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Monday, March 23, 2009



Are there any pictures of St. Frances de Sales prior to the 1960s wreckovation?


To be fair - St Francis de Sales was demolished a decade before Archbishop Vigneron became Bishop of Oakland - so he had nothing to do with that decision.



Thanks for the correction! I've changed the post to reflect Bishop Cummins "hand."



What a creepy, ugly place, and to think the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is held in there? It looks like some kind of nod to the tribunal of elders on Krypton.

Let's be frank. People who think up this kind of stuff are mental patients, or at least emotionally sick.


Sorry, I forgot to add I wish all of God's blessings upon Bishop Cordileone, and that I hope he Romanizes that cathedral as quickly as possible ( and is possible with very little money--in case people have conniption fits over that ). Since he will he in charge of his own installation Mass, we should be pretty certain this will be the case. :)

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