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Wednesday, November 24, 2010



I seriously have to wonder what kind of priest this man must be...since he certainly does not sound like a Catholic one.
He basically poo-poos one of the great commands that Christ gave the apostles,and all that followed after them.That of healing the sick,giving sight to the blind,and casting out devils.
Is it now somehow unfashionable to believe in the Devil,even in the Catholic Church?
One would think Holy Mother Church would be the one place where the existence of the war between Good and Evil would be an unquestioned reality.
But no,this equivocation,this mealy-mouthed waffling is what we get today,from the people who either do not realize this fact,or are deliberately trying to weaken the bulwarks against the tide of demonic activity that runs rampant over the planet.

He reduces it to either a superstitious fixation,or a societal phenomenon based on hysteria. In other words,maybe demons dont really exist.when the Bible ,and Jesus,both say emphatically that they do.
Perhaps the good Father should be assigned to a well-researched case,so he can get a taste of the so-called ''fantasy''that he seems to think we believers take as Gospel fact.
It seems to me that he is among those who are in fact embarrassed by the term 'exorcism',thanks to the media,the sensationalism on the topic,and perhaps,just perhaps,more than a little political correctness in the ranks of the clergy.
Thanks to this kind of joking attitude,what was one of the most solemn and potent weapons we as Christians wield against Satan has become a lampoon,a pantomime comedy for scoffers like this fake priest to use as a rallying point for his sneers and mocking.
Gospel fact because the Scriptures say it happens,and because Our Lord tackled it head -on Himself.
Someone needs to remind this man that he is supposed to be a
PRIEST,not an apologist for quack psychiatry or equivocating against what the Bible has handed down to us as the truth about the Enemy we all face.
I sincerely hope he never has to face a real demon,because he's liable to come away pummeled and bloody,the way the guys who attempted to exorcize improperly did in Paul's time.
I cant remember the exact passage for that encounter,but I think you all know what I mean.



What are you smoking, Loyola Law? I'm surprised at the posts by a graduate of a Jesuit law school, assuming your name indicates your education. But then again, we come in all stripes, don't we.

Check out this blog sometime,

Catholic for sure, but less hateful.

Rosie Davis

If you believe in one you must believe in the other, they go "hand in hand" so to speak.
Miracles, magic, or mumbo-jumbo, however you wish to see it, if you believe in the forces that come with God & Christ then Satan definitely plays a role.
In the face of this, shall we say "powerful supernatural magic" Rigid Adherence to Fundamental Principals & Practices are necessary I would imagine.
ie: funeral rites, imagine a few relevant words or passages were forgotten,
and you ended up in some God forsaken place for all eternity?
How would that sit with your immortal soul I wonder?
AND : exorcism can play a vital psychological role in healing of the mind & mind over matter.

Rosie Davis

PROVERBS : 16: 2:
All the ways of man a are clean in his own eyes; but the LORD weigheth the spirits.


Less hateful?Perhaps,but certainly more of an idiot,and a tool of the liberalist left.

Thanks for the wishy-washy exposition, Rosie.
We can always use info about the mindset of would-be heretics.


Present heretic

Oh, yes, please burn me at the stake!




Air Jordans

hehe that sounds fun...*


Sounds like this priest is one of those persons of which the Akita visions warned,
"...the Church will be full of those who accept compromise..."

Rosie Davis

Okay how's this.....
It is The End of Days;
according to ....
1. The Holy Bible;
2. Nostradamus;
3. The Mayan Calender;
& Science Mysteries - Solar Flares & 2012 Doomsday;
What I do not understand is how did the first 3 above, know anything about Solar Cycles & Winds & Flares so as to predict End of Days ?/!
They believed the world was flat.& where did the Mayans get their brilliant Maths ?
"Things that go bump in the night, give me a break," you say.
I do not go to psychics.
A chance meeting, a psychic told me to ask for parking & I did, I got the most impossible parking,
time & place, perfect. 2 of my grown up sons tired & shazzam !/?
Spirits, guides & angels they say......
I don't think so, I go for science...
Mind over Matter & Mind over Quantum Matter.
.....2 Articles in The New Scientist .....
...."Ice remembers the pre-history of the liquid water phase."...go figure, hey !...
What are we but mere & more bits & pieces of what the conscious universe is made up of, only that we have not gotten over our selves yet.
Bump in the night has always existed, imagine primitive man trying to interpret the marvels of his bio/chem/psycho surroundings; Why there were Demons everywhere, anything that moved, especially the wind, an invisible force that moved objects. Hence The Holy Bible & before that Pagan ...but what are these stories telling us, MANS crude interpretation of science in action ?/!
The Australian Aborigines say that lost knowledge of burial practices assisting the spirit energy to separate from the earths sphere & remaining fragments of spirit of the dead can interact with the living, inhibiting, shadowing, controlling conscious behavior & destiny.
& a BIG Happy Birthday to JESUS.....


This woman "Rosie" is either an idiot,a heretic,or both.
Although that combination is obviously redundant.
I would shudder to think this is how,if she IS a Catholic,she is helping to form her offspring's consciences.
It smacks of new age garbage-theology,and multi-cultural all-inclusiveness.




Either exorcisms are true, or Christianity and the Catholic Church should be discarded with no further delay.

Jesus exorcised demons or the Catholic Church -- and all of Christianity -- is a bunch of nonsense. It can't be any other way.

If exorcisms are nonsense, then Jesus was either duped, was ignorant of reality, or was trying to dupe us; either way, we need not worry or think about Jesus further, since he's obviously not who the Church says he is.

If Jesus is fully Human and Divine with unlimited power and knowledge, then his explanations for his exorcisms -- that demons had somehow taken control of individuals and he vanquished them -- speak for themselves, and we'd do better to believe him than believe our own "scientific" and "modern" theories. My confidence and faith are on Jesus Christ, not on me ... much less you.


Fr. Vega was my pastor at La Purisima Church in Lompoc Ca. He is not perfect but least he is not a child molester. The New York Times is known for making good Catholic priests look bad. We need to pray for our clergy not chastise them. ¡VIVA CRISTO REY!

Pablo H.

The freemasons have taken our Priests in and misdirected them.

Dear Faithful,

Here is what a real Catholic Hero looks like.

He stands up against a World of God and His Christ hating men:

Most Reverend Bernard Barsi, Archbishop of Monaco, stated that membership in Freemasonry, regardless of obedience chosen, was incompatible with membership of the Catholic Church. And this, in response to formal installation, February 19, the Grand Lodge national regular of the Principality of Monaco (GLNRPM), first in Monaco where Catholicism is the State religion. And where the heir to the throne of the Grimaldi must be derived from the "sacred marriage links".

"The constant teaching of the Catholic Church is clear on this subject and has been confirmed by a statement of the Congregation of the doctrine of the faith, dated November 26, 1983, explains Archbishop." "The negative judgment of Freemasonry Church remained unchanged, because its principles were inconsistent with the doctrine of the Church: this is why it remains prohibited by the Church register." "Catholics who are part of Freemasonry are in a State of grave sin and may not approach Holy communion," said Bishop Barsi.

Pray for the Roman Catholic Archbishop.

Say a Hail Mary for the soul of Princess Grace, who must be an advocate for Monaco; I hope she is begging for all of us.


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