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Friday, February 25, 2011


Prayer Request

Thats a Nice Blog There.. Hope God Give you more knowledge and wisdom to create more nice Blogs...

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This is a bittersweet post- it is unfortunate on one hand, and joyous on the other, for one rarely hears of Muslims converting. What a brave man! I will certainly be praying for him. I have heard that technically they are supposed to be killed, and that evangelization efforts are notoriously fruitless- even St. Francis of Assisi could not convert the Sultan.

I am glad all ended well.

Rosie Davis

Maybe the 6 Moroccan men were just looking to escape the humdrum & become infamous .. ?
Wikipedia :
List of converts to Islam .
In the United kingdom & France about 100,000 people converted in the last decade.
Germany about 300 a year.
......AND : they lost it because we got one of theirs.
Give me a break, please.

Israel Sahledingle

May God bless Magdi Allam. He has a right to practise any religion he believes is good for him. Am sorry for this 6 Moroccan men mentality. If they are not happy about the way we live, why don’t they leave our country and stay in Morocco or one of Arabian countries instead. May almighty forgive them and us! Amen

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