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Thursday, April 16, 2009



It is very very sad that the officials asked to cover up the Lord's name did not refuse to comply. This small step would have been a magnificent witness to the Faith.
It also brings into question who in the White House would make such a request. I hope an investigative journalist can do more digging to uncover whether it is a first time request or somethimg that has been asked before of other institutions. There may be some innocuous reason eg it suits the photographers to have no lettering visible On the other hand if it has emanated from a specific Presidential request then it might suggest the President is either ignorant or not in awe of Almighty God but in competition with Him? Regardlss he is in need of prayer in his demanding role.

James M. Essig

It is a shame that so many institutions water down the presence of God by not speaking of Him or by diluting the language and lexocography of modern day academic curriculums to the point that God seems like an outmoded or superstitious belief system.

As someone trained in physics, I have often noticed such Godlessness in my former fellow students, as well as my professors at the university that I obtained a BS degree in physics as well as have taken some graduate level physics courses. Yet I have found that my study of physics and the universe has caused me to embrace my Catholic Faith with all the more zeal, such that although being a remarkably morally average run of the mill Catholic as far as needing to attend the sacramenent of confession frequently as I do, my focus on the Catholic Faith often makes me seem like an odd ball to my family, friends, and colleagues. When we loose sight of God, we loose sight of the wonders of the cosmos He has created.

In consideration of the infinitely greater nature of God with respect to the entirety of creation, one is often tempted to ignore creation as if it was not important or not worthy of attention.

I would like to counter this attitude by arguing that creation involves the entirety of God's work outside of Himself. Morover, in the book of Genesis, Sacred Scripture states that "...God saw how good it was." refering to creation.

Creation is God's handywork and God does not create junk. God loves His creatures and His creation in general and is proud of His creation as He should be.

To illustrate my point, if you had built a beautiful mansion for someone you loved, would you not want your lover to be pleased with the house you built him/her and would you not want your lover to cherish and respect the house as a work of beauty and to be very thankful to you for building the house.

Buy the same token, when you see your fellow human beings, you, me, all of us must realize that we are prized creations of God that are made in His image and likeness and that we are each loved with a perfect, infinite love that is personal and which calls each created person by name. It does not matter whether the person under consideration is a human person, an angel, a Saint, a Poor Soul in Purgatory, or a human soul in Limbo if such exists. It does not even matter if the person is not known to exist such as may be the case with any intellegent bodily extraterrestrials on other planets, or such beings who may be in Heaven after bodily death or perhaps in some sort of Limbo after bodily death. All rational creatures are loved by God with an infinite love and this love even includes God's infinite love of all of the fallen angels, and any and all human souls in Hell.

We must also, according to the New Catholic Catechism have a reverential respect for the integrity of creation in general and must treat animals with dignity and respect eventhough God has given us stewardship over all of the animals on Earth. We must not torture or otherwise treat animals with cruelty since God loves animals too and looks after them with His providential care. This does not mean that we cannot grow livestock for food such as for meat and milk, but we must be careful not to subject these animals to undue pain or creulty, we must not torture them, and we must absolutely never take delight in causing them pain or otherwise harm them for the purposes of getting our kicks out of seeing them suffer.

The New Catholic Catechism states that the vegitable and mineral resources of the Universe are at our desposal to be used wisely while maintaining a reverential respect for the integrety and order of creation.

One thing is certain, the universe is huge, perhaps infinite. The cosmos as the entirely of creation including both physical creatures and creation in general, spiritual creatures and creation in general, and a combination of the spiritual and physical elements of creation such as the human person, and presumably also any bodily intellegent extraterrestrials persons that have a spiritual and immortal soul as we do as well as a physical body, is the very handywork of God.

Each time a human being is concieved, the size of the spiritual creation as well as the size of the set of creatures comprising a spiritual and immortal soul (a spiritual element) and a physical body grows or becomes larger. This is one reason why human conception especially when it is determinably on track to occur must be allowed to happen. With each act of conception; a spiritual, immortal, simple, unextended, eternal, rational, radically endowed with free will, perhaps naturally incorruptable per addends and perse, directly and immeadiately created human soul is created by God thus increasing the size of the set of the number of spiritual creatures.

Furthermore, with the increase in the human population, also comes an increase in the number of human persons who recieve the Sacramental Gifts of Baptism and Comfirmation, each of which is a sacrament open to all persons who are Catholic or who are otherwise in Sacramental Communion with Rome. These Sacraments and the Sacrament of Holy Orders each bestow a character or imprint on the soul that effects the very subtance of the soul and imbues the soul with a supernatural character that not even the personal sins of the Baptized, Confirmed, and/or Ordained can erase nor the state of damnation nor the metaphorical fires of Hell. The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony bestows its own unique graces on those called to the married life and according to the teaching of the Catholic Church, one should not look upon the Clerical State or vocation as being inherently superior to that of the Married Life since both have their unique focus and since both states envolve, along with the vocation to be a single layperson or a religious, a sharing in the Royal Priesthood to which all human persons are called by virtue of the common sacrament of Baptism which marks us forever supernaturally as a Child of God in the supernatural sense.

With the fanastic beauty that we see all around us in God's creation, we are to treat each other with the same love that we love ourselves, respect the environment by not trashing it, and by corollary, respect the integrity of the various animals species that populate the Earth as God loves animals also and looks after them with His providential care.

Whether or not additional human beings by ways perhaps currently known only to God come into being after the Final Ressurection of the Dead, it is not given for us to know. However, we know that before the Final Ressurection, we have a profound calling to propagate human life from one generation to the next in the form of the vocation of marraige for those who are called to such a state, as do also those of us who choose to remain single as I do and all those called to the life of the religious or clerical states. We know for sure that the absolute size of the human portion of spiritual creation in terms of our spiritual and immortal souls, and of the compound spiritual/bodily creations of the complete human person will continue to grow up until the Second Comming of Christ and the Final Ressurection of the Dead.

While being mindful of the need for married couples to limit the size of their families due to the limited ability for the Earth's biosphere to support human living and industrial activity, we are blest with the technologies of space travel and the continued improvements of such technologies and of the related science and I believe that it is mankind's destiny to travel ever further out into the cosmos and to populate the cosmos at least as far out as the current limits of the observable universe and perhaps much much further out. This outward migration of humanity and its promotion is perhaps an ultimate prolife agenda.

Thus modernism, science, and technology for me has not dampened my belief in God, but rather has given me much more pro life zeal that I probably would have had had I not studied physics in college.



Michigan Wolverine

Appreciate your post Jim. The bottom line is that the White House just aren't big fans of Jesus.

James M. Essig

Hi Michigan Wolverine;

Thanks for the kind words.

It is indeed sad when a Catholic University is advised to cover up the references and emblems relating to the Lord Ship of Our Lord Jesus Christ at its very own facilities. I can imagine a little boy or girl saying to his/her mother, "Why did they cover up Jesus'name?". These kids, whose early formation or lack thereof in the basic principles of Judeao-Christian faith based systems are going to be our future leaders. This act of the White House not only has implication for future generations of Catholics, but also for all of the non-Catholic Christians, as well as for our Jewish and Muslim Brethren. I hope this act does not portend much more serious thing to come. But either way, I recommend all of us Catholics steel ourselves to loyalty to the Ordinary and Supreme Majesterial Teachings of the Church, the Church Tradition, Sacred Scripture, and especially read the Catholic Catechism both the original version and the revised version for atleast a few hours a week. The Catechism never ceases to amaze me with its emphasis on the dignity of the human person, a focus that Pope John Paul II championed during His papacy.




St. Ignatius, protect us from your sons. Amen.

Michigan Wolverine

I don't really understand why he used the Mount of Olive story since he insisted on censoring Jesus.

James Rich

What would happen if Barak went into a mosque -- or Islamic institution -- and asked them to cover the Crescent, a nearby Koran, or some such symbol during one of his speeches?

The usual suspects would scream about the utter cultural insensitivity, bigotry, and anti-Muslim actions of the President. But I guarrantee he'd NEVER presume to do that, but doing so in a Catholic/Christian institution doesn't cause him a second thought.

Why is that? We've become to pathetic and weak...assuming our actions are meek and outreaching and understanding.


Judas's.... ND should be shut down! At least get rid of those in charge of this blasphemic act!

BO wants the name of Jesus covered up? Yet he has no problem BOWING waist down to the Muslims!

T. Shaw

Stop Obama!

Apparently, the current tyrant wannabe is ashamed of Our Lord and Savior. Okay. I get that.

But, ND and GU ashamed of Jesus! That's no good.

And, this sin is not wiped away because the current tyrant wannbe/hugo chavez clone will pay for your health care, either.


I think before we rush into judgement on the man We need to be sure of our facts. These requests may have been made without his knowledge or authorisation. Until we do know how complicit he was in this matter we should wait.In the meantime we should all be praying that like Paul on the road to Damascus he has an encounter with grace that will transform into a pro life champion Perhaps the best people to appeal to him are a group or repentant abortionists?

Janet Anderson

Where is the backbone of the Pope on this issue? CATHOLICS SHOULD BE OUTRAGED, but instead are silent -- Will the POPE ALLOW ABORTION BECAUSE OBAMA SUPPORTS IT TOO !?!? Stand for Jesus Christ or you will fall for everything !!


There are quite a few state universities in the states surrounding the Capital where Obama could have spoken. Who arranges these things, for G-d's sakes?

Now, if Obama chose Georgetown University, forgive me, but I think he was giving the finger, in an underhanded way and with the help of "Catholic" useful idiots, to faithful Catholics and the pope.

Recall that while campaigning for his party's nomination, he did it to Hillary Clinton. Pretending to scratch his nose.

James Rich

Is there a reason my response to Prudence was deleted...after being posted for about a week? It was accurate and concise, wasn't it? If my entries are going to be dropped, I'll save the time and not post.


No James your response to Prudence was pulled because you attacked the President for being a Muslim, something he has publicly said he is not. There are websites peddling that "urban myth," but not here.


Lola Williams

So who does Georgetown consider the most important????? Jesus or obama????????


To Georgetown, Obama is more important than Jesus Christ. This gives me such a sick feeling, I cannot even continue to comment.

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Well,here is one Catholic who IS and remains outraged about many issues that have been essentially shoved down our collective throats by the White House,the special interest lobbies,and the feministas.
I may be one of those who sees heresy behind every tree,bt at least I do see it,unlike the good ''priests'' at Georgetown,once a stronghold of Catholic orthodoxy.
More and more every day,we see the moral fabric of this nation becoming more and more tenuous,more elastic,more debatable,to the point of being ineffectual,if not outright useless.
It seems as if anything goes now,and if that is the case,then we had better EXPECT things like theses omissions of religious symbols,especially Catholic/Christian ones,to increase and become epidemic.
The liberalist left,,indeed any body of activists with a gripe against Holy Mother Church,will seek to oust any evidence or expression of Christian Faith from the public forum,and make it a punishable ''offense'',in order to curry favor with the elite amongst the Godless of this world.
Perhaps,just perhaps,the time is coming once more where we as Christians must consider returning to the old days,where we meet in the catacombs,and used our own symbology to identify ourselves one to another,as during the Persecutions.
The U.S. Government ,in its present form,is behaving like an Imperial state,and should have all support withdrawn from it by any believers,due to its attitude towards their Faith.


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