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Wednesday, September 16, 2009




What amazes me is that there are people out there who believe these ridiculous theories!!!


If the reader wants ammunition, just turn to Bjorn Lomberg's Skeptical Environmentalist. In this book he takes a whole host of environmental claims-- e.g. overpopulation, climate change, pollution, etc.-- and debunks them. He doesn't claim that everything is just perfect, but he does show how these claims are terribly overhyped. He is a lefty from Denmark, ex-Green Peacer and a professor at a university in his home country.

James M. Essig

We are all familiar with the common calling by name of you, or the statement Someone is manipulating You, or You can do this or that, or the question What happened to You?, or perhaps the question, What is wrong with you/

A profound truth is that only You can be You and You cannot be anyone but You. But what is this You of You?

We are all familiar of the concepts of Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, and many of us have heard of the place and/or state called Limbo. We can be assured of the Eternity of Heaven and Hell, the temporary reality of Purgatory, and perhaps the eternal reality of Limbo providing that any existent Limbo does not morph into or is not transformed into some higher type of reality whose nature and existence has not yet been disclosed to we humans of Earth.

The truth is that each one of us will be our selves regardless of where we spend eternity.

One assumes that the condemned souls will last forever or spend literally an eternity in Hell, however, even such being the case, these souls will be the exact same persons as they were on Earth. They will not be someone else. The condemned souls aka persons will remain the individuals they are with the full brunt of the stability of identity as such identity is commensurate with the moral reality that they are eternally punished.

A person or a soul cannot become someone else, or a different soul or a different type of being, in short anything that is not who the soul is even in the fires of Hell, otherwise, the concept of eternal punishment would not be valid. If a soul could somehow become something other than the soul or condemned person it is originally, then how could the original person remain in existence or remain real so as to be punished with the particular punishments that are meant for the given soul or person.

I do not believe that the fires of Hell can destroy a soul any more than I do not believe in the eternity of Hell. The eternity of Hell is eternal to an extent commensurate with the person or soul in Hell remaining the same soul or person as always. The moral truth of the validity of GOD’s judgment requires that the person or soul thus judged exist as long as the soul or person is being punished, otherwise upon the cessation of the state of the person being the soul or person that the person originally was, the result would be that the original person or soul would no longer be punished since the original person or soul entity would no longer exists as the moral entity for which the punishment was decreed or administered by GOD. Eternal punishment requires by necessity, the eternal existence of the person or entity being punished and the eternal existence or endurance of the person or entity so originally judged.

Now since the rigors of the eternal punishment of the souls in Hell cannot destroy such souls, nothing will.

A similar argument can be made for a soul still substantially united to its body here on Earth wherein the soul repeatedly falls from the state of grace. The person who falls from the state of grace is still the same person that recovers from the state of mortal sin via the sacrament of confession or other ordinary means, or any extra-ordinary means. Thus at least while one exists on Earth, the soul or identity of the person remains even after the fall from and through the process of recovery of the state of grace no matter how frequently such occurs.

The human soul is the very life principle or vital principle of individuality, identity, and uniqueness that constitutes who that person is as they are the person that they are. The soul is the very life principle of individuality, identity, and uniqueness by which a human person is a unique individual.

Even in Heaven, the souls of the persons judged worthy of Heaven upon bodily death, will remain the same souls they were while they were on Earth just as assuredly as the persons living on Earth now who will go to Heaven will remain as the persons they are currently as to the continuance of their personal identity no matter to what extent they enter into Heavenly Glory or reward. If this were not the case, then the souls that go to Heaven could not be so rewarded because the personal identity of the persons to be or that are so rewarded would not continue indefinitely, a requirement in order for the everlasting glory to be administered. This reality is a kind of compound fact or compound truth with both metaphysical aspects and moral aspects.

A similar argument can be made for the case of souls that go to Limbo if Limbo exists, the existence of which is a subject of controversy among theologians of the Catholic Church.

Now if the human soul can last to remain the same soul that it is, regardless of the condition of the state of grace or lack thereof, the rewards or punishments dispensed upon judgment after death, and the like, should we not do more to promote the coming into existence of all the more souls such as by being open to the possibility of life and procreation by not using artificial contraception in order to avoid pregnancy.

When we use artificial contraception, especially agents that abort the process of contraception that is determinably on track to occur, we cause the soul that would have been directly and immediately created by GOD not to come into existence. In other words, we destroy the potential for the soul to come into existence.

Guys need to step up to the plate also and avoid sinful behaviors such as fornication, cohabitation, adultery, oral sex, petting and necking to the point of sexual arousal in pre-marital and extra-marital situations and the like. We will only see an end to abortions when such behaviors are no longer the norm or at the very least, no longer common.

The point of all of this conjecture is once again to make the point as to how sinful artificial contraception is especially in cases where the use of such means prevents the conception of a child that is already determinably on track to occur. In such cases, we do not simply injure a soul that already exists, but rather we destroy its ability to come into existence by preventing the process of conception.

A human person conceived is decreed by GOD to exist forever no matter where the person spends his or her afterlife. A would be human person whose conception is prevented never even has the chance to come into existence. This is really the ultimate kind of death.





James M. Essig

I hope I do not bore the readers with this rather long post, but I felt that I needed to express the ideas herein given the fact that many folks talk down about humanity, or say insulting things about the human race, of which they are a part, in an effort to somehow elevate themselves above what they wrongly see as the undignified nature of human persons.

I had some personal prolife muzings which you might find of interest to read. As a physicist, and an inventor, I have not let the great findings of modern empirical science blind me to the great transcendent dignity of all human persons.

We as human persons are often to tempted to think of our selves as GODs or as a part of GOD, an aspect of GOD and the like. In reality, we human persons, although being able to partake in the super natural life of grace are not part of GOD, nor are we an aspect of GOD. Assuming that GOD and the universe or more broadly the cosmos are one and the same is in error according to the teaching of the Catholic Faith.

Well then, how are we to view are selves as having any real significance in the midst of our daily crosses and toils when there seems to be so much disrespect for the sanctity of human life and persons as made in the image and likeness of GOD?

An answer to such a question that should give all of us humans, and presumably any bodily extraterrestrial persons that may exist on other planets, is such that we created bodily human persons are according to the Catechism of the Catholic Church are each like a universe or a cosmos unto our selves since we possess all of the basic elements of creation in our constitution.

First, we have a physical body that is comprised of atoms and molecules which in turn is composed of quarks that form the protons and neutrons in the atomic nuclei and the electrons in the electronic atomic shell structures of the atoms that make up our bodies. From these considerations alone, we know that the force of electromagnetism as embodied in atomic and molecular magnetic moments, electric field via electrical charge, and the electromagnetic radiations emitted and absorbed by atoms and molecules, is definitely represented within our bodies composition.

The strong nuclear force is an essential component of the protons and neutrons that comprise the atomic nuclei of the atoms the compose our bodies thus the gluons as strong force carriers that bind the quarks together in the subject nuclei are representative of the presence of quantum-chromo-dynamics level of physics that is ubiquitous through out the atomic nuclei in our bodies.

The weak force is also present, not only be virtue of the presence of certain radio-isotopes in trace amounts that comprise our bodies, some of which decay by the weak interaction which is mediated by the W+, W-, and Zo weak force bosons, but also by virtue of the weak force’s association with the electromagnetic force via the electroweak unification or unified field theory for which the formulation of and its discovery was the subject of a Nobel Prize in Physics in the later half of the 20th Century.

Since all known matter has in effect a gravitational charge, and reacts to gravitation, the fundamental force of gravity is inherent in the constitution of our bodies.

Throw in the still theoretical Higgs Fields also since the Higgs field is the Standard Model Field that supposedly results in massive bodies having inertia and mass instead of the material incorporated into massive particles existing as the pure light speed energy equivalence of the inertial mass. Since theoretical super symmetric particles and fields would be related to the known fermions and bosons, throw in super-symmetric mattergy as well, which is a good bet since nature seems to be a unity in terms of operative principles.

Second, we share the vegetative life principles operative in plants, bacteria, viruses, and the like as a result of the basic physical and thermodynamic life metabolic activities that operate within our bodies.

Third, we share the sensitive, instinctual, visceral perceptive abilities, and abilities for associative learning present in the many fine animal species that populate the Earth. One aspect of our sensitive life that is highly esteemed in modern culture is the instinctual and pleasurable nature of human sexuality, which in its most raw and primitive form is similar to the sexual urges of animals. Yet this same fundamental characteristic of humanity has advanced emotional, affective, intellectual, and even spiritual characteristics that perhaps model the non-sexual intimate discourse that must ashuredly marks the lives of the pure spirits called angels. We must not assume that angels cannot have emotions, or emotional and social affection, in ways that are more advanced then we humans experience it. In fact, since angels are pure spirits, perhaps their emotions although of a purely spiritual and/or intellectual type of nature, are far richer, more intense, and vibrant then human emotions here on Earth because angels are not limited in their psychodynamic processes by a brain or a body, which they do not possess.

Fourth; we humans have an advanced brain and advanced cognitive capacities which we most assuradley would share with any existent advanced extra-terrestrial persons and their civilizations, if such beings exist. We have the ability of informed reason, memory, executive level cognitive functions, perceptual filtering, planning, symbolic and abstract thinking, mathematical, verbal, artistic, creative, and advanced intuitional skills.

Fifth, we humans possess a spiritual and immortal soul that is free, directly and immediately created, and rational that is gifted with the immaterial aspects of intellect, will, heart, and memory. By virtue of our spiritual and immortal souls, we share the nature of the angels which are pure spirits. We also have powerful faculties within our souls such as the non-corporeal reality based intellect, free will, heart, and memory.

Sixth, we humans can share the supernatural life of GOD while in the state of grace and some theological thinkers hold that perhaps all human persons share the supernatural life somehow wrought by Christ’s Incarnation, Life, Sufferings, Passion, Death on the Cross, Resurrection, and Ascension into the Glory of Heaving. In the event that the immortality of the human soul is only such by gratuitous effects such as is the speculation of some modern and post modern theological perspectives, then even the condemned souls in Hell would in some fundamental sense share in this ubiquitous grace since the Catholic Church has proclaimed the Eternity of Hell. If the human soul is gratuitously immortal, then since all human souls are immortal, all human souls in the next life must possess some measure of supernatural grace.

I will not speculate too much on the notion of gratuitous immortality of the human soul since the concept as such is still very controversial.
Seventh, for we Catholics, and other Christian denominations for which the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Orders are still valid, we are aware that each of these three Sacraments instills a sacramental seal or character in the souls of the recipients of these sacraments which is no mere garment, but which actually imbues the subject souls with a certain supernatural character. Even the souls of those who have received only the Sacrament of Baptism have such a sacramental seal or supernatural characteristic.

Note however, that those who are called to the married life and for which the sacrament of Holy Orders in not a possibility, should not despair at not being able to receive the Sacrament of Holy Orders since the vocation of Holy Matrimony according to the Catholic Teaching should not be considered and must not be considered as inferior or less worthy then the Sacrament of Holy Orders, because each of these two vocations has its unique focus and graces associated with it. In fact, the highest creature, the Queen of Heaven, The Queen of the Universe, the Mother of GOD, is non other than the Blessed Virgin Mary who was in fact married to Saint Joseph under the customs of Jewish Law. Heck, she even became pregnant by the power of GOD as she conceived the Child Jesus in Her womb. Mary far exceeds in grace and supernatural life that of any Catholic Priest, Bishop, Archbishop, Cardinal, or Pope, and some theologians would say that she is holier than the entirety of the rest of creation combined. She is truly most full of grace And so even though I have chosen not to enter the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, for all of those who feel called to do such, or who have already done such, have not fear or regrets, for your calling is truly a magnificent one.

Since we so broadly possess the above basic elements of creation, the Catechism of the Catholic Church reassures us that each of we humans is like a universe or a cosmos all unto itself, possessing in some measure the full array of created aspects in the unity we refer to as the human person.

We are not GOD or parts of GOD, but we are unique and in some profound respects free and autonomous individuals that are who we are and not anyone else. I say this especially for all of you rugged individualists who long for a sense of ontological identity in a world that has used empirical science as an excuse to remain blinded to the above realities. No doubt, we humans as well as all other creatures depend on GOD for our existence and salvation, however, we possess a unique and unrepeatable individuality and identity commensurate in glory to being in a sense, a whole microsm to it self.

Our very souls, whether naturally immortal or immortal by grace, are the simple, spiritual, rational, free, directly and immediately created vital or life principles of identity and individuality that constitute each one of us as a human person, so much so that it is primarily our souls that constitute each one of we humans as a unique, free, an unrepeatable person.

In closing, the point I am trying to make, is that given the above realities of the constitution of the human person, should we not do all the more to respect and promote the dignity of all human life until natural death. Yes, we should even love terrorists, and convicts as assuredly as Christ has called us to love our neighbors and to love our enemies. If we do not visit the imprisoned, comfort the afflicted, clothe the naked, feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, our Lord will tell us at the End of Time, that so long as we refused to do such for these least of our brethren, we refused to do so for Him. This is a tough message in a modern civilization that measures a persons worth strictly in terms of occupational, psychological, and conventional academic intellectual prowess. Modern existentialism has blinded us the reality that all human persons share a fundamental moral equality before GOD. Don’t believe me? Then read the Catechism where such a statement in clearly made.



James M. Essig

Some folks by now are well aware of my tendancies to argue for the Pro Life cause by postulating extreme spiritualistic descriptions of the nature of the immortality of the Human Soul. I have decided to make an argument for the transcendent dignity of the human person and the human soul on the provisional basis that the human soul might be immortal by grace only, and even under the condition that the human soul might in some very very limited numbers, somehow be temporarilly but only temporally deprived of its existence or injured somehow by natural created processes.

Scholastic theologian interpretations of the belief in immortal human souls hold that the soul: 1) is naturally immortal, that it does not survive bodily death because of the grace of God nor through the incurrence of the sacraments of the Catholic Church, but rather is inherently immortal of its own nature; 2) has no extension in space; 3) has no shape; 4) has no spatial size; 5) has no separate components into which it can decay or be divided; 6) is simple; 7) is unextended; 8) is spiritual and not dependent on matter in any way for its existence; 9) is a first created principle meaning that it is not dependent on any other being for its existence, not even the human body or brain; 10) is directly created by GOD as the first and only cause for its existence; 11) is incorruptible per addends and perse meaning that it has no pieces or extension into which it could decay and that it cannot be created nor destroyed by any natural forces nor by God through the use of any natural forces and agents; 12) is rational; 13) is radically endowed with free will and so on.

The New Catechism of the Catholic Church basically indorses the spirit of the above mindset with a greater or lesser degree of emphasis on the particular arguments for such.

However, modern existentialists movements within Catholic Theology have suggested that due to the soul’s extreme association with the human body, perhaps the human soul in not as independent in its existence after all and perhaps the immortality of the human soul is due to a certain level of grace that was instilled in all human souls by the merits of Christ’s conception, birth, life, sufferings, Passion, death on the Cross, Resurrection and Ascension into Heaven.

Regardless, we can be sure that GOD could destroy any and all human, any and all bodily extraterrestrial persons souls, and any and all angels, good or bad by an effortless act of His Almighty Will.

Personally, although I would very much like to believe the Scholastic view of the immortality of the soul, I also have some philosophical misgivings regarding the extreme spirituality of the Scholastic approach.

Even if it were the case that due to some philosophical inconsistencies, we were lead into the would be conventional erroneous thinking that the entire human soul or the essence of the human soul is naturally indestructible, and in such a case, that the human soul or at least some of its accidental forms might somehow be naturally destroyed or injured in cases such as a living person’s very close proximity to the super intense physical energy and matter scrambling effects at the heart of the nuclear explosion, or in the remote chance that some sort of black hole would swallow a living human person alive and immediately subject the bodily remains of the person so swallowed to such violence to the point where the laws of physics that operate on the physical mattergy of the body would be scrambled along with the body’s matter and energy near the central singularity of the black hole, I am convinced that all such souls in their full essential and accidental forms would be recreated as the exact same souls or persons they once were and that upon recreation, the souls as such would be created incorruptible.

Just as all of the dead will rise incorruptible at the end of time in terms of the reunion of the immortal soul with the physical body wherein the physical body will be made incorruptible, any souls that would somehow by ways perhaps known only to GOD himself be completely or at least partially destroyed or injured by any such natural means will also be Resin Incorruptible. Any such souls undergoing such a soul death or injury such as a result of a nuclear war, or exotic natural disaster, would be all the more glorified at the end of time by Divine power due to the martyrdom of their very existence or life.

I do not speak for the Catholic Faith by the speculations in the previous two paragraphs, and I tend to believe that the human soul is naturally immortal and naturally incorruptible, however, if I am wrong in my assumptions and extreme natural processes can and sometimes do take out souls by ways known only to GOD, I can assure the reader that all such souls would be re-created by GOD in such an incorruptible manner as commensurate with the concept and the reality of the Resurrection of the Dead and the entrance into eternal glory and utter immortality, for which Christ Resurrected human nature is the prototype. Even those condemned to Hell will have their full nature Resurrected Immortal, as a union of body and soul, although the condemned will have to undergo some form of suffering or deprivation whose nature we cannot definitely know at the present in any comprehensive manner since the details of such are not open to human scrutiny at present.

It has been said by logicians that a statement is either true or false, in other words defined as to its truth or falseness by the rules of logic. But there is a higher form of truth that transcends this mathematical logic and that truth is the truth of morality, the truth of the ultimate good, the truth of the human free will, the truth of the purpose for creation and each and every one of us. Ultimately, that truth is accessible by us humans and any other rational beings within the cosmos only within the reality of our hearts.

To the extent that all human persons are made in the image and likeness of GOD, we are all images and likenesses of that absolute moral truth that is GOD even though GOD is totally other and totally transcendent of we humans as well as all of His other creatures.

Regardless of whether the human soul is naturally immortal or immortal by Divine Grace or by some other active decree by GOD, the plain truth is that the moral truth that is embodied in the Human Soul which is the vital, or life principle of identity, uniqueness, and individuality that constitutes each human person as a unique and autonomously free individual cannot be destroyed. Even if GOD having created a Human Soul were to destroy the human Soul, the fact that the Human Soul was good and represented a created spiritual ray of absolute moral truth in its image and likeness of GOD could not be erased if for no other reason than that GOD knows all things, past, present, and future, and all possibilities past present, and future and that to eradicate such divine knowledge, GOD would have to destroy not only truth, but an aspect of HIS INTELLECT. Quite simply, GOD would have to not only erase metaphysical truth of the previous existence of the Human Soul so deprived of its existence such that the Human Soul would never have existed thus destroying an aspect of GOD’s own knowledge which would in turn be a contradiction to GOD’s All Knowing Nature, but GOD would also have to destroy the Moral Truth that the would be destroyed human soul represented albeit in a limited and created manner. That the human soul thus destroyed would have effects that per due into eternity based on the interdependence of all creatures and based on the fact that GOD would necessarily have to have a clear and perfect knowledge of the moral truth of that one time existent human soul as a perfect memory of the existence of the destroyed soul shows just how significant and sublime the effects and the moral truth aspects of each and every human soul are.

Because all human souls are rational and free, even in cases where such powers of rationality and freedom are at rest such as due to a coma induced by a severe head injury, a complete stupor sometimes experienced by some persons with severe psychotic disorders, or by end stage dementia such as Alzheimer’s Disease, or perhaps as a result of incapacitating stoke, or whatever, all Humans have the capacity to embody moral truth.

Quite simply, once GOD has created a human soul, it is hard to envision how the moral truth embodied in the created human soul and associated with the created Human Soul could be erased or annihilated regarding the effects of such moral truth on the rest of the interdependent creatures of all creation and even much less so, the moral truth embodied in the created soul as beheld by the All Knowing, All Wise, and All Truthful GOD.

Since the Human Soul is that vital life principle of identity, individuality, autonomy, and uniqueness that constitutes each human person as a unique, free, unrepeatable, and autonomous individual, in at least some created sense of the meaning of moral truth, such moral truth must is a certain sense be an aspect of the human soul, with the implication of such adding to the mystery and sublimity of the human soul including any and all human souls in Hell.

One can make a similar argument for the aspect of the human soul with respect to the ontologically transcending principle of goodness. The ontological goodness of each and every human soul, each and every condemned soul, each and every angel, each and every fallen angel including Satan transcends in a sense the morally good or evil choices made by such spiritual creatures regardless of whether the free choice was of a temporary nature, or of a definitive and eternally lasting nature. This ontological goodness, it would seem, cannot be erased in terms of its representation in the mind of GOD and in terms the per due-ance of its effects on the entire remainder of creation via the interdependence of all GOD’s creatures in an analogous manner that moral and metaphysical truth cannot be erased as such. Thus, the human soul reflects a ray of this irrevocable moral and ontological goodness within the Eternal Mind of GOD and this created ray of moral and ontological goodness might be said to be an inherent transcendent property of the human Soul.

The same and analogous types of arguments can be made for the abstract Platonic Eternal Form like principles of the Purpose, the Value, and the Reason of and for every human soul as embodied in each human soul, regardless of whether the human soul is condemned or not.

So far we have covered Platonic Eternal Forms of metaphysical truth, moral truth, moral goodness, ontological goodness, purpose, value, and reason. Since GOD’s Existence and Essence are at one with HIS Nature, GOD is metaphysical truth, moral truth, moral goodness, ontological goodness, purpose, value, and reason. And since we are made in GOD’s image, male and female, we represent in our spiritual and immortal souls a very bright ray of each of these aspects of the Almighty GOD. Might GOD have an absolutely indefinably unlimited number of such individual attributes in their absolutely unlimitedly ultimate forms, even to the extent that the number of such forms cannot be expressed symbolically even such as by the symbol for infinity and the like? I highly suspect that HE does and since we are made in GOD’s image and likeness, perhaps we in our spiritual and immortal souls represent at least some of such additional eternal forms even if only of few of such forms in this era of the DIVINE ECONOMY. We will have all eternity to explore the wonders of GOD’s creation including the wonderful mysteries of the Human Person and consequently of the Human Soul.

One thing that we must all remember is that the new Catholic Catechism of the Catholic Church affirms in direct language, the fundamental moral equality of all human persons on Earth before the throne of GOD. When we go about our daily activities this week, let us not forget the need to treat all persons we meet with corresponding dignity and charity. This act of charity includes all embryoes and unborn children including those that are deemed genetically unfit, or who are concieved as a result of rape or incest.

The truth of the Catholic Faith on matters of abortion must be adhered to its very letter if we Prolifers are going to appear legitamate and non-self contradictory. When we claim to be Catholic yet deny certain aspects of Church Teaching on abortion, we cause the Church to loose credibility as well as our own credibility.



James M. Essig

Why would any one want to be GOD, feel or believe they are a part of GOD, or otherwise think they are an emanation from GOD, when GOD is already someone, when GOD is already GOD and we were initially all created as individual free and autonomous individuals who each have our unique identity.

We each have a unique, unrepeatable, and autonomous identity by virtue of the wonderful spiritual principle within us that is our true and natural aspect of our being known as our spiritual and immortal soul. The Human Soul is by definition the spiritual, immortal, directly and immediately created, rational, and free vital or life principle that constitutes each of us as unique, free, autonomous, individuals. The Human Soul is the principle of individuality, uniqueness, identity and unity within each human person.

GOD did not make us puppets. Each one of us can act independently of GOD’s will despite the age old responsibility shirking notion that GOD’s WILL will always be done. GOD does not will or wish anyone to be condemned and desires that all Human Persons come to eternal salvation. If we choose to go to Hell, it is ultimately by our own free choice.

Just think of it! We are all made in GOD’s image and likeness and yet are separate from GOD in terms of our created nature and we are distinct and other than GOD. We are not GOD, and we are not part of GOD, nor will we ever be. But we do resemble GOD as His Created Image and Likenesses yet our existence and our nature is not GOD’s Existence and Nature.

As creatures, who nonetheless can receive supernatural life of grace, we are autonomous persons in the sense that we are not GOD and that our essence is other than GOD’s essence, being, or nature, in a complete and absolute manner commensurate with GOD being wholly and absolutely other than HIS Creatures.

We should be proud or at least have a great deal of self esteem that we are our own person. This aspect of being our own person applies to each and every possible Human Person, any and all Bodily Extraterrestrial Persons on other planets, all disembodied Human and ETI Souls, All Good and bad Angels, and any other rational created persons that we have yet to formulate lexicographical and heuristic schemata about such as any such created persons that might not be known to humanity and currently known only to GOD.

It seems to me that we can have fantastic self esteem thus knowing that we are our own person, each of us which has our own spiritual and Immortal Soul, and each of us being a distinct person from GOD and wholly other than GOD, but yet which is capable of profound union with GOD. We must remember our natural dignity so that we can truly see that all Human Persons on Earth are of fundamental moral equality before GOD as stated in the new Catechism of the Catholic Church.

If we do not realize the truth of the last statement, then in this day and age of modern scientific space exploration and its relatively near future possible developments, how are we going to treat any intelligent bodily extraterrestrial persons that we might discover living on other planets orbiting other stars. If such beings existed in a state of primordial innocence, we would have to especially treat them with great dignity and respect as they underwent any evolutionary advancement. The possibility of such occurring cannot be ruled out as space based observatories currently in operation and those in the planning staged may soon be able to detect the presence of oxygen, ozone, and other life giving gases in the atmospheres of any Earth like planets orbiting relatively nearby stars.

For those who think interstellar manned space travel is sheer fantasy as to its possibility within the next few generations, I suggest you do a Google Search on each of the following proposed interstellar travel methods that rely on nothing other than 19th Century and 20th Century Classical Electrodynamics, Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics, Special Relativity, General Relativity, mid 20th Century nuclear and quantum physics and the like. Granted, the engineering details will be daunting, but they can most probably be overcome with a bold national or international funding such as a UN mandate to launch such a mission.

These possible forms of propulsion systems include the following non-limiting examples: 1) fusion rockets; 2) fission fragment drive rockets; 3) nuclear fusion and/or fission powered ion, electron, photon, and/or perhaps neutrino rockets; 4) beamed optical electromagnetic radiation driven sail craft; 5) phased array or maser beamed microwave and/or radiofrequency driven sail craft; 6) dive and fry solar and stellar sail driven craft; 7) fusion fuel pellet runway powered craft; 8) fission fuel pellet runway powered craft; 9) antimatter, or matter-antimatter fuel pellet runway powered craft; 10) mass beam driven sail craft; 11) mass beam fueled nuclear powered craft; 12) mass beam matter antimatter powered craft; 13) matter antimatter rockets that carry both fuel components on board from the start of the mission; 14) matter antimatter rockets that carry only the antimatter fuel component on board from the start of the mission; 15) matter antimatter reaction powered ion, electron, photon and/or perhaps neutrino rockets,; 16) improved interstellar ramjet designs; 17) pure nuclear fusion bomb driven Project Orion style space craft and the like.

Many of the above systems can in theory enable we humans to reach velocities close enough to the speed of light such that the crew members of the craft would in theory take advantage of relativistic time dilation and travel anywhere within the radius of the currently observable universe in one working human lifetime ships reference frame. Talk about worlds without end on which to settle providing the settled worlds would not already be inhabited! This is Pro-life and proper family planning to the max.

Note that I am willing to consider the possibilities of how we humans might treat any ETI peoples we might encounter as we reach out into the eternal blackness of space because of the recent Vatican sponsored convention of leading exo-biologists and other top scientists on the subject of the possibility that life, even intelligent life, might exist elsewhere in the universe such as on other planets orbiting other stars. If we humans cannot respect ourselves and each and every one of our fellow human persons, how are we going to treat and interact with any ETI peoples we might encounter?
For the record, I am currently registered as a non-degree graduate student at George Mason University, provided that my status as such has not be deactivated due to the fact that I have not enrolled in any classes at GMU for well over one year. However, I hold a BS in physics from GMU and have taken several graduate courses in total within the fields of physics and math, and I plan to re-enroll this spring in at least one graduate level physics course. As a degreed physics guy aspiring to obtain a MS in applied physics and who eventually hopes to enroll in a doctoral physics program at another university, I can assure the reader that the above forms of propulsions systems are rationally and very mathematically being discussed in certain academic settings and have been for quite some time. One has to merely do a relatively modestly comprehensive pan through the various peer review physics, astronautics, and aerospace journals to find numerous very rational, highly mathematical papers that have a favorable outlook on at least the possibility that one or more of the above theoretical propulsion systems might be developed and used at some point.

How we vote in the voting boths, how we conduct our lives in a personal and social context, regarding the fundamental dignity and right to life of all of our fellow humans persons can likely have implications that are of cosmic extent and consequences.

That I can make the above informed philosophical discussion regarding the future of space travel of our civilization and related matters is so because we live in the 21st century where such things are actually discussed in a widespread basis in academia and other venues. No, the Earth is not the center of the universe, and No, the heavenly bodies are not controlled by driving angels, and No the concept of the order developed within an evolving biosphere is not against the laws of thermodynamics. The entropy of the Sun and its solar energy output is many orders of magnitude greater than the order that would arise in any evolutionary development of Earth's biosphere.


Sorry BBC - this is your first and last warning. No saying Catholic doctrines, e.g., Purgatory, are somehow "of the anti-Christ" at a Roman Catholic Blog.


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