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Saturday, October 23, 2010


Pablo H.

"...“if we really are Catholic, or at least if we want to be, then we need to act like it with obedience and zeal and a fire for Jesus Christ in our hearts...”

Real pretty words.

But they sound hollow; more Protestant than Catholic.

When we allow Caesar to educate our children, we should not become concerned when our children come home speaking like Romans.

The Traditional Catholics that Bishop Chaput rejects in his diocese are the ones his flock should aspire to be like.


Kenneth O.

In sentiment, it's hard to disagree with Archbishop Chaput. If you don't agree with Catholic Church teaching, you shouldn't be calling yourself Catholic.

However, I don't really feel that it does any good to tell people they're poorly-catechised, when the traditional venues for catechesis (the church pulpit and catholic school especially) have been so utterly gutted of substance, for the most part.

Yes, there are good priests, and there are good Catholic teachers, but they are few and far between, and shepherds like Archbishop Chaput have the power to do something about that.

I truly think that nothing has damaged the Catholic Church worse in these past few decades that the "headcount" approach to the church; the treatment of the parishoners as if the only goal is to "reach out" to as many people as you can, and "draw them in" to make them sit in pews. That does absolutely no good at all, unless you draw them in with the truth, not by trying to make them feel good.

Admittedly, I live in a very bad section of the US for this sort of thing, but I was driven into agnosticism for much too long a time, because I couldn't find a Catholic priest who wanted to talk about anything but "God loves you, and everything's going to be fine." That is not the message of Christ, nor should it be heard from the pulpit on any given Sunday, much less all of them.

Some of us among the laity are still doing our best to be faithful and spread the word, but those within the church need to do their part too. The church needs to be fleeced of the unfaithful, to avoid scandal if nothing else, and this is even more the job of bishops than laity at this point. We want to help, but if we can't get into contact with the bishop's office, we can't coordinate a plan. If faithful Catholics are ousted from seminaries for being "angry" or "not tolerant enough," then only the unfaithful ones will rise to the priesthood.

The ball's in your court, Archbishop Chaput. I'm wide open for a pass, once you get past those opposing players.

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