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Thursday, March 11, 2010



"I wonder if many of you remember the public castigation the late Father Malachi Martin received when he made the same claim about Satanic sects operating in the Vatican?"

## But of course :) - to be precise, I was reminded of "Winsdswept House".

Why is it so incredible that the Vatican should be target of the Devil ? If the CC is the One True Church, etc., is that not just what might bew expected ?

(I have no idea whether or not Fr. Amorth is correct, BTW - IMHO, the whole business is a but too lurid to be credible; it's too much like something out of...a novel to be quite plausible.

Michael G

"the whole business is a bit too lurid to be credible; it's too much like something out of...a novel to be quite plausible."

You can't be serious? Free masonry has run our world for eons. How do you thing 1 percent of the world's population can own 50% of it? I guess catholic peodophoilia is too "lurid" too? Who are you? a mason?


Where else do you think the devil would be. He tempted Christ Himself. he would and will tempt the religious. It is the souls of men that he wants - The One True Faith he can NEVER have.


It is unfortunate about what happened to Fr. Malachi Martin. He was definitely a leading Catholic theologian and exorcist. Listen to what he says on The Nature Of Evil, Exorcism & Possession You may also wish to watch a real video on an exorcism

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