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Thursday, July 02, 2009



Don't give it any attention. This guy is about as relevant as a gnat on an elephant's hide. You just gave him 1000% more publicity than he had before. Don't give free publicity here. Nobody is going to respond to his call.


where is the "Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith",William Cardinal Levada when you need a solid inquisition?

he is a tad quiet from time to time.


Anthony, as someone who was a former parishoner in Levada's archdiocese, I can say that calling him quiet is being extremely charitable and mild. Grossly incompetent and sin of omission are the two terms I would use.

Pascal Baylon

It may interest you to note that at Catholic Answers, the Catholic News Agency was accused of falsifying their quote. Father Farrow's blog does not say "Do not repay the loan"...


He's changed his blog after this news broke. One member searched the Google Cache and found the first quote was, in fact, accurate:

term papers

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Richard Gordon, London

Well I never! The Church is not a compulsion. If it upsets Geoffrey to be associated with us, then he is welcome to leave. The sooner the better judging by his attitude. Just go, Geoffrey. If you don't like the teachings of the Church, leave and let the rest get on with it. THere is plenty to do and life is short.


Steinbock will say nothing as usual. If Steinbock acts then Farrow talks. Steinbock has already been embarrassed with Listiri and Farrow and other unnamed sodomites. I won’t get into the rectory pool parties in this post. I don’t know how long you have been in the diocese but there is a great amount of filth in the diocese under Steinbock. Farrow and Listiri and others were known to Steinbock and he would not act. Steinbock accused those who privately told the him of the priests actions that they were guilty of sins against justice. Look at Steinbocks prior actions in the Fr. Swearingin in case. A civil jury quickly found hinm guilty of molestation but was deadlocked on the issue of knowledge of the diocese. For the civil suit to be one by the plaintiff , the jury had to rule in favor of the plaintiff on both counts. Steinbock took the priest in that case and named him the rector of the Catholic High School in Fresno. There are other priests in the diocese of Steinbock who hate the Knights of Columbus and what they stand for. Fr. Swearingin is rector of the Catholic High School, Listiri is the director of liturgy for the diocese, senior orthodox priests have been persecuted and Fr. Joe Baca has been sent into exile. Under Steinbock the orthodox are persecuted and the sodomites are protected and promoted. How many more ranking men in the diocese are associated with the likes of Farrow and Listiri? The only hope the diocese of Fresno has is that the retrial of the Msgr. Herdegen case will force Steinbock into an early retirement. Steinbock is to cowardly to act. If he acts, Farrow could out more priests in the diocese. Some Steinbock already knows about and has chosen to look the other way.
Google the names in this post, all there, all public record. Steinbock just wishes it will all go away.

Better that a millstone....

Send this to Archbishop Dolan and Rome

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