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Saturday, September 11, 2010



You must be one of those people NPR has been warning us about. I noticed, listening occasionally to the NPR reports lately about islamaphobia, that the interviewers of American Muslims do not ask for concrete examples of the fears they express dramatically about retaliation from islamaphobes in America. There was also a story about the absurdity of Conservatives' fears that the U.S. might become Islamicized - and how this might "turn the U.S. into another Iraq" - wierd..

James M Essig

We as Catholics should be encouraging married couples to have more children. IMHO, it is our calling as Catholics and as humanity in general to reach out and colonize our universe and perhaps beyond. No doubt, we will and must treat any civilizations on planets already occupied by ETI species with the same integrity and respect that we would treat our fellow human persons, and so I am not advocating a New World colonization program that would usurp ETI civilizations the way the European settlers subjugated the indiginous peoples of the Americas.

Being fruitfull and multiplying is a biblical based imparitive and scripture is valid for all ages and eras.

Even if Special Relativity forbids natural faster than light communication and space travel, and there may yet prove ways to get around these would be limits, Special Relativisty does in theory permit relativistic time dilation, which in principle can allow effective space travel of arbitrary greater than one multiples of the speed of light for space craft crew members as well as effective time travel into the future for highly relativistic space craft.

It would be wise not to take too seriously the claims made by dubious apparitionists that the Second Coming of Christ is about to occur during the first half of the 20th Century simply because similar claims have been made many times before during Church history.

As a physicist, I am more intrigued about the prospect for untold numbers of human generations being born and the commensurately much greater numbers of human persons that can be created than the prospect that Christ's Return might be just around the corner. Remember, that each time a child is concieved, GOD immeadiately and directly creates a spiritual, immortal, radically endowed with free-will, and rational human soul. Thus, when couples procreate, they are causal mechanisms for GOD's creation of a brand new human soul and thus cause the size of spiritual creation or the size of the set of spiritual creations, to grow in an irrevocable manner. For Catholic Couples, besides conceiving the lovable cute and precious little ones, the preveledge of inalterably increasing the size of the spiritual cosmos should be viewed as a great calling.

Now what types of relativistic space craft may enable this progam of colonization?

Relativistic craft can include any and all of the following: 1) Fusion Rockets, 2) Fission Rockets, 3) Fission Fragment Drives, 4) Fusion powered ion, electron, photon, and/or neutrino rockets, 5) Fission powered ion, electron, photon, and/or neutrino rockets, 6) matter antimatter rockets that carry both components of fuel on board from the start of the mission, 7) matter antimatter rockets that carry only their antimatter fuel component(s) along from the start of the mission, 8] matter antimatter reactor powered ion, electron, photon, and/or neutrino rockets, 9) fusion fuel pellet linear runway powered craft, 10) fission fuel pellet linear runway powered craft, 11) fission-fusion fuel pellet linear runway powered craft, 12) nuclear isomer fuel pellet linear runway powered craft, 13) matter antimatter fuel pellet linear runway powered craft, 14) antimatter fuel pellet linear runway powered craft, 15) fusion fuel pellet circulinear runway powered craft, 16) fission fuel pellet circulinear runway powered craft, 17) fission-fusion fuel pellet circulinear runway powered craft, 18) nuclear isomer fuel pellet circulinear runway powered craft, 19) matter antimatter fuel pellet circulinear runway powered craft, 20) antimatter fuel pellet circulinear runway powered craft, 21) nuclear fission powered electro-hydrodynamic-plasma drive craft, 22) nuclear fusion powered electro-hydrodynamic-plasma drive craft, 23) matter antimatter reaction powered electro-hydrodynamic-plasma drive craft, 24) nuclear fission powered magneto-hydrodynamic-plasma drive craft, 25) nuclear fusion powered magneto-hydrodynamic-plasma drive craft, 26) matter antimatter reaction powered electro-hydrodynamic-plasma drive craft, 27) nuclear fission powered electro-magneto-hydrodynamic-plasma drive craft, 28) nuclear fusion powered electro-magneto-hydrodynamic-plasma drive craft, 29) matter-antimatter powered electro-magneto-hydrodynamic-plasma drive craft, 30) fusion powered magnetic field effect drive, 31) fission powered magnetic field effect drive, 32) matter antimatter reaction powered field effect drive, 33) single pass solar dive and fry sail driven craft, 34) single pass stellar dive and fry sail driven craft, 35) single pass quasar dive and fry sail driven craft, 36) multi-pass stellar cycler solar dive and fry sail driven craft, 37) multi-pass stellar cycler dive and fry sail driven craft, 38) multi-pass cycler quasar dive and fry sail driven craft, 38) laser beam driven relativistic sail craft, 40) microwave beam driven relativistic sail craft, 41) radio-frequency beam driven relativistic sail craft, 42) massive neutral particle beam driven sail craft, 43) massive charged particle beam driven sail craft, 44) massive particle beam fission fuel powered craft, 45) massive particle beam fusion fuel powered craft, 46) massive particle beam matter antimatter beam fuel powered craft, 47) antimatter beam fuel powered craft, 48) nuclear bomb pulse driven propulsion of the original Project Orion forms, 49) pure nuclear fusion bomb pulse driven propulsion analogous to the original Project Orion forms, 50) matter antimatter bomb driven propulsion analogous to the original Project Orion forms, 51) one side reflective cosmic microwave background radiation sails, 52) multiple beam bounce propulsion methods, 53) any improved interstellar ramjet craft, 54) fusion rocket or fusion powered electron, ion, photon, or neutrino rockets utilizing single body or serially multiple body powered gravitational assists, 55) fission rocket or fission powered electron, ion, photon, or neutrino rockets utilizing single body or serially multiple body powered gravitational assists, 56) matter antimatter rocket or matter antimatter reaction electron, ion, photon, or neutrino rockets utilizing single body or serially multiple body powered gravitational assists and others.

If the propulsion system is multi-modal, then even if only one stage is used for each mode, the number of combinations and thus the number of possible propulsion systems is at least equal to (2 EXP 56) – 1 = 7.205 x 10 EXP 16 = 72.05 Quadrillion = 72,050 trillion!

In each of these 56 categories, several sub-methods have been proposed and so the number of possible single mode/stage propulsion systems is many, many orders of magnitude greater yet. If say, each category permits 10 sub-categories, which I can reasonably assure you is likely a conservative estimate, the total number of possible propulsion systems, all else being the same is equal to about (2 EXP 560) - 1 which is approximately equal to 10 EXP 160. This is roughly 10 EXP 70 times the number of atoms, electrons, photons, and neutrinos in the observable universe. Most of these methods permit very high gamma factors, in many cases, virtually unlimited relativistic gamma factors given the virtually if not actually unlimited future time periods available to sequester ever greater resources of fuel via an ever expanding human space based resource collection infrastructure.

As a physicist, I am convinced that we can and will travel among the stars and galaxies, even if the speed of light proves insurmountable for signal and energy transmission. Spreading the human population ever further abroad in our universe and meeting any of our ETI brothers and sisters and their civilizations I believe is about the most imperative Pro-life agenda that one can have that people on both sides of the abortion issue can relate to.

For the record, I am a staunchly anti-abortion Pro-life conservative Catholic who is not afraid to consider the future of humanity beyond this limited Earth.

These calculations do not take into account degenerate sets where the ordering of the modes and sub-modes used can be adjusted.

In short, theoretical applied physics and engineering can be one of the ultimate prolife technologies for use at our bidding.


Rosie Davis

Having a child:
From conception it costs $250 Australian a week,to have a child. A female has to stop work eventually,loss of income,
.....The baby is still costing $250 a week.
The cost of living is always going up,
.....The baby is still costing $250 a week.
Hubby could loose his job,
.....The baby is still costing $250 a week.
The baby is normal and healthy, the cost escalates otherwise,
.....The baby is still costing $250 a week.
And so it goes, nothing will ever get any cheaper, in fact with inflation in 10 years $250 will be a lot more, won't it,
.....The baby still costs $250 a week.
It is the height of irresponsibility to have a child for any other reason other than to "be" able to give that child the best possible opportunities,... yes?
A baby is a human being not a ploy, yes?
.....The baby still costs $250 a week.
Because, and; we all know that, for all their generosity to the community the Church will NEVER alone,take on the support, financial or otherwise of your child,
{in other words get a regular job}
.....The baby still costs $250 a week.
I am a Roman Catholic and I wish most sincerely that the childless men and women of the Church would get pregnant at least once, and have to raise that child.
I also see this as scare mongering, shame, shame.
It is not God but man that has screwed up notions and plays reckless power games with humans, etc.
ISAIAH; 50; Chapter; 50; 11;
Behold, all ye that kindle a fire, that compass yourselves about with sparks: walk in the light of your fire, and in the sparks that ye have kindled. This shall ye have of mine hand; ye shall lie down in sorrow.


I wonder if any society can survive contraception. Apparently we are finding out.

James M Essig

It seems to me that the ways and manners in which complex biological molecules can evolve might have a hidden message or some sort of hidden information regarding nature.

I am not referring to any supernatural considerations here, but instead am pondering the particular ways in which thermodynamic and statistical mechanical pathways coupled with quantum mechanics and physical constants such as the fine structure constant and the like all conspire to produce any of the various life forms that may exist throughout our universe.

The consideration here goes deeper than the constructs involving a Big Bang fine-tuned so as to permit the formation of complex period table element based molecules. The notion involves a deeper and fundamental significance yet, analogous to any would be future finding of certain unanticipated patterns in the decimal expansion of the constants pi, e, or within any irrational numbers such as the square root of 2,3,5 and so-on.

Any such patterns could yield clues or meanings at the fundamental level of organized existence, and would have significance beyond any natural or supernatural generative causes, just as any hidden patterns of fundamental significance within various irrational numbers would have where such would be patterns cannot be statistically explained as mere coincidence or as statistically non-significant.

It may be the case that such hidden meaning has relevance not only to the nature and existence of rational creatures such as persons un-augmented by the life of grace or supernatural life, but also even so for the highest of created natures augmented by grace such as that of the Blessed Virgin Mary and even the physical body and created soul of the human nature of Our Lord Jesus, and the grace bestowed directed within His Body and Soul.

Thus, the mere fact that all creatures exist or are real may hint at some commonality among all creatures and thus at some level, even if only ontological, a solidarity among all creatures especially created persons. This solidarity would exist most profoundly with respect to human to human solidarity in the Kingdom of Heaven, and even more so in the New Heavens and New Earth that will be the abode of the Blessed after the Final Resurrection at the End of Time.

Any such hidden meaning might point to some aspect of creation in some mysterious manner that is different from nature and supernatural augmentation but which we are not yet given to understand. Now do not get me wrong here! I am not suggesting that any human person has some form of preconceived existence or some form of origin that is independent to GOD’s creation of the human soul ex nihilo, but am merely stating that the heuristic and epistemological division of human ontology between the natural and the supernatural might be categorically incomplete or not exhaustively complete.

To the extent that we can learn or discern any such metaphysical meaning or other constructs besides nature and super-nature in creatures especially within created persons, can have relevance in some currently veiled manner on a future knowledge of GOD HIMSELF. This seems likely since each creature reflects in its own way, a ray of Divine Goodness and Beauty.

Although I am in no way a pantheist, I think that fundamental truths about what it means to exist or to be real or to have being can also have application in an abstract understanding of the NATURE, REALITY, and BEING of GOD HIMSELF and thus also have relevance to THE ONE TRIUNE GOD, THRICE HOLY, AND EACH OF HIS THREE DIVINE PERSONS, FATHER, SON, AND HOLY SPIRIT.

By studying exobiology and biochemistry in general, we can aim for an understanding of what it means to be physically real. Teasing any such information out of nature will likely be a process of future cosmic time duration.

Such findings might somehow shed light on what it means to be real or what it means to exist in so far as these ontological constructs are further describable by numerical quantities and rationalized patterns and/or qualitative rationalized patterns.

In the meantime however, we can ponder the wonderful life forms that may exist on the moons of our solar system and then on extrasolar planets and extrasolar moons once we are able to travel to them.

We need to encourage youth to relish their academic life, as no wisdom or intellectual growth to trivial and there is not one GPA earned that is for naught. Anyone can contribute to mankind’s store of Wisdom and as a result, learn more about themselves and others, with a distant goal of learning how all of the pieces of existence, reality, and being fit together. In doing such, we will come closer to reading the MIND and HEART OF THE TRIUNE GOD, which nonetheless, is in no way a pantheistic GOD, but rather is that incomprehensibly sublime and transcendent WHOLLY OTHER, who loves each and every one of us as individuals with a love beyond fathoming.

Fostering such an attitude regarding the wonders of physical molecular based life, can spur the current grade school generation and the one’s yet to be born, a new and profound respect for the dignity of the newly conceived human embryo and what can be irrevocably lost through the sad usage of artificial contraception.

I am not saying that all fertile and married women should have ten or more children, but finding a new found openness to the procreation of human life can result from a deeper respect of the mysteries of creation and how creation is related to its CREATOR, THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY HIMSELF.

By the way, for all of you Catholic parents who may have kids languishing in grade-school with current academic underachievement, have hope. As a physicist and prolific inventor with numerous U.S. issued Patents and with additional IP pending, I was once that academically lazy high school teenager who grew bored with even high school science and mathematics curriculum, and whom at times failed science and math exams, because I was searching for something higher; a higher sense of meaning of it all. While in 10th grade, my high-school biology teacher encouraged me to follow my dreams. He would not hesitate to discuss notions and theories of far out physics, and we would even delve into the field of exobiology which was a poorly excepted field at the time that was often scorned. The point is, encourage your troubled youth to think out of the box, but then so with a sense of relevance to their spiritual life, and they will eventually come to a more Pro-Life appreciation of creation, especially that of the Human Person.

By now, some of you may incorrectly think that I am an out of touch, right-wing, Catholic zealot. I must counter such opinions with the admission that I am just an interstellar pioneer wannabe, who as a physicist, works to promote the decidedly non-religion oriented vision that we humans will one say roam our galaxy and beyond. For those who may be what some might say are political liberals with respect to human sexual expression and reproductive rights and who further conclude that I am an out of touch prude, I must cheerfully admit that nothing can be further from the truth. Even though I have decided to remain single for practical purposes, I notice a good-looking and sexy woman just as quickly as any other fully and solely heterosexual middle-aged guy, so much so that a major reason why I want to see our civilization reach out to locations ever further abroad within our cosmos and colonize them where appropriate, is that I want all the more beautiful and sweet women to be procreated so that I can have all the more beautiful women in the next life to befriend. So an anti-women prude? No way, No How! I am just the opposite.

Have a Great and Happy Christmas and New Year!



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