheist like Christopher Hitchens says "it's regrettable that those human who are residents of the womb have no rights" something is wrong.

That being said there are a number of other "Christian" churches who do not believe life beings at conception. We as a group, Pro-Life that is, can't even unite on what a punishment should be for those who have one if it is ever illegal again.

We can talk and complain, make McCarthy like threats of fear to each other or we can do something. We must work on culture change if we are ever to change the abortion laws in this Nation.

That's not going to happen when people in secular society are losing their houses, can't afford to feed the kids they have and have no hope that things will get better.

We should start prepare now though for the day when that changes as it did under Clinton in the 90s (during which time the Pro-Life movement grew and abortions went down the most - under a Pro-Choice President nonetheless). That day will come and when it does and people are ready to listen we should be there to educate the on why life begins at conception.

Joe you are wrong

Joe you are peddling a completely illogical argument. The beginning of your fallacy is not acknowledging the difference between correlation and "cause& effect."

To say that abortion rates went down under President Clinton is a fact. There IS a correlation between his term of office and that decresased rate. It does not mean that his presidency was the cause of that decline.

At that time (the Clinton administration), pro-aborts were lamenting that because of the pro-life policies of Reagan and Bush(I) there was a lesser number of facilities performing abortions, there were fewer numbers of doctors being trained in the procedure, there was less government money to fund abortions for the poor, etc...

With that anecdotal "evidence," I have constructed a more logical argument that Reagan and Bush(I) were the real reason for the decline in abortions under Clinton than you have by repeating Planned Parenthood "talking points."

Finally your assertion that we "fail" by making abortion a religious issue is absurd. Objective truth either exists or it does not. The revealed truth of both Judaism and Christianity is either true or it is not.

You fool yourself by thinking that a moral standard based SUBJECTIVELY on what a majority of people think at a given time is the correct starting point for arguing the protection of human life.


James M. Essig

It is my opinion that Russia has not yet been converted. One has to merely hear of the Political oppression that the Russian government inflicts on dissidents. Yes indeed communism is dead in terms of the phrase used to describe what has become or what is becomming Russian Nationalism.

I personally do not trust Putin nor his sucessor any more than I trust Obama and quite frankly, I do not trust Obama.If he signs the FOCA into law, our country will be headed for total moral corruption.

The truth remains that one abortion is far to many and the current 1.2 million abortions per year are reprehensible.

I am concerned about this fact and rightfully so. Our Lady of Fatima has clearly warned us that War is a punishment for sin.

It is time sin is called what it is and that a little of tough love is given out. We must respect all human persons as made in the image and likeness of God but we have the duty to inform them of what sin is.

The truth of the Catholic Church is that Abortion when performed with full knowledge that it is mortally sinful, and then done so with deliberateness and freedom is a mortal sin as are all of the other sins of the flesh when done under the same circumstance. These behaviors are always wrong and distructive to society even in cases where the culpability for such acts is reduced or eliminated altogether by specific circumstances.

Perhaps the socalled Red Scare is over in a limited sense of the word and it is the Russians who should be worried about our One Nation Under God contaiminating them should the FOCA be signed into law.




Wow some of you Catholics/Christians sound like clowns. "what's wrong with having a president you can be proud of." "great evils brought on by previous administrations" What a joke. Are you kidding me? You people actually make me sick. What issue is more important than INNOCENT life?

Bush saved millions of lives in Africa, Iraq and the U.S. You seem completely unaware of his Aids initiatives. Have you read ANY history about Iraq and do you understand we have not had a terrorist attack in the US in over seven years. It's obvious you have zero understanding of the Constitution. The President's most important job is protecting the Constitution and the people of the United states. You might want to read a little about that too.

Uniformed catholics are an embarrassment. The obvious Obama adulation is the point of this article. Grow up!


The idea that the last 8 years were so terrible that we voted Obama into Office is off kelter. Sure, even President Bush acted like a Democrat in increasing the deficit by not capping spending. Now we want a poliitical "savior" who is going to stop internal bleeding. It isn't going to happen by taxing us, the middle class, more and more. As for people loosing their homes and jobs, that is very regrettable but can be remedied slowly but surely. The fact of the matter is that Obama is pro-Death-- he hasn't seen an abortion he didn't like. The man and his wife are moral cowards who kow-tow towards the radical Left. He's like a mule being led by the nose by two radicals pro-aborts Pelosi and Reed. Independent of any financial woes we suffer from, we need to protect the unborn, and this president isn't going to help at all in this regard.


Joe: Thank you for your comments. Your information and take on the issues have moved me to begin listening to a more conservative stand. I will admit that I often post here rather radically and very emotional but this morning I have read what you wrote and my eyes have been opened. I appreciate your approach and willingness to calmly look at the abortion issue as more than a "po-life" issue and begin looking at it as a sociological issue. Anxious to read more of your writings. Again thank you!

Chris Martin

Here's a powerful Pro Life Video aired on EWTN last night:


There is a law of the land called the Constitution. This Constitution is based on the seperation of Church and State. Whoever presumes to dictate how another group (homosexuals) or a womans choice to do what she see as the appropriate step in her life at that time is fundamentally unconstitutional. If you don't want to be a part of the greatest country in the world, move somewhere else. If we let the Law of the Catholic Church rule the land we would not have any of the scientific achievements of the last century and we would all be divided by lines of religious affiliation, race, civil rights, human rights, etc etc. It is sad to see a Catholic priest putting down the most inspirational and ambitious leader of our country (and the world)in a hundred years based on his own very limited and prejudiced view of what is "right and wrong". Who made him the "Messiah"?

James Rich


That's funny. The most popular president in 100 years? No scientific achievements for a century? You sure seem fixated on that 100-year figure. I wonder why. You get to throw out garbage statements like that, and then presume to think you're the rational one? Come on. By the way, your beloved Document -- based on Separation of Church and State -- had precious little to say about anti-abortion laws that existed for the vast majority of this Country's existence...and we won't mention slave laws. Slave laws had no problem ripping away the newborns of slaves and allowing them to be sold to the highest bidder. Maybe what's legal ain't always right. I guess we're all learning, I'm sure you'd agree, that the Constitution isn't infallible like the Pope.


Apparently Dave doesn't realize that the science that we know today and it's basic principles were formulated and codified by Catholic priests and lay people.

Dave is just another reactionary liberal that automatically gainsays anything that a Catholic says in opposition to the decadence that occupies that seats of power in present times. He'd sing a different tune if he was the one under the abortionist's knife. I guarantee that.


And just as an added thought; Has anyone EVER thought to ask whether the Constitution is being made into a false idol in this country?
A paper asherah that liberals quote and hold up over God as Almighty? They seem to give this parchment more credence than Holy Scripture,when they should be reading the Word of God instead.
But ,as we all know,liberals have very litle regard for the God of their fathers;in fact some have nothing but hate and scorn for Him.

The Constitution has become a tool in the hands of Christ's enemies.


Then again,most liberals are disingenuous hypocrites that want one system for themselves and subjugation for everyone else,that includes Christians who have any moral integrity.
The leftist/liberal hasn't been whelped who wasn't a died-in-the-wool traitor from the word ''Go''.


Juan Montañés

Good lent 2009 from Santander, Spain!
Semper cum Petro!!


Even more relativist claptrap. You don't even believe in fighting Evil. You'd rather equivocate about how it's 'not wasting our breath over." People like you,who have not one inkling about moral commitment,are the reasons that stuff like father Kennedy ,so-called ''gay rights'',and a hundred other blasphemies go unchallenged today.
You have believed The Lie.

You are an advocate for chaos and anarchy.


''Most gay people are nice and keep to themselves'',eh?

What about the hundreds of thousands that are breathlessly devoted to the destruction of normal civilization?
The hardcore deviants that want it made not only legal,but want it made illegal for anyone to oppose them in their sins,and want to make it legally actionable if you dare to stand up to them?

You obviously have no grounding in Christian morality,just situational ethics.
Otherwise ,you would not sit there and defend the propagation of filth such as this.

No real Catholic ever would.




So what if I might be from ''Redneck,Texas''?I could be from Rome for all you know or care.
What difference does my area of origin make to the application of Faith and obedience to Church Teaching?
Your'e the one who's sounding like an elitist bigot now.
And the only ''nutty doctrine'' I follow is what is put forward in Scripture,and Magesterial Teaching.
I do not hate homosexuals for who they are,but for WHAT they do,love the sinner,hate the sin.
Just like I still love my brother,even though he's a drug user,a wife beater,and possibly an infanticide.
I still want them saved,but I won't and will not let them off until they change those things that God finds abominable.
Your version of ''love''is not agape,but eros,and priapic eros at that.

Clean your own views up before you even dare to cast aspersions on Catholics that obey Holy Mother Church.


How impossibly verbose can one person be,and at the same time say absolutely nothing that makes any sense,or that has no redeeming moral value?

More doublespeak from the liberal wing of Hell.





Lately, when I visit this site, I see your "homo comments" on every thread. Are there any topics that you don't see fit to turn into a giant homo debate? For a change, try getting your mind off your sexual hang ups. We aren't interested in your rationalizations.

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