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Wednesday, March 04, 2009



Perhaps some of our religious need to revisit The Wedding Feast of Cana? Mary did not say do as you want or do as you feel like doing but do as He tells you.I am so weary of the push for power by some females.The only reason for a call for passive resistance is there is something to hide.If all is rosy and if the various religious houses are giving loving witness to Christ's Truth they have nothing to fear.


To the aged hippie sisters out there - get with the program! Be faithful to God and His Church or hit the road. There's a reason why the more traditional orders are attracting young women - Christ is therein adored and the Church is loved. Stop resisting the action of the Holy Spirit.


Exactly,to both of the above.
why ANY resistance at all,if they are honest and aboveboard sisters of Holy Mother Church?

These women are involved in something heretical,mark my words.
i pray it is not so,but their actions and attitudes belie a spirit of rebellion againsy rightful Authority in the person of the Holy Father.

The whole feeling I get from them is one of duplicity.
They are covering up some dark apostasy.
Our Pope will deal with them accordingly.



I believe these women have the right to live as they wish. But, I also believe the Vatican has the right to cut-them-off if they do not meet standards.

You can't have it both ways. If you want to be a religious order endorsed and recognized, as such, by the Catholic Church then you need to follow the rules. Otherwise, just do your own thing and don't try to claim canonical status for your group.


When oh when is the world finally going to be free of women like this. So self absorbed, so sure of their victimhood, so blissful in their hatred. Spare us, and your Church, Oh Lord, from them.

Atlanta Catholic

God is Faithful! Somewhere in a convent there is a St. Teresa of Avila being groomed by the Holy Spirit. Somewhere in a home school setting a young girl is being formed to uphold the truths of the faith. This same type of rebellion has been around for centuries. Church History is repeating itself. The prideful and rebellious rarely learn from it. They never win. God is always victorious!

T. Shaw

Once upon a time, religious perons sought God in prayer, meditation, and acts of charity. Then, all the possessions of the Church were held in trust for the poor, to be distributed at need. Apparently, the fruits of avarice and secular humanism have subverted some clergy.

They must have a lot to hide.


Everyone we should be together. We must speak one voice and defend the name of God. Yes, Atlanta Catholic, God is Faithful. Thats right.


Perhaps the faithful should recognize these "nuns" for "what they are". Time is not on these so-called religious side. Because of their apostacy, they will be extinct within no time.


She is a former speaker at The Los Angeles Religious Education Congress held in Anahiem California.

James Rich

Hmm, I wonder if Professor Sister will allow her students to ignore nosey questions on their final exams? Somehow, I think not.

She sure sounds like someone having something to hide...and who counsels others who do, too.

Stephen Aloia

Bride of Which Christ?
I thought it should read Bride of Frankenstein. This is not her church or our church, it is The Church! Perhaps if the "good sister" were to exercise a bit of logic she would realize that a Catholic Nun by definition is only a Catholic Nun when she adheres to the regulations of the Church - You cannot claim to be part of the club when you fail to adhere to the rules of the club. Philosophically as well, the "good sister" should realize that she has, by her own decree, excommunicated herself from The Church. Excommunication is a self-indulgent qualification. The Church only confirms that an individual has excommunicated herself by definition of the individual's actions - or beliefs - or behaviors. Finally, at least she is where she belongs - Berkeley... But with your beliefs and actions you are no longer entitled to membership in the religious order.

Atlanta Catholic

Hi James Zlata'Husa,

Thank you for your kind words. I think I understand what you are trying to communicate. I am not quite sure of what you mean by the "super conservative" Church of Christ. Please feel free to help me understand if I am misunderstanding. I will give it a try though and let me know what you think.

The Catholic Church founded by Jesus Christ has certain strict teachings. These teachings are meant for our well-being even though our human nature may reject them for various reasons.

I do believe that it is so important to try and impart the truths of our faith with the utmost care and kindness. This does not mean that you close your eyes to injustice or truth just because someone is conservative or liberal. The truth never changes. It is people who either change themselves due to various circumstances that can sometimes lead to habitual sin or they change what the truth is so they can continue to sin and rationalize it. God knows our individual life circumstances and He is always welcoming and merciful when we seek the truth.

Sad to say but true, certain individuals are supposed to represent the truth but they don't. They are either wolves in sheep's clothing or they are even sometimes fellow Catholics who can do so much damage by how they communicate to each other or communicate about the Teachings or the Liturgy.

Unless we truly care about the souls of others our words are empty and shallow.

I watched the Sundance film "Deliver Us from Evil" on cable TV the other night. Have you seen this documentary? It showed the vast cover up of serial pedophile Oliver O'Grady by the Archdiocese of L.A.

I was so grateful for the courage of the victims and the courage of some of the victims defenders. What I did notice was that some of the defenders who challenged the evil, were themselves challenged in accepting the Church's sound teaching regarding certain issues. These defenders felt that if priests could marry then there would not have been the sex abuse crisis. I agree with the Church's teaching about celibacy. Celibacy is not the reason a person molests. Many molesters and serial rapists are married.

I remember you once posted that the scandals had weakened your trust and faith in priests. I think that we all have been affected but that we can be wiser at recognizing deceit and harm. James, I get a sense that you do understand and comprehend what the truths are. I think there is a possibility that your hesitancy lies with the uncharitable way people choose to impart the truth.

I do feel that the world is in the present condition because people, including many Catholics rejected the wisdom and truth of the Catholic Church. Couple that fact with bad leadership and where does that leave us?

It leaves us with the wiser knowledge that we put our trust in God and His Church, not individuals. We have the promise that the gates of hell will not prevail.

When Our Lady said, "In the end My Immaculate heart Will Triumph" she was referring to a battle. We certainly can see that battle now. How important it is to treat one another with the same consideration and kindness that Christ continually offers us.

A person can teach the Teachings of the Church all day long but if there is no truth or love behind how we treat one another, then our own personal actions can sometimes diminish the faith in others.

James Rich


My heart and prayers go out to you. You seem to be carrying a very heavy cross. I pray the load lightens. Two may carry together what one finds unmanageable alone.

Copious amounts of booze will not help you either, although sometimes feeling -- or not feeling, depending on the amount you drink and your motivation for drinking -- is better than the alternative.

Sometimes the inertia of where you are and the direction you are going is the hardest to un-do. I pray you can. God bless.

Atlanta Catholic


Thank you for your heartfelt response!

I will indeed pray for you! Please keep me in your prayers too.

Didn't Barbara Streisand's song "People who Need People" have these words ...With one person, one very special person, a feeling deep in your soul, says you were half now your whole, no more hunger and thirst but first be a person who needs people. People who need people are the luckiest (most blessed) people in the world.

Well Eric, We do need people. We are all blessed to have that very special person who is Christ in our lives. I understand what you are saying about needing people. It is a blessing to have people and friends in our lives. The desire for friends initially stems from a desire to know and love God.

Please remember that even when certain days seem lonely, that you do have many friends in Christ. Sometimes a friend or acquaintance may disappoint us or let us down but the common denominator here is that we are all part of the Mystical Body of Christ.

We may feel alone sometimes but Christ never abandons us. Eric when we work on elevating that hunger and thirst towards Christ, our loneliness or our fears are re-directed with new perspectives and great hope. Do you ever read the lives of the Saints? I think you would enjoy them Eric.

The Saints were also tempted with trials and loneliness. They were successful because their primary focus was Christ. Christ was the friend that guided them to goodness and faithfulness. People did let them down but they persevered because of their love for God.

Please remember when you are tempted to drink too much because of the loneliness or disappointments of life...the words in the song that should always remind you that with Christ you are not "half" are "WHOLE"!

Your friend in Christ...Atlanta Catholic


James Zlata Husa,

I erased your comment on the "Black Pope" post because you accused/questioned another commenter with "hiding" under a white name while really being black.


James M. Essig

Hi "James Zlata' Husa";

Thanks for offering your insightful comments. I am a 47 year old middle age male, and although I am fully and solely heterosexual, I have also decided to live a single lifestyle. I find that the freedom that such provides me is convienient.

I have also been pressured to enter romantic relationships at times but have nonetheless felt the call to offer up my sexuality in a life of singlehood.

I have relatives who have suffered from addictions as well as from mental disorders and old age related dementia and I cannot think of a bigger cross in today's modern western society than to suffer from one type or form of such an illness or another.

Modern neuroscience has offered overwhelmingly strong evidence that addictions to alcohol, and major mental illness in general is neurologically based.

Your struggles with your condition are a great cross in a society that still wrongly wants to believe that such illnesses are the result of personal sins or demonic possession. Many folks unfortunately still want to believe that addictions and mental illness only occur to people living in sin. On the contrary, if only completely sane and rationally psychologically prowessed persons could become Saints, I think that the work of The Lives of the Saints would be a mere pamphlet offered for sale in Church vestibles for one dollar.

I encourage you to continue living your celebate lifestyle. Your cross is heavy and is going to lead to you to Sainthood. It is one thing to have a purely physical illness like cancer, it is in a sense, a much greater cross to have a condition that effect the very heart of your conscious identity and neuropsychiatric constitution. The fact that many in modern society wrongly treat such persons as trash shows how self rightous they are.

Keep up the Faith.



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