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Friday, May 08, 2009


Walt Trachim

I met Fr. Corapi once. About 5 years ago.

He's incredibly charismatic. And intimidating - at least at first. But he was very kind to me in our short conversation.

It's good to know he's going to be out on the road again. Hopefully he'll come up this way. But we'll see.

M. L. Hearing

I'm glad to hear this about Fr. Corapi. I bought some of his tapes a few years ago, and I've heard him a few times on EWTN. He's a powerful and moving speaker. If you listen to him very long, he'll change you at least a little.

M. L. Hearing


I am happy to see that he will be speaking to the faithful again!!!!

God bless you Fr.


I'm a huge fan! Can't wait to listen/watch this great man again.

Check out this new blog I found which combines the faith, good food, great wine, and family values.


He does seem to be a good man, but I wonder if he's trying to be the new Sheen of our day? I don't mean to be petty, but that's always been my impression.


Thank you God for having Father Corapi back!!! God bless you and keep the good work...
A "fan" from Puerto Rico

Stephanie Broussard

Fr. Corapi doesn't seem to be a good man, he is a good man and a Holy Priest. And what if he should aspire to become another Bishop Sheen, we should rejoice to be in the company of two Holy Men of God. We are to strive for Holiness on our journey to become Holy Saints of God and while on that journey we are to bring others home to God with us. We are supposed to aspire to be Holy like other Holy Children of God and there is nothing wrong with following the example of one of the greatest Bishops this world has known and nothing wrong with Fr. Caropi, he is one of the greatest Priest we have seen in a long time.

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