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Tuesday, July 21, 2009



I would bet that if anybody checks, they will probably find that this thing probably attracted 10 participants and 687 reporters. This is just a play for attention, and the media (including this site) plays into their hands as they hoped.

Let us have a little basic information before we start acting like it is the end of the world. Nuts are everywhere. Always has been true and always will be.

One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is discernment. Let us use that when we hear stories like this.


Sam, you are so wrong. I have covertly gone to a number of Mohammedan recruitment activities; some as public speaking engagements dressed as charity/aid for Afghanistan/Iraq/Palestine and others marketed as ecumenical/interfaith type forums. All had the same methods and end game: to attract new followers to their cause. The Mohammedans in the west are actually very successful recruiting from a) children of nominally Mohammedan parents (2nd/3rd generation immigrants from Iran/Africa), b) prisoners and c) lazy, middle-class white kids with no strong ties to any religion or culture (witness Johnny
Walker, the "American Taliban").

We live in a very violent society in that the younger generation is innundated with images of war, destruction, murder etc through videogames, movies, TV, popular music etc. Yet other than joining the military, there is no outlet. Mohammedanism gives these kids a purpose and use for their anger and the promise of the potential use of violence when the time comes (i.e. the defense of Mohammedanism).

One thing FOX got wrong: it's "Khalifia" not "Khilafah" (sic)


Simonian, I understand your point and even agree in some measure. I just think this particular event is just a non-event (compared to the other, disguised events you mention). This was timed to get some publicity during the slow news days of July.


This disgusting "event" is akin to the Imperial Japanese and the Nazis holding a "conference" in this country during WWII.

Quam dieu Domini? Quam dieu??!!

T. Shaw

I bet dollars to donuts the overseas contingency (presently nonviolent) operatives will be invited to the White House to confer with your first black racist/mohammedan resident therein.

James M. Essig

It just goes to to show how much of an "Antichrist"ian organization that the Islamic Fundamentalist milateristic movement has become

We as Catholics recognize that although Satan's power is greatly superceeded by God's power and that Satan can act only as God permits, we must not trivialize the danger that Satan and his cohort pose to the human race.

I see the smoke of Satan and Hell in this radical terroristic bent of Al Queda and the Taliban.

As some one who is trained in physics, I am deeply aware of the new theories of physics such as string theory, unified field theories, supersymmetry, and theories that are the subject of speculation on the possible danger of the creation of stable stranglets or strange quark containing hadrons, and a whole host of potentially evil exotic technologies that might be gleamed from improved understanding of the strong interaction and the field of quantum-chromo-dynamics.

I could go further in depth in the description of dangers posed by ever more sophisticated weaponized nuclear physics, but this blog is not the place for physics lessons.

The point that I am trying to make is that Al Queda, the Taliban, North Korea, perhaps Iran would love to be able to embark on unchecked nuclear physics weaponization research, and develop any form of even crude nuclear weapons.

Since the Catholic Church likes to speak in existentialist terms as of late, a movement that I feel is ill-concieved, I will have to say that the concrete, real, existential danger posed by Al-Queda and the Taliban etc.,should not be trivialized.

Satan and the hords of dark angels will use any methods they have at their disposal to bring down the human race, and even the entire cosmos if they have their way.

If these dark S.O.B.s can seduce young, attractive, virile, and intellegent women, who might otherwise be very sensitive and nurturing, to detonate a suicide vest in a crowd of, for God's sake, Muslems, folks of their own general belief system, the fallen angels would love to find a way for terrorist cells to nuke Washington D.C. or New York. The U.S. retaliatory nuclear stike would be quick, bruttle, and of global scale. This would most likely bring Russia, China, and the E.U. into the nuclear fray.

We Catholics can now best counter the growing wave of "Antichrist"ian rhetoric especially Islamic Fundamentalism with the unerring truth of the Catholic Faith. We must regains and submit completely to the Ordinary and Supreme Majesterium of the Catholic Church, the Churches Tradition, and to the truths of Sacred Scipture as Approved by the Vatican.

The time for so-called docility, quietness,meekness, and other doctinally passive nonesense peddled under the guise of false humility must cease. These are extraordinary times that call for men and womaen of extraordinary courage.

If we lay down and turn the other cheek in these regards, we will surely one day see the rise of a foriegn flag all over our nation's capital, or perhaps the city will be a molten, twisted smoking radioactive tangle of flatened and burned out buildings.

If you think I am a nut for suggesting the above consequences, and you are a U.S. citizen, bear in mind that the millions of persons who serve in our military, either at the level of active duty, or in the various Guard and Reserve Forces have devoted their careers to defend America and the Free world from this crap: They are well aware of the dangers posed by Islamic militancy, and are serious enough about the dangers posed therein that they put their lives on the line to defend all that we feel and think is decent and noble.




In case you haven't heard of this story, here is yet another case of Mohammedan terrorists, only these are all American converts right here in the US of A. Straight from the heartland. The spread of Mohammedanism is very effective and should not be dismissed at all, no matter how innocuous looking the event.


I have to agree with Jim. There is definitely an anti-christ element to this jihad islamic movement. Don't stop praying


Micha Elyi

"Virile... women." Uh oh. Never mind the threat of terrorists with backpack nukes. The Mohammedan jihadis are packing some kind of gender-bender weapon!

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