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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Alan Day

hmmmm are Peter Tatchell, Richard Dawkins, Stonewall, Outrage, British Humanist Association, National Secular Association et al the `far right` , sectarian bigots? They are all protesting:-

Richard Dawkins the prominent scientist / atheist also seems to be supporting the Make The Pope Pay protest

The Order is not seeking the Pope to be banned it is simply Protesting theologically in this 450th anniversary of the Reformation.

The full statement from Grand Lodge can be read here:-

Prominent Gay rights activist Peter Tatchell has a petition on the 10 downing Street website:-

The National Secular Society, British Humanist Association and various Gay Rights groups including Outrage and Stonewall are all protesting.

There is now a Protest The Pope website organised by various groups not including the Orange Order:-

stephen dalton

Bowler hats?! Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy wore them too! Maybe these ot of date gents ought to march to Stan and Ollie's theme song, you know, "The Cookoo Song!

gina conn

Hi there,
My name is Gina, and I work at NET NY, a New York City Catholic channel located in Brooklyn. I'm producing a story on the Pope's visit to the UK this upcoming September. And I'm reaching out to see if anyone who will physically be at the papal visit would like to contribute to our coverage in a small, but exciting way. We are looking for some overseas "correspondents", who could contribute their experiences to our show and/or website. A photo, a little written blurb, or perhaps a 10 second long video from your camera phone. It would require little time and effort, and anyone participating would receive credit of course.

If you or anybody you know would be interested in participating, please shoot me an email. Thank you so much for your time, and have a wonderful day.

Gina Conn

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