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Thursday, April 23, 2009


James M. Essig

This is a very serious situation.

If Christ did not sacrifice his life for our redemption, then what the heck are the meanings of the phrases "The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass", and "The Holy Sacrifice at the Alter"! What is the meaning of the Sacrifice in taking the vows of celibacy for clergymen and religious.

The incarnation of Christ is unique and unrepeatable and was God the Father's way of offering HIS Only Begotten Son as a Sacrifice to Redeem the Human Race and to restore creation to its original glory which will happen at the Final Ressurection of the Dead, when all creation will partake of a share in the Ressurected Glory of the Dead.

"GOD so loved the world that He gave His Only Son"!

What is being lost by post modernist thinking is the value of sacrifice and the value of the Cross each and everyone of us carries.

Social Scientists and other humanitarians have lost the belief in the redemptive value of suffering and of the taking up of our crosses.

In the military, it is often said; no pain no gain. Now I have never served in the Military, but still I have made it a personal policy to try to offer up every days personal crosses as I encounter them.

The way of the Cross is the Road to the Ressurection and to Glory and Grace beyond all measure.

Christ by the power of God the Father and His authority is destined to be the Father of the World to come.

It has been a gradual awakening in my Heart to see the extreme value of each days crosses. As one who has often sought the easy way out and who has often indulged in the life of Gluttony and sensory confort when it come to food, I must say that I have long admired those with heavy crosses and now more and more seek to offer my dailly crosses up.

What is more valuable than the cross in our lives! It is the road to Glory, Happyness, Eternal Life, Love, and Peace in Heaven: The very same stuff in its truest forms that our misguided free-loving 60s Hippy and other left wing liberals desire.

For those of you who are Catholic and who are thus predisposed to the almost Uniquely Catholic language of the "Redemptive values of suffering, sacrifice, and/or personal afflictions". I say take up your Cross which is more valuable than Gold. For the eye has not seen, and the ear has not heard, nor has it dawned on us the glory that awaits us at the end of time.




What I wouldn't give to witness a nice long and thorough inquisition...

M. L. Hearing

Ah . . . solidarity . . . isn't that nice? A lot of folks are receptive to this because it jettisons all the hard stuff. Mr. Essig has it exactly right. What I can't figure out is why John Paul II appointed so many guys like this.

M. L. Hearing

Alex Benziger.G

Archbishop Zollitsch is a FOOL, because he doesn't know the Scripture(Rom.5:7-8). He is an apostate from the faith and a heretic incured a latae sententiae (ipso facto excommunication)as per Canon 1364. Sir, Many persons are like this in the Church they are the product of the Second Vatican Council.

Samuel Ferraro

To M.L. Hearing,
You and I and many others are curious about the very same thing. How did so many of these priests end up becoming bishops? I often wonder, were they theologically solid when initially vetted and at some point became apostates, or were they no good to begin with and were somehow able to fool their way in?

God will sort it!

Remember the parable of the wheat and the tares?

bill bannon

At the bottom of all these problems is a cafeteria approach to Scripture (the opposite of Aquinas affirming every single passage) and once the last two Popes campaigned really against the death penalty (usually off print and verbally instead but verbally against the actual words of CCC 2267)...then one had also a papal example of cafeteria Biblicalism. It is not just liberals who are doing it. It is literally everyone to varying degrees. Look for husband headship in the is not there....despite being in the NT 6 times. Example starts at the top. Vatican II also never mentioned husband headship in its discussions of the family. Right and left and middle share in cafeteria Biblicalism.


"to express concerns"; are you kidding?! How about "to scream at the top of our lungs!". This man is causing sacriledge and he is the bishop! I am a convert and am starting to wonder what the heck is going on w/ our church (lower case for emphasis). These priests and bishops are slowly breaking my heart and my belief in this church; but certainly not in our Lord or the Eucharist. Why is this happening to us? And where is our Pope? I am sick of the Vatican turning a blind eye to these sick men who spit on our Lord's sacrifice. May God in his infinite justice do something since our Pope turns a blind eye. His sheep are being surrounded by wolves...


jen3921 don't be disheartened Jesus warned us these days would come and that there would be wolves in sheep's clothing. The Church is now more than ever the wounded body of Christ derided by the world abandoned by more and more because they hate seeing the Church 's wounds and sores. Jesus was abandoned by nearly all on Calvary only His mother, the apostle John and a few loyal women disciples-the rest like many today were too frightened or too ashamed of His loss of prestige. Now is the time to stand by Mother Church and pray for our bishops and priests. If Paul could be converted on the road to Damascus so too can ev en the most errant and disloyal of bishops. Prayer and pennance is the answer-do not be afraid He is with His beloved Church and the gates of hell will never prevail against Her.


Joseph it is not a cliche it is Christ's promise and I don't think Christ will break His promise. He warned us these days would come. We must stay focused on Christ and not take our eyes off Him lest we sink beneath the waves and cling to the holy sacrifice of the mass, the sacraments and the rosary.These are fightening and disheartening times similar to the times immediately following Jesus, death and to times in history when the Prince of Lies seemed to whole sway eg genocidal wars and the holocaust but we must not despair We must trust in Jesus.

It is not that simple

Joseph you ended your article with this quote from the Hebrew Talmud "Those who would be merciful when they should be cruel will be cruel when they should be merciful."This is the Old Testament -did not Jesus come to replace cruelty with love?Doesn't a follower of Christ have no room for cruelty in the heart but instead a hunger for justice and a duty to love? I think in some cases a death penalty is far more merciful than a life sentence but since I know I could not execute someone myself I don't feel I should expect anoter to do it on my behalf.

bill bannon

Joseph D'Hippolito,
Excellent article. You should try and get it into First Things...but they are papal first and Bible second...and there's the rub.

It's not that simple,
Read Romans 13:3-4. You are supposed to like it more than your own predilictions. It is really an echo of Genesis 9:5-6 which was addressed to both Jews and Gentiles concerning murder. John Paul made the rediculous point in EV that Cain murdered and was protected by God from execution ergo all murderers should be. Hence John Paul ignored Genesis 9:5-6 which came immediately after the Cain story and was God commanding the death penalty for murders generally for both Jews and Gentiles....not to mention that God gave numerous death penalties for the Jews only which are rescinded because they concerned personal sin and were needed prior to sanctifying grace and the limited binding of the devil after Christ...with Christ those death penalties for personal sin are indeed void but that for murder is not. Now go to EV and watch John Paul recurringly quote the non death penalty parts of Genesis 9:5-6 while he never quotes for the reader the death penalty part that is in the quote he is editing.
A Pope can be bad in a hard way as Pope Nicholas V was in Romanus Pontifex or a Pope can be bad through weakness as Clement V was as he caved into Philip the Fair repeatedly....or a Pope can be bad intellectually by preferring his own view to that of the Scriptures and that is what happened on this issue and John Paul II.
He had no interest in Romans 13:3-4 and never quotes it in Evangelium Vitae and within our system, he could count on a tremendous backing of people who also did not like parts of Paul which they talk of as though Paul wrote personally rather than as a writer of Scripture.


The archbishop has proved the Church is largely a theological debating society today. Made up of a clerical elite who are largely ambitious, moral degenerates. Those who stray from the Cathechism of Pope John Paul II whenever they want to. John Paul II was a terrible administrator. A holy man, but largely clueless in so many areas. I'm not surprised to learn the archbishop was his selection.

Solidarity with the poor is the mindless rot of lazy minds lashed to liberation theology and fashionable, boutique Catholicism. Rome should ignore him and let him prattle on.

Inquisitions as a solution to heresy and apostasy are laughable at best. At the worst, they will be greeted with yawns of indifference. Get real. Torquemada is dead and so is the church he worked for in the 16th century.

Pope Benedict himself understands the only future for the papacy and the Catholic Church itself is to confront its critics, in and outside the Church, in dispute, debate, and to patiently persuade from the teaching chair. This is true in liturgical, disciplinary, and theological matters.

If the archbishop persists, he becomes a bureaucratic embarrassment Rome can't afford. He will suddenly be retired to a monastery. Out of sight and out of mind.

History repeating itself

Joseph your logic and clarity cannot be faulted my only disagreement is the wording of your last sentence. For me the Church can never forfeit all theological, spiritual and moral credibilty because for me the Church is the body of Christ. Traitorous or weak elements in that body are wounds. Yes it would be good if a strong Pope cleanses those wounds by expelling or retiring poisonous elements after all Jesus had Judas at the last supper but instructed him to leave before the breaking of the bread but the Church will never lose its credibility regardless of the quality of its clergy.Jesus will raise up new saints and we will be renewed we have been through bad times before.

History repeating itself

Joseph you are quotong from the Old Testament a time in History when God communicated with Man through His prophets .Once He sent His Son the Man God Jesus Christ He had a new way of communicating with humanity via His Son who today is represented by His Church. We have had weak. traitorous immoral popes in the past The Church survives because of the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit who will continue to preserve the Church. Yes we need strong decisive action and we have been blessed by having 2 great popes. The fact that John Paul 2 was not perfect and not always able to see through some of his traitorous clergy does not mean he was not a great popeOnly God can read every heart and some people are very cunning and shrewd The great advantage Benedict has is his long apprenticeship in Rome means he has a deeper knowlegde of the players involved but even he can be misled as the recent mess over the holocaust denying bishop reveals.We must live in God's love and trust His promise.

History repeating itself

Joseph I did not say God's message had changed but that His method of communication had changed. Jesus changed everything and through the reception of Jesus through the most holy eucharist we are given sufficient grace and strength to face our challenges.I will not continue this discussion I have said sufficient God bless you and yours.



I was away at a corporate retreat this weekend and just reviewed what's been posted.

Although I am loathe to do it, I was forced to delete one of the commenters posts in their entirety.

Although we like good debate here, we will not tolerate individuals who flatly state that "Holy Mother Church is apostate."

My apologies.


James Rich

The Pope's views about Capitol Punishment only prove Papal Infallibility. He expressed his views that CP should be extremely rare, which in the US they are, occurring certainly fewer than 100 times in a country of some 300 million people. How many folks are struck by lightning over the same time...and no one would say lightning strikes are not rare.

He never claimed Ex Cathedra that CP is immoral. I'm not sure what people are really complaining about? He can express his personal views, can't he?

ancilla indigna

Ask Fr. Michael Roeberttaught how a man who has been a Jew his whole life (*until recently) can come to believe with strong conviction re.: the Resurrection, and yet, some Catholic priest can deny it? My father was an non-practising agnostic, then he went back to his roots, was a Mason (then his daughter prayed to the Blessed Mother --- they kicked him out the next day), and now, that he finally is doing research --- both scientific and historical --- he can not come to any better explanation than Christ was truly Resurrected. Yet, this priest wants to believe otherwise, not by evidence but by his own philosophy which works for his conscience.

ancilla indigna

I'm sorry to not have been clear, but my father's roots: Judaism. Funny, he has a stronger faith already than this Catholic priest who taught you that heresy re.: Jesus' not having Resurrected in body.


I once asked then Father Socrates Villegas if my statement was true that the wine and host is indeed the flesh and blood of Christ and not just symbols and that we do indeed eat his flesh and drink his blood, since I had an argument with some members of my family who thought is was all symbolic (which my mom said was not because of transubstiation or something spelled like that), Father Soc did not reply. To my dismay I still don't know his position on it, him being an influential figure in my country.

anetta buenaventura

To Aaron: I also ask for clarifications from Father Soc, every now and then. How did you ask phone, text or email or in person? Please try asking again..I too, am curious as to why he does not answer your seems a very simple and yet very important question...esp, rightly you say, he is an influential figure in the Church, here in the Philippines.


Never too old to learn.*


This so-called bishop is flirting with heresy,and possibly having his faculties as a priest of the Catholic Church revoked.
I wonder if anyone has even thought of rebuking this man directly?
No,probably not,since too many people are afraid of confronting a powerful member of their own clergy.
Such people are basically cowards,in spirit,and in morals.
Too timid to cry foul,for fear of what the priest might do in retaliation.
Personally,i'd call him a fake priest to his face,no holds barred.

Dont get me wrong.I respect and cherish his office,but when people like him begin to betray that spiritual trust the way he obviously has,i do not feel obligated to respect the man himself any further.

Someone has to begin to stand up to these false shepherds,and teach them a few lessons .


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