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Tuesday, March 23, 2010



I am a post V2 Catholic and read this post with interest. I’ve often wondered why the variances among parishes regarding things like kneeling during the Eucharistic prayer. When I was young, we seemed to kneel immediately after the Holy, Holy, Holy and stand after the “Amen” that preceded the Our Father. Currently, at our parish, we kneel as mentioned above, but others around us do it a little differently. I also don’t remember mimicking the priest’s hand gestures or holding hands during the Our Father when I was younger but that seems to be ubiquitous now. I've always been a little confused as to what that was supposed to represent.
Who makes those types of calls? The parish priest, the bishop or some other authority? Anyone know?


It' hard for me to imagine people having trouble wanting to kneel longer in church.Using the excuse that there are, bigger problems to worry about, is missing the point.Following the bishops directive is easily done. And if done with the proper attitude may go along way in solving those bigger problems.


It's about time one of our bishops took a firm stand about the homage we owe to God. I've been to too many churches where people actually SIT throughout the Consecration and Communion, and look at me oddly when I kneel despite the absence of kneelers.


Blessings on this Bishop for this directive. If, according to those opposed to kneeling, posture is such an insignificant issue, one wonders why the big uproar? Or could it be that it really does signifiy something much greater - as in deep spiritual realities? Oh the hypocrisy of those who changed, of their own accord, liturgical norms to suit their fancies because they were "making a statement", but then try to tell us who want to change back that there are "more important" issues to be worried about.

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