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Wednesday, June 09, 2010



false analogy - rosa parks and nation defending its borders

usa already allows LEGAL immigration

jumping/cutting in line isn't right, isn't fair to those who follow the rules

Atlanta Catholic

Please You Tube "Father Bascio The Immorality of Illegal Immigration" Father Patrick Bascio died recently. May his soul rest in peace and may the Perpetual Light shine upon him. Father Bascio gives very compelling reasons why he changed his mind and started to re-think his previous thoughts regarding illegal immigration.

Latin Mass

This is a very well written article and the comments also bring up some valid points. I believe to put my two cents in, from the point of view of God, when looking at the Earth from Heaven, does the Father see borders to our countries? The idea of keeping those out of "our" country is a man made idea. I believe this is some of what the early church would have faced when the decision to allow gentiles to receive the Gospel of our Lord was decided. Again just my opinion.


He is wrong, many of these people are pro La raza which is a purely race based group, and this attitude is carried into hiring practices and voting which is wrong...

this will lower all of our wages and and make us like mexico extremely poor....


LM - so i suppose the idea of keeping your home secure is just another man made idea...

let me know when my room is ready, oh...and what's for dinner?


The U.S., as a sovereign nation, has every right to decide who it allows and does not allow into its country.

If you disagree, I demand you tear down your fences and dismantle your security systems right now.

I happen to favor more immigration...of the legal kind. I think resistance would lessen if English were required, Christians/Westerners were given preference, and welfare/medical care/education were not paid for by tax dollars; after all, these are the reasons most people have a problem with it.

The immigrant booms of previous centuries were not met with such governmental challenges to pay for services for these people, and everyone profitted from their hard work, industriousness, and creativity.

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