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Thursday, June 18, 2009



Don't blow this out of proportion. Every cable and satellite system carries religious programming like EWTN. 99.9% of anybody I know does not use antenna TV anymore. I don't even know if antenna TV will even exist in a couple of years as new internet technologies come on line. Its time is about done.

As for PBS, its ratings overall show it to be pretty irrelevant.

If you think about this, it means that public TV should not be used for weirdos like Wiccans and Santeria either.

If you are really bugged about this, then switch it off and don't participate in public TV pledge breaks.

The best way to combat the PBS approach is to support and contribute to Catholic programming like EWTN.


I go along with Sam. I stopped watching and listening to PBS a long time ago.

Micha Elyi

I remember when the pro-government TV network types bawled mightily when some of those mean old Republicans suggested the government ought to get out of the "public" television business.

As ye sow...

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