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Wednesday, March 02, 2011



Our Lady of Akita foretold of prelates like Mahony.

With all due respect...GOOD RIDDANCE! However, good on him if the cardinal ever attempts to repair the damage he has wrought.

I won't hold my breath, though. After all, like he told a CNS reporter, his "field" is immigration.

Our Lady of Akita, pray for the Church hierarchy.


He is a CARDINAL of the Church - and you best show some respect no matter how much hatred you feel for him. Otherwise you are no better than he is.


Jesus is Lord! It is best to show respect and humility anyway. Only God is the final judge.

Rosie Davis

What do I know ! .....
I think that through out the world we do not yet adequately know how to deal with certain situations. We are mere mortals & sometimes in life a grenade lands on our door step.
We the people of this planet need to talk openly about all things. The more honest, open conversation their is the better, & we will all feel more confident about how to be responsible in this world.
Hopefully this would strip the sly confident deviants in all their pursuit of any success.


We are allowed, not just allowed but commanded in Scripture to judge right from wrong, to "judge one another as is fitting in the Lord", to take the wrong of someone before them, and if they will "not listen to the Church, treat them as a pagan and a tax collector".

This is a very mild indictment of what could be said about this man's time as Cardinal. He was a horrendous scandal to Catholics everywhere and it is to the shame of John Paul II and Benedict XVI that they did not remove him from office a LONG time ago. The man spent an enormous amount of money building what is essentially a pagan church (the symbols of all the world's religions around the doors) which was consecrated with pagan rituals (saluting the four corners of the earth with incense).

St. John Crystomotom (sorry, typing while nursing so I know the spelling is off) said the floors of hell will be paved with the skulls of bishops. Unless he repents, Cardinal Mahoney will certainly be one of them. May God be with this new Cardinal, as he has an immense task before him.

Rosie Davis

Na sou zisi = roughly (may the child thrive).
I don't know anything much about the guy but I know that "WE" & that is all the people of the planet need to take control of "decorum" so that it is understood clearly that rubbish is unwanted. Some people don't "get it" & it's only all about them, they must be told clearly & then we can say
"why the hell do you do all that for fool?" in a most serious way !/?"

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