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Wednesday, May 19, 2010



One word comes to mind. NIGHTMARE!

Father M

These new California cathedrals are abominations, beginning with San Francisco, to Los Angeles and Oakalnd. And now Bishop Tod wants to follow suit. Utter abominations. One had hoped that Bishop Vigneron could have done better, but he inherited a certain developed process from his predecessor. God save us from these Protestant barns. Here's what I would so as a new bishop who inherited one of these barns. I wold simply start announcing that I thought it was a good idea to begin introducing importanr diocesan liturgical events to the far corners of the diocese so that everyone could have a chance to participate. Therefore, the ordinations this year won't be at the barn (i.e. cathedral) but in such-and-such a parish; the chrism Mass this year won't be at the barn (i.e. cathedral) but at such-and-such a parish in another part of the diocese, etc., etc., etc. Just stop using the barn!


"Cardinal Mahony and his Protestant barn?!"

Beautiful. Just Beautiful!


Can someone send along to the Holy Father the Youtube video of Bishop Brown grabbing the woman trying to received Holy Communion kneeling to her feet?


The Bishop needs to be concerned about his eternal life not some legacy. His priorities are a mess.
If his priorities are a mess, then he can not lead the Faithful properly.

How may of his flock are reading the "Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition"?

Atlanta Catholic

This Bishop is not only "not concerned" with his own eternal life, he is not concerned with the eternal life of his flock. What he is concerned about is the big money kickbacks that this new *un*-necessary monstrosity will garner for him in his retirement. There is big money to be made. His priorities are a mess. The love of money can certainly be found at the root of this effort.


YUK! We have already had enough of Todd Brown, DD (Dumb as Dirt). He can't lead, he can't speak, he can't think! I have been all over the country, and i have never seen such dumb administration (look whom he chose as Chancellor---one dumb, stupid-mouthed woman. I find it amazing that Brown hasn't been sued because of her stupid mouth. No, no! Enough is enough. I find myself praying for his death daily!


B-16 is bad enough as Pope---but there is no one more stupid than Tod Brown. The diocese has gone straight down hill. I have friends who work at Marywood who tell me that there is nothing but daily disasters with that stupid Chancellor, Vicar General, moron nun named Eymard and various other stupid people who run the various messes up there. Nope! BROWN AND MOST OF THE PEOPLE UP THERE MUST GO!


Brown's got to go. He's a complete disaster.


The Pope needs to rid the Diocese of Orange of Tod Brown. The man has done such harm to this Church. I do not understand why Brown is still here. The people of God do NOT deserve this un-God-like treatment. GET RID of BROWN NOW!


Well, I just hope the Cathedral isn't on the monstrous level as the LA Cathedral. What a horror.

However, I don't for that reason discount the idea that a better cathedral is called for, although I don't necessarily support it either. And I don't for that reason cast such terms as many here do of our bishop. He doesn't care for our salvation, does he? Maybe he does, maybe he doesn't. But how can you say such a thing with such conviction? Yikes. We have some here who have the power to read the soul of Bishop Brown.

I see my departure for a few months has not led to an improvement in the posts of some of the familiar cast of characters.


His staff at Marywood is full of Catholic dissenters; pro-obama kooks and they coddle and enable him trust me.

Atlanta Catholic


Your departure for a few months did lead to an improvement. There are actually some Catholics who post on Roman Catholic Blog who have something that is very foreign to you. Bishop Fulton Sheen referred to this as a "Strong Catholic Backbone"!

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