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Wednesday, November 17, 2010




It's nothing short of an act of legalized vampirism.
The Moloch state has begun a new persecution on our young.
Instead of outright killing them,now it uses thier bodies for replacement parts.




I was just last week telling my 6th graders that we consider ourselves too smart to sacrifice our babies to the likes of Moloch or Baal; but we still kill our babies nonetheless.

Rosie Davis

This topic is so hard.....
Organ donation seems to be acceptable ?/! And I am not sure that I could bring myself to donate the bits & pieces of my unborn child in the case of a miscarriage ?/! We need to make the world a better place A.S.A.P.....
Sex education & contraception is so important & in these matters we have FAILED our Children for GENERATIONS. Even today most people, young & old do not know MUCH about SEXUAL....basic sexual functions of the body,I.E. menstruation & the how's of pregnancy, of safety, of hygiene, etc...
Where have we been in our responsibilities to our fellow man/woman & our children ?/!
And yet we condemn swiftly & without mercy or understanding. WE SHOULD BE ASHAMED !
Martin Luther :
" In so much as you can not open the gates of heaven or hell for me; Lest God judge you accordingly; ...
GOD, with love & mercy always has the last word fortunately:


So,you tacitly approve of theses cannibalistic practices?No foul,no fault,and ignorance is a convevient excuse?
You have no education in either experience nor catechesis that gives you license to make these statements.
Ignorance of the law is no excuse,and the vast majority are either willfully ignorant,or simply ignore it in order to get their way.
I would suggest thst you cease the ''warm fuzzies'' that you and the left seek to use in order to blunt true Christianity's efforts,and wake up to theological reality.
The reality that there is a spiritual WAR going on,and that the innocents that are being murdered by abortionaists and stemcell doctors are part iof the casualty list.

Wake up,or seriously begin thinking about leaving the Catholic Church.
We need people to fight in this war,not make excuses for the Enemy.
The Anglicans and the other wishywashy cults out there could probably use you.



No, it's not too early to know about the results of this treatment: ghastly.

That ancient profession that used to take an oath to do no harm, is now offing human life on the off chance that perhaps, just maybe, something good might happen. How's that for entering the utilitarian world brought to us by science divorced from faith and morality. And who said religion is such a barbaric thing?

Are we really going to eat our young for our selfish nourishment and healing? ... it sure looks like it.


Amen and Amen, James.


James M Essig

Perhaps during this day of celebration of The Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, we can think thoughtfully, and feel affectively, with reverential concern for all those, who in a misguided sense of practicality, are rejected such as those languishing in our prisons, living in the cold homeless outdoors, locked up within psychiatric hospitals and rejected by family members and former friends as being bums, or perhaps most sadly and tragically, the unborn babies, who will die in abortion mills today, all deaths of which will be permitted by the full wieght of the U.S. Supreme Court. Our Lady is no doubt taking notice of the plight of the least and rejected, and Scripture has clearly stated or implied that the Lord will say even to those who are saved at the End of Time, so long as you did so or failed to do so for the least of my Brothers, you did so to me. Yes, it seems that even such a response will be made to the cream of the faithfull in Heaven as seems evident from Sacred Scripture, such as when these faithfull will ask the Lord, When did we see you hungry, homeless, alone, or naked, to which the Lord will provide the currently well known and studied response.

Are there any special glories in store for the naturally glorified citizens in any LIMBO, who for all we know may have a special reward in store for them for which we the Faithful have not yet been given to understand. All of those aborted babies, fetuses, and embryos, that may have not received some form of baptism by proxy and who may leave this world in a state of terror, agony, or whatever, can not be disregarded by the ALLMIGHTY. These are the least of the least, the apparently most unwanted members of our society from a practical point of view of the every-day citizen’s consideration.

I do not see many clergy upset about the plight of these babies while giving sermons or homilies during mass. The evening news broadcasts are so full of stories about the heroic acts of American veterans of the Wars in Iraq and in Afghanistan, but no words are payed to the plight of the murdered unborn. It seems that their murders go un-noticed by war veterans, Republicans, and Democrats alike. But not to worry, even if the Catholic Church cannot ascertain that these Holy Innocents go directly to Heaven, perhaps they have something even better in store for them for which humanity has not yet be given an understanding. Can we really be so arrogant so as to believe that we have exhausted the mysteries of Creation and GOD’s grace.

Rest assure, as young babies are being scrapped from their mother’s wombs, the utter disrespect shown these little ones by the policy and law makers of all three branches of the U.S. government and we the citizens of the United States of America will require us to be held accountable for the Hell that we put these babies through by casual attrition to their abortive murders.

The scientific and technological efficiencey of our modern culture is good. It has been such a ubiquitous cultural, civil, social, and communal movement that I am convinced ever more capable technology is a premise on which we can rest. I feel that for some reason, the LORD as ordained such to be the case, perhaps for the perfection of material creation and its organization and its own glory, and for reasons we simply cannot yet comprehend nor are we given to know about on this side of the End of Time.

We will have access to the wonders of all creation, an ever growing creation, for all eternity. Creation is truly GOD’s work outside of HIMSELF and HIS pride and joy. Should we not then give GOD great glory and honor by respecting what HE has created, and by especially respecting each other as made in HIS Image and Likeness. Respect for all human life is a premise we must base our dailly thoughts on.

It can even be morally binding under the penalty of mortal sin to willfully and deliberately want or pray that GOD tortures and destroys the fallen angels including Satan because such wrong hatred is unbecomming of the moral requirement of a proper sense of the ontological goodness of all rational creature or created persons, although it is certainly wise to rebuke Satan when under his attacks as an enemy of GOD and to ask GOD’s protection from Him.

Yes, the least among us will be the greatest, and some of the greatest will be the least. So when you consider making an unkind remark by those intellectually, psychologically, social-economically, or vocationally and/or occupationally less fortunate then you, in Honor of The Immaculate Conception, do without the unkind words. Above all, do or day something in defense of the unborn. Most assuradly, just about as many persons will die in Americas abortion mills today as have died in the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

In reality, the horrors of abortion will only come to and end when we develope a sense of civility in our society, coupled with a sense of respect for the sacredness of all human persons, especially those who most closely model Christ by weakness, rejection, frailty, and other aspects that are counter-intuitive to modern culture. These less fortunate are the least who will be first.



Rosie Davis

Know that I am not for abortion & I am very much for the love of GOD:
I see God as my Father, a kind , loving, caring, educator, who want's only the best for me, like any good father.
The Catholic Church is His House..YES/NO ???
Oh! hang on, I may believe in the wrong GOD, not the vindictive Jewish God in The Old Testament, ?... The GOD before Jesus Christ:
ST. JOHN 4: 14.
But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.
In the beating of our chests we sometimes forget Jesus. If we do not care & put out for our brothers & sisters in the sight of
GOD then we have no right to condemn them either....
All the ways of man are clean in his own eyes; but the LORD weigheth the spirits.

Rosie Davis

4: The Lord GOD hath given me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him that is weary: he wakeneth morning by morning, he wakeneth mine ear to hear as the learned.
5: The Lord GOD hath opened mine ear, and I was not rebellious, neither turned away back.
....Blessed be the name of the Lord :


Hey Rosie...
I have news for you;
Jesus is Jewish.
And the Law has not been nullified,but fulfilled.
More soft-focus Catholicism/Christianity from Rosie, everyone.

Luke warm,and vomitable.


Rosie Davis

Hi Dominic,
I have a strong Jewish familial connection, a blast from the past & I only found out a few years ago & I actually understood myself a lot better... go figure.
In a perfect world if one has an abortion do we have the right to condemn them?
AND it is not a perfect world or a fair playing ground if we/some/all don't have all knowledge & tools possible to act in the best interests.
I am a Roman Catholic & proudly so & I take issue with many things in my Church as is my right ...shmuck...that's me.
I even cry at Madam Butterfly performances....still! much to every ones discomfort & discrete disgust.


I don't hear anyone condemning anyone, Rosie. But we do say the sin is damnable, and if God has anything to say about it, it will disappear from practice and get tossed into hell pretty soon. After all, you do believe sin separates us from God, right? And you do believe repentance can heal the separation, right?

You almost seem to imply that there's no sin to forgive, that God doesn't care about sin.


James it seems that Rosie is yet another equivocator,who has no idea how to separate compassion from liberalism.
The two ideologies may seem similar,but they are in fact diametrically opposed ethically and spiritually.


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