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Friday, March 19, 2010



I'm not so sure this is a true "move". Latinos have been "CINO" for generations. I have heard from many that their family didn't go to Mass growing up (nor do they), they haven't been baptized, yet they and their family still say they are "Catholic". How exactly does that work? I don't think we're seeing a move, we're seeing reality assert itself. Now, that doesn't mean that's not an issue of concern and prayer, but it does put things in context.


This article presents a frightening yet sad truth. I'm a fourth generation US born Mexican American and have witnessed first hand how many fellow Catholics are lured away by Protestant denominations due to the lack of catechesis from parish CCD classes and at home. Even if sold teaching is given at home, as was in my hosehold by my extremely devout grandmother, we still have to deal with our customs and traditions belittled or suppressed by modernist clergy. It's poignant especially here in the southwest to enter into churches devoid of any Santos or anywhere for people to pray and light candles or even to attend to private devotions. What the priests fail to see as they force us to listen to badly written guitar music or mariachi masses or try and impersonate charismatic style preachers is that what we truly hunger for and desire is the Faith as it sustained us in generations past, the Faith of the Friairs who worked tirelessly to found the missions, the Faith of the martyrs during the anti clerical movement when our churches were desacrated...bring back the Catholicsm that we need and not some misguided 'spirit of vatican II'. In my diocese in El Paso, Texas there are only two churches where the ancient Mass is still said one by an SSPX priest, the other staffed by a priest who truly teaches the Faith...and is maligned by our bishop who fails to truly "feed his flock" Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe ruega por nosotros.


We attend only the Traditional Latin Mass said by a priest ordained in the Old Rite by a bishop who was consecrated in the Old Rite. No cheap guitar music for us! And everyone at Mass, even though they might not be of Hispanic origin, believe everything that the Catholic Church always taught and we all pray the same prayers and love it! We are so grateful to God for showing us that the True Faith is still alive, albeit hard to find...


So all that talk about Latinos saving the US church was hooey.

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