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Thursday, May 14, 2009



Who's being silly here? The Chicago Manual of Style says titles like "pope" get capitalized only when used as part of a name (e.g., "Pope John Paul II"), otherwise they should be lower-cased. Religious observances from "seder" to "matins" are also to be rendered without capitals, says Chicago, with a "traditional" exception for names of the Christian Holy Eucharist such as "Mass." The right to ignore such traditions is one reason Israel was founded. The Post's description of Nazareth as where "tradition holds Jesus grew up" is properly neutral. Israel is a place where Christian scripture doesn't have to be accepted on its face as fact. Get over it.


the pope called on the city's Christians and Muslims to bridge the gaps between their communities.What a nice gesture of the pope.


A diminution of the historic person of Jesus Christ--that kind of started in the gospels did it not?

Well we can all lament that fact that the MOOSLEMS were involved in the death of Jesus, right?

Sorry, been reading too much of Robert Spenser and David Horowitz lately.


I agree that in Israel the "Christian Scripture" is not accepted as fact; by that reasoning, Christians should be highly skeptical of dispensationalist claims based upon the Old Testament (and also used by Israelis themselves) to justify Zionist land grabs of Palestinian property.

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