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Saturday, July 17, 2010



I wonder how many girls never got the opportunity and privilege to wear their pink t-shirt, laud the efforts of Stabenow and Pelosi, and get in the background of a photo-op with said politicians because they were aborted?

Maybe they should have worn black armbands to commemorate their sisters who couldn't make the meeting. ...Nah, they would have clashed with their brown shoes and brown purses.

Smiling like that over abortion seems a bit macabre, kind of like the klan smiling around a hanging. And I wonder if -- unseen to our mortal eyes -- the Grim Reaper is sizing up a pink millstone for Nancy over her scandalous example to these young women.


What is wrong with these bishops? Why are they so weak.

Atlanta Catholic

Dear Joseph-USA,

I think that even King Solomon would have high-fived you on your July 19th wise response!


Remember also that Rep./Speaker Pelosi is also a public sinner and demonstrated heretic,vis a vis her boast that she would ''take'' Holy Communion when and if it suited her,and also that she would ''chew up and spit out The Body of Christ'' if it so pleased her as well.
Quite the way to get your fellow believers on your side huh?
You cannot trust these people to act like proper Catholics,no matter wht they say,no matter their constituency.
They are part of the Enemy's camp,and need to be regarded as being such.
The only thing theses paraiahs care about is power,andthe wealth and influence it gives them to further their agenda of infanticide,a policy which the Devil quite approves of.
The killing of innocents.



And Bill,
The reason these ''bishops'' areso weak is because they have given in,and become compromised to their consecrated mission,and forgotten their vows,for all intents and purposes.
They have been either seuced by power,or made inneffectual by the system and their own cowardice.
Especially Neiderauer,,who has a history of waffling on morality,given his failure to cleanse Most Holy Redeemer in San Francisco of the activities of the local Sisters of
Perpetual Indulgence.
The track record there is pathetic to say the minimum.

All i'm saying on the part of theses two so-called 'shepherds' is that you sould consider the source,and then you get the answer to ''Why?''

Cahoots my friend.


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