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Saturday, February 13, 2010



Maybe the Los Angeles Archdioces should start facing its challenges and problems with a CHRIST-CENTERED approach. Instead of with a multicultural-approach. Or for that matter, compassion über alles, or a therapeutic approach.

Dear St. Thomas Becket pray for the Los Angeles Archdiocese's forthcoming bishop and for the conversion and sanctification of Cdl. Mahony.


I read on the internet, a reliable article, that the choice had already been approved by our Cardinal. The spectulation from this article was that Bishop Gomez will be our new leader.


MVH it's hardly a "multicultural" approach, since 75% of the archdiocese is Latino. "Mulsticultural" would be to put another Irishman there (and foolish at that, considering the muck-up the current one has made of it).

WMarie I'm in Northern California, and I don't know much about Bishop Gomez, nor am I going to investigate him too much until there is stronger evidence to do so. I can only hope and pray that whatever new bishop is installed, he will (finally) be orthodox, traditional and loyal to the pope and magesterium. I don't think it would be outside the realm of possibility to hope he would allow for more Tridentine liturgies there. Although I think praying that he dismantle the "Roj Mahal" brick by hideous brick is too much to ask.

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