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Tuesday, January 26, 2010



Beware of Fr. Benedict Groeschel! Not long ago, while watching the Sunday evening show of EWTN, Fr. was telling a caller it was fine for a Catholic to belong to a Masonic lofge. Since When? The latest pronouncment prohibiting this activity was signed by Cardinal Ratzinger, now gloriously reigning as Pope Benedict XVI.

Write to him

I would write to Father Groeschel of your concerns. He strikes me as a humble reflective priest who will publicly admit if he has erred and it would be a blessing for him if you contacted him

Jeffrey Pinyan

Not to be rude to Fr. Groeschel, but he has suffered some massive strokes, and they could very well affect his ability to reason and sift through this sort of information.

Lee Meyers

I agree with Jeffrey Pinyan. Fr. Groeschel suffered a stroke last year and had a serious car accident several years ago. His cognition maybe impaired by drugs or by his condition. Cut him some slack. If you feel you have to talk to him, write him. Don't cornor him at some public talk. That would embarrass him. He seemed repentant of upsetting his audience last Sunday. I am sure he did not know that Sal Alinsky wrote a book dedicating it to Lucifer. The other priest seemed more a bone fide offender, than Fr. Groeschel. Your letter, would benefit him, more than Fr. Groeschel, who must be feeling very frustrated to have messed up so royally on his program. He did not appear to me to be anything but sorry last Sunday Night Live. He is a wonder priest. God help him, to recover from this embarrassment.

Father Bob

Fr. Groeshel could very possibly be canonized a saint some day.

Jon Mangin

I say this entire episode and was very sad at the near-canonization of Martin Luther King and praise heaped on (pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia, pro-war) Obama.

Now, with that said, we have to keep some things in mind...

Father Groeschel is a very dedicated priest and has suffered immense physical trials. One can readily tell that the Spirit is with him. Fr. Groeschel has done truly wonderful work for Christ and this priest is good role model.

Sometimes in a conversation, a person will say something a little off the wall and I won't correct them; either I won't know how to respond or I miss entirely the point of the comment. I've never had a serious accident and I'm only in my upper 20s!

Being in front of a camera live is hard because there is an expectation of perfection, which cannot ever be met.

One caller, who sounded like a child, asked during this episode whether Martin Luther King was pro-life or pro-abortion. The Paulist guest appeared visably upset by the question and seemed to know the truth (that Martin Luther King was categorically pro-abortion) and talked around the question.

I was truly dismayed and got the sense the at Father Groeschel kind of had his show hijacked by the 'spirit of VII.' Concerns should be thus forwarded to the guest priest, not Father Groeschel.


I certainly would like to know also why Fr. Benedict Groeshel said that he "didn't take to well with indulgences".....I may not have the words exactly, but very close, and there was no doubt that he sounded as though he was discouraging indulgences granted by Holy Mother Church..(Popes) when I heard him say this, I never cared to listen to him again, not that I did very much anyway...he would always talk about his degree in this and that. It just got old.

Also, can anyone tell me something about the book "The cloud of unknowing" it's around here somewhere, and I haven't the chance to read ityet.


Over the years, especially since Fr. Groeshel's accident, it's my opinion, that I've noticed a significant difference in his demeanor, and what appears to be his ability to concentrate, mentally hold a concept, and articulate it. He's not a young man either, and in all likelihood his mental acumen may be declining. Prayers for him please.


I watch the show every week. On Jan 17, when Fr. Nieli was on, I turned it off after about 10 minutes because it was clear that his was a peace and justice message. He also has that permanent McCarrick I swallowed the canary expression on his face which is a turnoff. From the getgo I was yelling at the TV set responding to everything he was saying. Bad enough when I do that watching our President! I did not hear the part of the program that got into Alinsky. The following week, Fr. Groeschell began with an apology to the audience for the show with Nieli, for getting into politics. He was clearly distressed and deeply sorry that the show went off course. He said that by Monday when it was clear that there was a problem, the show was pulled from the international broadcast schedule. In effect, it sounded like they just burned all evidence of it. Though I disgree with Fr.Groeschel's very soft spot for what he sees as government injustice toward immigrants, he is also very, very pro-life, anti-abortion and has spoken out unequivocally on his show. In my opinion it is naivete to think that the forces that are working for justice toward immigrants won't be happy to put their unborn children directly into the abortion woodchipper as soon as possible.

Scott Jerome

My radar went up on Fr. Groeshel one day while I was watching his show, Sunday Live with Fr. Groeshel.

I was very disturbed to hear Father berate the United States of America for its rank injustice to the poor in this country.

Pray for Father Groeshel that he may wake up to the true enemies of the poor; the Left, Saul Alinsky and Barack Obama.


But the US has be unjust to the poor. On both sides. I think a little berating is welcomed, frankly.

Catholic does not equal Republican.


"But the US has be unjust to the poor."

really? which poor would that be? give me a name, not some mythical homeless orphan that rummages through trash looking for dead rats to eat.

Mrs. Rene O'Riordan

Please, please pray for Fr. Groeschel, we owe him so much, and wouldn't it be awful if after all his faithful witness and suffering for the Gospel he should now be attacked by the devil in this his old age. We owe him big time, the Church owes him and the best way we can help is to support him with our prayers and sacrfices now as he grows old and weak. - Blessings - Rene


Fr. Groeschel is very old and in very bad shape. When I met him a few years ago I was saddened and thought he would survive for much longer. Give a sick old man a break. BTW, the US has done the poor wrong. Welfare has been a disaster and created a permanent underclass.


Does anyone know Father Groeschel's mail address? I would like to ask him a question about Catholic Colleges.

Richard Liberatore

Hello fellow (Right-thinking) Catholics.
It was 12/28/09, 7PM EWTN's Christmas Mailbag with Fr Groeshel. I only watch his program to keep abreast of any new heretical teaching. This night he did not let me down. About mid-way through the program he stated: "God is not Catholic"........ say what? If your brain still functions it won't take long to think out the ramifications of this lie. Anyhow, a call to EWTN on 12/30 produced no positive results. In fact the Lay Theologian for EWTN admitted he watched that episode, he knew it was wrong, but added that he did not think he could do anything about it, to remedy it, by taking the matter to the main producers responsible for 'Doctrinal purity'. So my call had No positive results. I did order a DVD but have not gotten it. I don't expect them to send it. It seems EWTN knows about this travesty but does not want to do anything about it. Fr Groeshel remains on the air. He continues to spout antiCatholic propaganda from time to time. He's an old man. Sick. I would not want to be in his shoes in the near future. How in the world can he face God Almighty and explain himself? Aside from claiming insanity.


There are five billion of us Catholics in the world-there is no way we will all have the same opinion. I am proud of President Obama and look forward to his second term as our president. Bush ruined this country for many years to come and it is my fervent prayer that Obama can pull us out of the pit of hell the war has cast us into. I converted to the Catholic Church thirty-five years ago and I am still one of only a handful of African American Catholics-the fact I am still faithful to the Sacraments is a miracle in itself.


I find this string of comments deeply disappointing. In the context of an argument about orthodoxy virtually everyone commenting has made a thinly veiled (or in some case blatantly) derogatory comment about Fr Benedict Groeschel and even Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. Seems like more and more often these days Catholics are confusing their own political perspective with Catholic doctrine, and attacking the church and her priests in the process. While I certainly agree that the weight of gravity lies with abortion, to imply that an individual who opposes the death penalty is in any way out of line with the church is erroneous. Incidentally, the quoted citation from the Catechism 2267 regarding the churches teaching on the death penalty has notably extracted the important last paragraph: "Today in fact, as a consequence of the possibilities the state has for effectively preventing crime...the cases in which the execution of the offender is an absolute necessity are very rare if not practically non-existent"


Great post. You might also appreciate this...

Ordinary Miracle
by Michael Moriarty

For me the human being is a miracle.

For Progressive Americans, however, because of the particularly Progressive Supreme Court’s Roe v Wade Decision of 1973, the human being has become less than ordinary.

The human being is now an easily disposable or aborted threat to the ideals of a Progressive New World Order.

Portrait of 4 month old boy

With this “fundamental transformation of the United States of America,” as President Barack Obama has reminded us, I begin the first excerpt of a possibly endless series entitled, The Ordinary Miracle.

As a self-imposed exile, my life’s journey from my birthplace in Detroit, Michigan to Canada is a bit longer than the mild jaunt across the Ambassador Bridge from Detroit to Windsor, Ontario.

The country I left under the subtly unconstitutional care of Bill and Hillary Clinton has now exploded into the incipiently treasonous arrogance of the Obama Nation.

My life is now a miraculous melodrama in which those who would make me and many fellow members of the human family less than ordinary are an indisputable villainy.

From my personal experience, the American Progressive Movement has endeavored to paint what is traditionally American into an increasingly vilified form of irrelevance.

Meanwhile, the Progressives now move from legalized abortion to Health Care Death Panels.

It’s progress, you see.

It is actually thanatos, the love of death … as versus eros and agape, the love of life … that is being offered as the best solution to the problems of life.

More on those wonderfully ancient words in later excerpts of this offering.

It is, indeed, the replacement of a Judeo-Christian God with the Marxist God of Science.

To Karl Marx even his suicidal economic theories were a science.

Now with Global Warming, a tyrannizing delusion arising from Marxist Science, we’re in the last big chapter of the Bible.


And we’re the Good Guys!

This is as certain as the goodness of the Allies versus the evil of the Nazi, Fascist and Imperialized Japanese Axis.

Instead of the Axis we face Red Islam, Communist Jihads best represented by our unquestionably mortal enemy, Osama bin Laden and the equally Marxist imprint that President Barack Obama would like to leave upon not just the earth, but all of Mankind.

This cast of good guys and bad guys is so clear, so eternally indelible, that this editorial series of mine may soon turn into either a Batman/Superman epic or into The Ordinary Miracle of G.I. Joe.

Those to the rescue, however, are in the millions and, yes, most of them are The Ordinary Miracles of the Tea Party Movement.


With that intensely short introduction, let me begin my American recollections, not necessarily in chronological order.

Much of this will be an improvisation which I am occasionally good at.

Let’s start with my first introduction to Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood.

Yes, many of you were there and, of course, Big Hollywood’s interest in me was its discovery of my persistently dedicated commitment, through my writings for, my immense trust in the proven power of not the American Constitution but her Declaration of Independence and its “inalienable” tribute to our “Creator.”

I am, indeed, a self-described, pro-life, Catholic libertarian.

Catholic libertarian may seem like a contradiction in terms.

However, when you compare my own form of faith to the Progressive Catholic hypocrisy of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, their pro-abortion defilement of a Judeo-Christian, five thousand year old commandment, “Thou shalt not kill”?!

Well … here’s my first Moriarty Pause in this possibly endless trip down memory lane.

I sigh and take a breath to recover from the cardinal sins committed every passing second by the Biden/Pelosi hypocrisy.

“Ye hypocrites!”

“Ye lawyers, you heap on people pains that you yourselves could not endure!”

That’s my rather Dionysian version of Christ engaging in a counter-revolutionary but very French pastime entitled J’accuse!

Ye Progressives!

You heap on your citizens, and their future generations, agonies which you, as Congressmen, Congresswomen and White House CEO’s cannot, will not and could never, in your most hypocritically brave or falsely humble moments, endure!

If you don’t like my Dionysian Catholicism blame it on the Jesuits who fed me Greek and Latin for two to four years.

My vocation in the theater was ordained by the Black Robes as certainly as they themselves were ordained priests.

Meanwhile, back amidst the counter-revolutionary dens of Big Hollywood, I have the great privilege of not only having a Tea Party audience but the very Third Millennium freedom to carry on a post-editorial conversation via an entirely state-of-the-art Town-Hall Meeting.

And we all have the courage to “go on the record!”

Life is good.

It is and can be so good that Christ’s words are confirmed daily.

“Unless ye become like little children, ye shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

What is our counter-revolution but the classic child’s exclamation, “The Emperor has no clothes … and our President obviously cannot tell the truth about anything.”

His “transparency” is a big, fat, juicy, utterly irreversible, historically recorded Lie!

Now there’s a truth that cannot only set you free, it can release you into a whole new level of catharsis.

I also highlight that word because it, along with thanatos, eros and agape, will return repeatedly as the main force and rules of evidence for unseating the entire American Progressive Movement.

Send Progressivism back to France, where the whole, Communist nightmare began!

Here is my lesson for the day.

There has been a human genius so old that the “enlightened despots” of Harvard think it so antiquated that it no longer has contemporary relevance, except as a foil for their Progressive Comparative History Lessons, their “teachable moments”, their vision of Mankind’s inevitably scientific progress to the clearly envisioned destination: The Completion of The Progressive, One-Thousand-Year Plan For All of Humanity.

In other words, The New World Order.

The last Progressive of that ilk was Adolf Hitler.

We have seen and spoken of … repeatedly … the image of our President looking down his flared nostrils at us, and we’ve heard the words that accompany such arrogant certainty.

“The fundamental transformation of the United States of America!”

Within one year of office, President Obama has been captured in photos that make some of Mussolini’s grandstanding grimaces look reticent.

Oh, before I leave off, I will leave a “teaser” for you, one previously left on the response blog for my editorial, Bradley’s.

“Who is the new Jane Fonda?”

I’ll await your guesses with a few hints in future offerings from this, my apparently autobiographical series, The Ordinary Miracle.

Yolanda Rossy

I found a book The Gospel and Epistles of John by Raymond Brown. Fr. Groeschel has stated several times in various talks about Fr. Brown who went astray from the Catholic Truth and later came back. Does anyone know if this is a book of truth?

Jim Canale

It amazes me how many Catholics (and Christians of all denominations) can oppose abortion, yet support the death penalty. These people seem to believe Christ's innocent death was an ENDORSEMENT of the death penalty! As if God brainwashed the Jews to kill his son. It cheapens the free will sacrifice of Our Lord. No, God gives us all free will. He did not force anyone to kill His Son. He knew if He preached love, forgiveness and faith, people would hate Him and put him to death. The same thing would probably happen today. The miracle is he turned this evil into our salvation.

Christ died an innocent man, did he not? And that possibility always exists with anyone who is put on death row. Just look at the number of convictions which have been overturned by DNA evidence. So out of respect for Our Lord you'd think we would try our best to stop executions and the possibility, however remote, that another innocent man might die. But no! Our hardness of heart prevents us from doing this.

People also can't seem to separate the Old Testament from the New Testament. The Old Testament is a record of what the Israelites THOUGHT God was asking of them. Jesus told us what God REALLY expects of us. Moses came down from Mt. Sinai with ten simple commandments. "Thou shalt not kill" was one of them. They then proceeded to pervert the law. They allowed executions, albeit in extreme situations because of the hardness of heart of the people. There had to be THREE eye witnesses. A virtually impossible condition to meet.

Today, we send people to death row on hearsay evidence with NO eyewitnesses.

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