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Friday, October 23, 2009


A mother gathers in her chicks

Couldn't agree more I think it is wonderful to think of our brothers and sisters in Christ returning to their rightful home. It is wonderful how a deep devotion to Our Blessed Mother unites and draws us closer to Christ.
This is a glimmer of light in our darkening world and I rejoice


Just curious. What is the "official" Anglican position on Roman Catholic saints like Thomas More, Oliver Plunkett and other who were martyred by the official English-Anglican establishment? Have they ever sort of apologized for that?


That is one amazingly beautiful triptych.

Sam, to answer your question: who cares? What's right is right. We don't need a consensus from any heretics on who is or is not a saint.


I just meant it would be interesting to know whether Anglicans feel like Thomas More got railroaded or not. I was not asking for their imprimatur on his sainthood.

Just curious.


Spong thinks the Pope is funny?

If the Pope read Spong, I bet he would fall out of his chair.


Sam, my apologies if I sounded curt. My response wasn't directed to you, but to the concept of Anglicanism in general, which seeks accommodation by consensus. I will say I posed that exact question to several Anglicans and Episcopalians throughout the years. Their response has always been "there were martyrs on both sides." This is usually accompanied by a shrug. I can say I have never heard any Anglican or Episcopalian speak ill or disrespectfully against St Thomas More, other than calling him a "papist" (which to them may be disparaging in itself). In fact, I have heard Anglicans far more eager to bash their founder, Henry VIII (but many of them are unwilling to accept him as their founder...whole other topic).

Were I a former Anglican newly reunited with the One True Church, I'm sure I would exalt St Thomas More as a model Englishman who was fiercely loyal to his country, king and the law, but who also realized there is a higher law than that which is arbitrarily made from man.

On a final note; England has doomed itself. It's society, culture and traditions are nearly extinct, save in a few pockets in the north. Mohammedan immigration and secularization have all but wiped out England's cultural heritage. You cannot even hang the words "Merry Christmas" in any public space, let alone a cross. All we can hope for is in a couple/few generations to come that the Catholic Poles and Irish outbreed the Mohammedan Pakis and Afghanis in the race for who will dominate England in the next century.

James Rich

There have been married Catholic clergy throughout history. I know of one married Anglican priest who converted to Catholicism and was allowed to become a Catholic priest. He was assigned administrative duties in his diocese, although nothing would preclude his celebrating mass.

I appreciate the Church's openess in taking advantage of this time of moral/theological chaos to reach out to Anglicans to ease their conversion; of course, we're always going to hear from the folks who know better than those vested with the proper authority to actually decide the matter.

Welcome home, Anglicans.


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Peace and Good in Jesus and Mary.


I wash born Catholic, an I wash raished Catholic, and dad gum it, I am gonna die Catholic, an no sidewindin’ bushwackin’, hornswanglican’ cracker croaker is gonna rouin me bishen cutter.

Fr. Larry

Just added a link to your blog on my homily website ( )

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