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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Walt Trachim

The impact could be most damaging for youngsters whose brains are still developing.

You've got to be kidding.

The brain - including the personality center - is known to be nearly fully developed by age 6 at the latest. The argument that the brain of, say, a 15 year-old could be harmed by social networks is a specious one at best.

For that matter, why not apply that line of reasoning to the adult brain also? Perhaps they have made that argument already; if so I haven't seen or heard it. But it really doesn't matter; either way I think their premise is a load of crap.

There are things in our world that are really harmful and have been around a lot longer than Twitter or Facebook. I'd be more worried about some really high-grade Heroin showing up in my community than the effects social networks are said to have on our kids. Now THAT would be harmful indeed, and having had to deal with the consequences of overdose many, many times (I am a Paramedic and I work in an urban area) I can truthfully say that this is more of a danger to our kids than any social networking site on the Web.

I'm not arguing that the Internet isn't a dangerous place; in fact, I agree that it is. But saying the tools that are developed for social communication are harmful would be like saying one can contract cancer from using Microsoft Office.

My $0.02. I look forward to reading the rebuttals because even though I disagree with the conclusions that were published (I would love to read the entire study if I can find it) I really do think it is worth talking about.

M. L. Hearing

Wow! And all we needed was a bunch of scientists--and a bunch of thousands of dollars, probably--to tell us this.

I think, Mr. Trachim, that it's not brain deveopment that's the issue here, but, as Lewis put it, "trained sentiments." This is just one more tool in the production of men without chests.

M. L. Hearing

Walt Trachim

Ah - Gaius and Titius. I see your point... Hadn't thought of it in those terms. And it is an interesting viewpoint to explore. I'll have to take some time to do that.

Great website, Mr. Hearing. I joined. Looking forward to exploring it.

M. L. Hearing

Thanks! Good reading to you.

M. L. Hearing

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