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Wednesday, January 12, 2011



Pray for his soul, and all deceased priests of all rank.

Joseph Therese

well...if the Church says so, so be it, though I think it's a bit fast in my humble opinion

Margaret O'Connor

The speed at which this is going through is obscene; particularly when other aspects of his character and work are looked at. I refer to his friendship with Maciel, turning a blind eye to what was happening, and by all accounts preventing the current pope from getting rid of paedophile priests.

Pat Ryan

Blessed Pope John Paul the Great.
Pope Benedict will beatify Pope John Paul II on Sunday 1st May.
At present many Catholics around the world unofficially refer to that wonderful pope as “Pope John Paul the Great”; (as is evidenced by the fact that Google records this title countless times) however; he has never been officially declared “Great” by The Church.
Perhaps if thousands of us were immediately to write a letter or send an email ([email protected]) to Pope Benedict humbly requesting him to use the forthcoming occasion of the beatification of Pope John Paul to refer to him as “Blessed Pope John Paul the Great” it would bring great joy to the heart of millions of people.
All we need to write is:
Dear Holy Father, may I humbly request you to use the forthcoming occasion of the beatification of Pope John Paul II to refer to this wonderful pope in your sermon as Blessed Pope John Paul the Great.

Please write “Pope John Paul” on the top left hand side of your envelope
You can mail your letter to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI
Vatican City.

Or send your email to [email protected]

Raymond F. Rice

let's get him canonized first!!!

Libert Lewis

Great to know that Blessed precedes the name of the great Bishop of Rome,here below is an account of that beautiful ceremony....

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