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Monday, March 02, 2009



I'd find a way to ruin all their expensive equipment and facilities,making them useless.



I'd do the same thing to a Satanist site,just as I would destroy copies of Anton Lavey's books to keep them out of the hands of Satanists.
In fact I have done exactly that very thing .
Doused the damned things with Holy Water to render them useless.
And in the used- book store where I found them.




And you are the sickest individual it has ever been my misfortune to encounter.


Modern Girl

We all knew this day would come. And it's a sad, sad, day.

Modern Girl

Wow Dominic, I hope you're not trying to be a good Catholic with that tone. Or do you believe that if you repent everything will be ok?


Hey, you guys may be interested in this new Catholic movement aimed at making bioethics accessible to anyone willing to learn more. Check it out:

James M. Essig

Part of the problem with the modern era is the cult of the body. In this modern era, we seem obsessed with the cult of the body. We spend enormous amounts of time dieting, avoiding pregnancy in Holy Matrimony through the use of artifical contraception, we go to the gym and work out regularly with military style precision and discipline, we pride our selves over that fact that we tell our young children to hit back on the grade school play ground and spend thousands of dollars per year on martial arts lessons for children that are absolutely useless on some one really determined to do them harm, all the while looking down on the unemployed, the homeless, the mentally retarded, the elderly with dementia languishing in our nursing homes, and the chronically mentally and emotionally ill. Yet how many of these folks attend dailly mass or frequent sacramental confession: monthly confession as recommended by Our Lady of Fatima for the West.

Part of the cult of the body, I am sure stems from a loss of belief in a spiritual and immortal soul.

I will note my views regarding the Immortality of the Human Soul as essentially those of the Schoolastic Theology of Saint Thomas Aquinas. As such, I tend to hold to the Scholastic viewpoint that the human soul is spiritual, eternal, naturally immortal, incorruptable per addends and per se, intrinsically independent of the human body including the human brain for both its existence and to some extent its operations, simple, unextended, immaterial, and which is a first created essential or substantial principle.

For those of us who are Catholics, from any reasonable interpretation of the New Catholic Catachism of the Catholic Church, we know that the human soul is: spiritual, immortal, the principle of unity within the human person that constitues each human as: an individual, free, radically endowed with free will, the seed of eternity which we bear within ourselves, immeadiately and directly created, rational,and not reducable to the mere material world and that it is created by a special act of God which puts the soul forever in a special relationship to its creator.

No doubt that the human person in this life is, and after the final Ressurection will be, constituted body and soul, however with the onset of the cult of the body, we have lost a sense of the mystery about our spiritual ontological and existential qualities. Many Catholic Clergyman no long talk about a spiritual and immortal, directly and immeadiately created human soul, but instead use phrases that emphasis the human brain to the detriment or complete silence on the subject of the human soul.

This overblown existentialism and cult of the human body might just be the reason why it has become so convienient to rationalize abortion, human embryonic stem cell use, the morning after pill or RU-486, and the permissiveness of certain bishops allowing openly pro-choice pro- abortion legislators to receive Holy Communion within their diocese.

The souls in purgatory I assure these spiritual minimalists are most fully alive, alert, concious, and sadly suffering. I wonder how many of the most dejected and sad, perhaps even somehow crying souls in purgatory there are who are relatives of certain catholic priests that do not actively pray for their deceased loved ones because, the existence of such souls is wrongly viewed as kind of incomplete or nebulous to the extent that the sufferings of such souls seems unimportant with respect to the existential worth of real bodily persons living in the so-called here and now.

Given this existentialist spiritual minimalist garbage laden cult of the body, is it any wonder why there are so many homeless, untreated chronically mentally ill, persons living in poverty such as those in the Appalachia regions within the Eastern United States, and the horrible occurance of 50 million abortions within the United States since Roe Verses Wade.

Note that I am a people watcher and although I have some self admitted obtuse qualities within my personality, or Essig weirdnesses as some of my siblings call it, I consider myself a highly affective and sensitive person and although I have no psychic abilities and have never had any paranormal experiences, I do have the social sensitivity to be able to read body language pretty well.

I am a frequent attendee of Mass and the Sacrament of Penance and as I tend to arrive at Mass before it starts, I have often noticed the estranged look of disqust by some Priests at the sight of obese, or otherwise quirky looking parishioners walking into the Churches I frequent. Oddly enough, it is these young priests that I have most noticed this behavior in and it is these young priests that I have noticed overall that are most likely to give homilies and sermons with use of spiritual minimalist language. Incidently, the cult of the body seems much more prevalent among the younger folks and so it should not be any wonder why such newly ordained priests too often seem to display such obnoxious behavior.

For those who think I am some sort of anti-body wimp or limp who is afraid of sexuality, I hate to dissapoint you by stating that I am fully heterosexual, so much so that I seem to sometimes draw looks of dissaproval from attractive women soley because I am not a stereotypical limp, effemenent, or self depreciating or self disrespecting geek like wimp. However, I am a blimp, a 440 pound stocky 5 foot 10 middle aged man who is able to perform a set of continuous squats for over one minute straight in normal military style speed and cadence while holding onto 150 pounds of dumbells. It is precisely my obtuse size coupled with my focus on spiritualism that has drawn the most ire from folks. I don't fit into many of young persons lock and style molds of the cult of the body and so draw negative reactions at times.

By the same token, I am also not a braggand nor a bully, and in fact I am a very strong advocate for the unborn, the dissabled especially the mentally and emotionally ill, and those with developmental disabilities such as autism, the mentally handicapped, and even the poor old agitated diminuative widows in their 90s, who have been shoved into nursing homes because their children or able bodied siblings would not have anything to do with them.

As a son of a now deceased career Navy Man who worked under the leadership of the Late Admiral Rickover and then his sucessor as a civil servant for the Naval Reactors Naval Sea Systems Command, I am beginning to feel that the fundamental threats to human civilization are not inherently the still bloated nuclear arsenals of the U.S. and of Russia, but rather the simple loss of belief in the spiritual. I am beginning to think that modern theological existentialism is the one of the biggest curses of modern civilization. I just hope that when I am in purgatory, some fellow hurting perhaps crying and dejected soul in purgatory that has been there for a long time won't confront me for not speaking out all the more loudly against the cult of the body and this spiritual minimalistic existential trash.



Simple Soul

You and G K Chesterton will have heaven smiling
God Bless

James M. Essig

Hi Simple Soul;

Thanks very much for the kind words!



James M. Essig

Hi James Zlata' Husa;

Thanks for the kind words and feedback. I will redouble my efforts to make my posts shorter as you recommended. The Roman Catholic Blog site administrator made a simmilar comment to me about a month or so ago. I sometimes need to keep my enthusiasm in check and any feedback such as that given to me above is more than welcome.

Funny thing is, I grew up in a family with 5 siblings, 6 in all if one includes me, and for some reason, 6 hungry growing kids competing for food and attention has left indelible marks on our family dynamics wherein upon attending grade school, we all at least subconsciously tried to get our own air time.

You should see our family during the holidays when every one comes into town for a get together. I can see the same patterns repeated in the families of my three married siblings. It is almost amuzing to see the similarities in my nieces and nephews and their parents.

Anyhow, thanks for the constructive feedback. Points well taken.



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