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Thursday, December 16, 2010



What a load of politically -correct BS!
Next thing you know,they'll try to fine us for wearing crucifixes in public.

I'd refuse to pay.
Let them throw me in jail for contempt.
It'd be all they'd get from me.
The contempt that is.


Rosie Davis

Yodeling reminds me of Frank Ifield a falsetto & a slight yodel, it's a bit of an insult to Frank to say he sounds like a Meuzzin. I was a big fan as a kid. I agree with Dominic, but not the jail bit "cowardice"
on my part.

James M Essig

Radical Islam of the forms that encourage suicide bombings, IED explosions even near at Mosques, and the like is a growing menace that we conservatives in the West cannot ignore.

The best way to confront radical Islam, at least as far as civilians like myself and others who are not engaged in military operations in Afghanistan, is to assert the fundamental dignity, and sacredness of all human persons from the very moment of conception onward.

I will even go as far as to say we must assert the fundamental dignity and sacredness of all human persons on a provisional basis and who may not even get the chance to be created because of the use of artificial contraception. And yes, the Vatican has not relaxed Church requirements that all married Catholic couples abstain from its usage.

We live in an age where we are able to explore, ponder, and delight in the wonders of creation to an ever greater extent as a result of our ability to explore space, build enormously powerful telescopes, and to probe the heart of matters and energies to ever greater depths with ever more powerful high energy physics experimental apparatus. We are learning more and more about the workings of the human brain as well as those of animals. Developments in statistical psychology and sociology are coming in as fast as surveys can be conducted and the data analyzed.

But yet, as a physicist, I can assure you that the tendency among my colleagues is to feel that the more we learn, the more questions we have and the more we see how little we know. With each new generation of particle accelerators and each order or two magnitude increase in particle collision energies, new phenomenon are discovered, some of them totally unexpected and not fitting within contemporary paradigms. Reports of the empirical results already being obtained from the Large Hadron Collider and recent results from the Tevatron within the U.S. are bearing this reality out once again.

Some of my fellow Catholics focus solely on GOD to the extent that they no longer love their neighbor as themselves, and much less their enemies. We are required by GOD to love all human persons. If you do not believe me, then refer to Sacred Scripture for the proof.

The requirement to love our enemies and our neighbors is not somehow less important than the love of GOD, but is absolutely essential for the love of GOD, and complementary for the love of GOD.

No, I am not an idolater nor am I a pantheist. However, from informed reason alone, I can guarantee you that creation is the sole product of GOD's work outside of HIMSELF. This is evident from the fact that everything not GOD was created by GOD and is therefore a creature. Everything outside of GOD in the ontological sense is creation and was created by HIM.

Should we love and respect our fellow creatures, especially persons be they of the form of us humans, angels, disembodied human souls, and any extraterrestrial and ultraterrestrial bodily persons if such exist? We most certainly should and we must because of the solidary that exists among all created persons.

I will go one step further and state that it can be binding under the penalty of serious sin, even mortal sin, to foster a hatred toward condemned rational creatures such as the souls in Hell and the fallen angels because even though the latter fallen creatures perform moral wrong-doing in a definitively chosen manner, they are nonetheless ontologically good, perhaps to degrees we cannot comprehend.

Recognizing the difference between morally evil choices and sin and the sinner is part of what it means to be a spiritually mature Christian. Theological intellectual maturity recognizes the difference between ontological goodness and morally good or evil acts or morally guided behavior.

Yes, all rational creatures share an ontological solidarity even if they by free choice or by non-deliberate scandal cannot recognize this fact. GOD willed the interdependence of all creatures, and so I would advise some of my fellow conservatives that we are our brother's keeper, and even the least living human persons among us count and are worthy of our support.

We will not see an end to abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, and terrorist attacks until we realize this fact.

Now do not get me wrong. I am not against the military's efforts to legitimately defend our nation, and am all in favor of a strong defense, so much so that I have even contemplated seeking some form of employment in our nation’s nuclear weapons research and development industry at times. However, with our great strength must come great compassion, and we should never hate fellow rational creatures, most of all never hate our fellow human beings.

Part of what it means to have strength in a constructive and noble manner is to nurture and protect the poor, weak, rejected, and vulnerable among us.

Our countries great military strength does not imply a moral high ground. Even Satan himself has great natural strength and fantastic intelligence, in fact more so than any other creature in all probability, but yet he makes the most evil of choices. If you do not believe me, consider the havoc he has wreaked on creation and in our civilization.

And no, I am not a devil worshiper, and I do in fact believe it is wise to rebuke Satan and his attacks and those of the other fallen angels as an enemy of GOD and to pray for deliverance from them.

We need to see the whole of creation as the complement of GOD, which while nowhere near equal to GOD, is nonetheless so loved by GOD that HE bothered to create it in the first place.

During these last few days before Christmas, when we feel the desire to slight a poor homeless man begging for money, to mock an immature youth for cranking his car stereo for attention, to stare mockingly at a morbidly obese person for not living up to modern ideals of the cult of the body, and anyone else who we may feel irked by or be revulsed by due to their seemingly lack of psychological and/or physical prowess, it would be wise to forsake the insults, and innuendos, and say a prayer for these persons.

After all, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and other radical Islamic organizations are actively seeking to recruit such disaffected and marginalized persons and are having success in their efforts to do so.

Now absolutely, I do not endorse radical Islam as I am a conservative Catholic who believes in following to the letter, the Church teaching in its Supreme and Ordinary Magisterium, Authentic Traditional Church Teaching, and Sacred Scripture interpreted under the approval and wisdom of the Church. I am also a member of the Knights of Columbus and I deeply respect and enjoy the Camaraderie among my fellow Knights. However, I am mindful of the innumerable modern day examples of the Samaritan women weeping at Jesus feet, and the adulteress about to be stoned who was lovingly saved and forgiven by our Lord.

Yes, many of the first will be last, and the last will be first. Saint Mary Magdalene is already a fine example, and rest assure, many more will follow.




Jim, looking at several of your comments... did your mama never teach you to say what you have to say, then stop? Sheesh.

Rosie Davis

REG : Michelle's comment....
"Oh ! a wise guy ah !" the 3 stooges...
James M Essig has obviously been encouraged to think & speak his peace by his "mama", well done Ma'm !
A much valued & fought for principle in the USA......

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