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Thursday, September 03, 2009


Focus on Christ

Sometimes it saddens me to see the energy and animosity that goes into discussions about liturgical matters.
One of the most moving masses I ever attended was in an old dining room with laminex tables filled with "broken" people -alcoholics, addicts, homeless people.
There was no exquisite music or beautiful vestments or comfortable kneelers but the elderly priest saying the mass had such a deep love of the Blessed Sacrament that when he said the words of consecration it was as if we all were in that upper room with Jesus.
Instead of allowing the devil to sow division amongst us why not get back to remembering the awesome mystery of the gift of Eucharist is the core and allow nothing to take away that concentration?
Let us be patient with one another.

Joe Jimenez

Jesus calls the devil the "father of lies" (Jn 8:44). Division in the church due to liturgical issues has occured when changes after Vatican II were not implemented properly. For example, receiving Holy Communion in the hand, or standing to receive Holy Communion for that matter, was never suggested in the Vatican II documents. It was an experiment tried by certain bishops and their diocesan committees in Europe first, then later in the United States. Those teaching religious education in parishes, and for average church going catholics, were told that they must receive communion in the hand. We were told that this was a change from Vatican II. So, we did what we were told out of obedience and charity.
The result? Less reverence in the mass, and the lack of revence for life in society and general expansion of vulgarity.
A simple reform of the reform, or actually restoration of proper liturgical practice (for proper liturgy is really allowing God to form us in prayer...God helping us to coperate with grace, as Mary did) would be for us to kneel at the altar rail, or kneel at the first step of the sanctuary, quiet in prayer and contemplation, as we await to receive our Lord on our tongue (pange lingua). May Christ's Peace Reign.

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