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Friday, January 15, 2010


Irenaeus of New York

If devout Catholics shouldn't be working in emergency rooms, can we mandate that lapsed heretical Catholics shouldn't be elected to the US Senate?

Brilliantly put!

James M. Essig

Mankind’s technology not only now permits global annihilation through nuclear war, the unspeakable effects of bio-warfare agents such as those that might be created to eat human and animal flesh with 100 percent transmissivity and 100 percent mortality, horrible nerve agents, and massive quantities of precision guided smart conventional ordinances, but we now have the ability to genetically engineer animal species including our own for better or for worse.

Our technological power has in a sense made us wizards, but as we have come of age as a technologically advanced species, much is required of us. With great power comes great responsibility.

Let us reconnect with our Creator who endowed us will radical freedom of will to choose good or to choose evil. This is not a trivial power, as not only does the continued survival of our species depend on it, but so does much else.

Remember to do kind works today for strangers. If you see a macho looking minority youth in his car with his stereo blaring, avoid the mocking smirk or the macho hostile stare downs that many of males of alpha male status, and even many of females in our society, seem prone to give.

If you see a homeless man or woman begging for money who otherwise looks robust and strong, offer him or her a 5 dollar bill. I assure you that many of these homeless folks suffer from post traumatic stress disorder and other mental disorders brought on by what they have experienced in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan under grueling combat conditions so that many of you and your loved ones could live a comfortable and high status life in peace and freedom in this country.

If you see a morbidly obese man or woman in a restaurant hogging down food in a frenzied fashion, do not utter an insult or speak ill of this person. Say a prayer for the person to have the grace to get their weight under control. Insults will most likely only cause the person to become more entrenched in his or her behavior.

When you see a high school age youth, be it a young man or a young woman dressed like a tramp with undue flesh exposure, please do not insult them. Pray for them instead that they will develop an applied sense of modesty and purity.

When you see images of hardened criminals in our jails, avoid the rush to anger and judgement. Some of these folks have indeed done some horrific crimes, but believe me, life in prison especially in a super-max facility is anything but fun. Step out of the code of conduct of the inmate mores based social system and you will likely be murdered in your sleep. And no, it does not matter how skilled you are with martial arts training. Many of these guys do nothing but lift 500 to 1,000 pounds all day long and they can hunt in packs and look for vulnerabilities in their targets and believe me, they will find them. Some of these huge inmates have been known to rip a portion of the steel bars that comprise their prison cell doors right off from the door. These inmates, some of who are lifers or on death row, having nothing to loose by getting into a fight with anyone.

When you visit some family member or relative who is chronically ill in a psyche-ward, don’t rush to outmoded Freudian judgmental stereotypes, or thoughts of disgust that such persons are free loafing such as those that might be on disability payments, for many of these persons have had chronic experiences such as the personality disintegratory states of psychoses that make a life long bad acid trip of a normal person seem like a walk in the park on a sunny day in comparison. Should these unfortunate poorest of Christ’s poor step out of line, they are often restrained against their will and against common sense and given mind numbing drugs in quantities that would likely completely temporarily incapacitate even a well trained U.S. Navy SEAL.

Remember, kindness goes a long way when dealing with unruly youth and children who we are tempted to view as brats and/or scum.

History is full of disenfranchised youth who were miss-treated and who later exacted a horrible toll on society. Adolph Hitler was a victim of early child abuse. Osama Bin Laden quickly reacted to what he saw as hypocritical in his childhood and youth and became radicalized and angry at a young age. Sadaam Hussein was a misfit who likely was mocked by his class mates because of poor early grade school performance and was no doubt thusly influenced, albeit in his free will, to start an early career as a politically radical armed thug who would become ever more brutal as he gained political power.

The point is that Christ’s exhortation to love your enemies and to do good to those who hate you is not less applicable in this modern age but is ever more so required of us. To my fellow Conservative Catholics, I say let us not act like the Pharisees thinking we are Holier Than Thou while at the same time excusing affluent and attractive adult persons for repeated desecration of the Blessed Sacrament by receiving Holy Communion while indulging in willful and habitual sins of fornication, the use or artificial contraception and the like. For vocation directors, I recommend that you do not accept into candidacy intelligent and affluent persons who have cohabitated often or who have been very lax regarding the Church’s teaching on artificial contraception and the sins of fornication because such persons will likely be predisposed to lenience in such matters regarding those they will council when they are providing spiritual direction after their ordination.

Sins of the flesh are especially egregious when they are wide spread among the affluent and intelligent so-called psychologically well adjusted persons of modern society because such persons ought to have the self control, psychological prowess, and intelligence to know better. Believe me, Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lord will hold all such persons who are unrepentant strictly accountable. The poor so called white trash adolescent emotionally disturbed young woman who is in and out of promiscuous relationships and who struggles with severe bipolar disorder is closer to GOD than the clergymen who knowingly desecrates the Blessed Sacrament by administering it to openly pro-abortion rights politicians and activists and the high status individuals in their parish who habitually disobey the Church Teaching that artificial contraception is a MORTAL SIN when used in marriage by Catholic Couples when the three required conditions for a mortal sin to be committed are present.

Our Lady of Fatima and the Miracle of the Sun is all nice and rosy to contemplate, but perhaps in consideration of the Church approved Apparitions at Akita Japan, where future possible nuclear war is warned to be a consequence of terminal disobedience of the human race from the precepts of GOD’s laws, and yes the psychologically healthy, highly intelligent, and affluent are especially accountable for their actions as they ought to know better and have more self control, the Miracle of the Sun is meant as a message of hope but also perhaps a symbolic warning of a potential nuclear war with tens of thousands of multi-megaton nuclear detonations occurring over a lazy afternoon.

For the record, I perform volunteer acts of Charity for the mentally and emotionally ill, and could not feel better about doing such, and believe me, rather than being spiritually unauthentic and manipulative free loafers, these persons are the most genuine and open persons I have ever met and many of these persons have suffered greatly at the hands of religious leaders who equate their often poor social development with sinful behaviors. But then what else can one expect for a society of well to do persons: a society where 90 percent of Catholic married couples of child rearing age practice artificial contraception and who look down on low income minority social classes for having children out of wedlock but who for the grace of GOD refuse to have abortions.

Now perhaps the most at fault for the lax acceptance of a culture of death through the sins of: abortion, rampet fornication, adultery, artificial birth control usage, homosexual and lesbian activities and socalled gay and lesbian unions, pornography, cohabitation, trial marraiges and other sins of the flesh of the types Our Lady of Fatima has warned us about, and yet who appeared crying profusely as She appeared to the three little children at Fatima over the potential fate of mankind, are clergymen who are lax in regard to disobedience of the Church's teachings regarding the above sins when it comes to the attractive and socially elite of our civilization but who nonetheless heap burning coals of judgement on the common, and sadly, on members of lower social economic classes when they commit the same sins.

This queer effemininity that is now looked on as cool, hip, or sophisticated has gotten so out of hand that even some of the college educated, such as physics geeks and relatively prolific inventors with 8 issued US patents like myself, have become alienated from contemporary professional working class America.

As a robust, stocky large framed middle age steer who; although unfortunately, a blimpy near 500 pounder, who can place himself under any wheel well of a 4,500 pound automobile and lift and hold the wheel 2 to 3 inches off the ground for several seconds without too much effort, I feel free to admit that as a young adult back in the 1980s, although I rejected the encouragement to join the US Navy and eventually go into the field of either Naval Intellegence or Special Operations Forces based on an evaluation of a local Navy Recruiter, (I was off the scale on my verbal intellence test and nearly so on the mathematical reasoning test), I sometimes feel that I should have taken the recruiters advice if only as a symbol of protest to the beginning of the onset of the culture of queerness that was already well underway in the mid 1980s throughout the developed Western Hemisphere.

Quite frankly, I must admit that I am not inherently morally better than any practicing homosexuals and I pray dailly for such persons that many of them will become Canonized Saints because that is the Christian thing to do, but I also pray for the grace to keep my cool when my purely and soley heterosexual sexuality is openly insulted by gays and lesbians or other persons who have become entrenched by the queer metrosexual "sauve" attitude that seems to have permeated professional America.

I mean no offense in the above strongly worded post, but I am sure a lot of middle aged conservative Catholic guys like myself feel the same way.




James M. Essig

PS: I must reiterate that I do not think I am morally superior before the Lord then any and all actively homosexual persons, heterosexual married couples who practice artificial contraception, and lax clergyman. I am fully aware that GOD has and does call many such persons to Sainthood and the recorded history of the Church's Canonized Saints is full of examples of persons who commited serious sins of the flesh including folks who formerly practiced homosexual lifestyles.

Now do not get me wrong and think that I am a complete right-wing red neck, becuase for the record, I habitually make what the Church tradition refers to as Heroic Acts of Charity by offering to spend any time that I will stay in Purgatory, even until the end of time if necessary, so that all the more practicing homosexuals and habitual sinners of the flesh will be saved and that all the more such persons will be canonized. Quite frankly, I am saddened by the reality of eternal damnation and long stays in Purgatory by those who die untimely deaths and who have lived a sinful lifestyle but who nonetheless had the grace of eternal salvation presented to them by GOD, perhaps even in some cases, by ways and means known only to GOD, that I would rather forego the title and recognition of being canonized than to see just one soul go to Hell if I could have otherwise effectively prayfully interceeded for that soul. The salvation of as many souls as possible and the canonization of as many souls as possible is much more important to me even if it means that I will never have the opportuinity to be Canonized. Besides, I have a lot of personal attonement to undertake for my own sins past and present. So if you are offended by this post, please do not be and be assured that, I for whatever peculiar personal psychodynamic reasons and motives, pray ardently for those who do not like me and who perhaps never will. Pleased by advised that I will and do pray for you all the more.

Now as for you thinking I am a redneck, I might give you just a little credit there being that I am often tempted to take up archery again and get myself some good wild game meat. But my compassionate side seems to come out and I can't seem to get beyond a personal adversion to targeting bambi with a modern high tech and powerful compound bow. Now as for surf fishing for Blue Fish at the North Carolina's Outer Banks sea shore, I can see myself doing that. By the way, for those of you who have never had fresh caught Blue Fish done up with lemon-pepper-salt seasoning, as simple and hickish as the recepe sounds, I think that you will likely find it delicious.

That being said, I have thus stated my own opinion of what it really means to be prolife, and for me perhaps unfortunately, that also means going out for dinner with some friends of mine tonight to a Wendy's Resturant and buying myself a Triple Baconator Combo Meal. At least I do not have to terminate the cow that will provide the beef. If I did, perhaps I would become a vegetarian.


Kind Regards;



The ranks of state legislators from Mass to Cal are rife with heretical, or lapsed catholics who regularly and deliberately defy mainstream moral principals and advocate legislation that is aggressively antiChristian. The hierarchy of the Church are turning their collective backs on their moral obligation and sworn duty by not excommunicating blatantly heretical politicians. Excommunication does not remove politicians from office nor prevent them from acting on Secular issues. It removes their ability to carry on as hypocrites or continue their embarassment to the Church community.
Your Excellencies, your vows call for celibacy... not to behave as eunichs.

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