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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Rosie Davis

What do I know, but it looks to me like Obama is over the whole president thing & just wants to go home.




Yup, he's definitely bringing people together in Libya, Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. I am a bit shocked, to be honest with you, just how in the tank so many liberal types are.

I guess this is why Newsweek was purchased by the Washington Post for $1. It looks like they may have overpaid.

Rosie Davis

What do I know.
Everyone is talking. So many things are being said.
The Republicans can't find a contender to go up against him in the coming election.
The economy is such a wreak that the Republicans don't have a clue on how to fix it & have passed.
Go figure......
Don't worry God will work something out.

James M Essig

Here in an interesting take on human nature regarding the human soul.
The human soul is capable of the incorporation of grace from an ontological stand point. Many modern Catholic theologians focus on grace to such an extent that they fail to recognize that even souls who are not in the state of grace are loved by GOD to the extent that Christ died on the Cross to bring them back or to call them back and then so by name.
In a sense, we humans need to return to being mere creatures in our own mind’s eye and to stop trying to be GOD. Our Lady of Fatima has warned against blurring the line between creature and creator.
Quite literally, the life of sanctifying grace for all those of us who possess it even for the Saints including canonized clergymen and religious could not exist were it not for its underpinning of the natural soul. Quite simply, GOD simply does not bestow grace to humans who do not already have a soul simply because the absolute requirement of the existence of the natural life of the human soul is required for grace. Thus, grace depends intrinsically and extrinsically on the human natural soul to exist and to be sustained in existence.
We are not GOD and we never will be GOD nor GODs and it is time that all of us who would look down on: the homeless, those who are addicts, the incarcerated, those on death row, the mentally ill, and those below the economic poverty, to realize that these are the least who will be the greatest as well as the least of our brethren who as the Lord says, so long as you did not take care of the sick, feed the hungry, clothed the naked, visited the imprisoned, or comforted the afflicted, you did not do so for me.
The Bible is absolutely clear in this regard. Given the currently veiled nature of exactly what will transpire at the Final Resurrection of the Dead at the End of time, let us not delude ourselves into thinking and acting like there will not be many Lazarus’ feasting very close to the Lord at the Heavenly Banquette.
I personally make heroic acts of charity by offering to spend any time I will in Purgatory for the salvation of these least of our brethren and do the same for those who are in the so-called Alpha positions in our society such as clergymen, including Bishops, Cardinals, and the Pope, health care professionals, military officers, civil leaders, CEOs, and the like. Quite simply, I am utterly compelled to do so because if I had my way, not a single soul would be lost on my prayer watch, not even those who I am naturally inclined to be repulsed by. In reality, there is really no one who I can think of whom I am repulsed by if only because I can barely stand the idea of any one going to Hell. If this means that I will ultimately definitively spend much time in Purgatory, then absolutely so be it.
However, for those likewise wishing to make heroic acts of charity, remember to spend much time offering up the Sacrifice if the mass throughout the world as well as making direct prayers to GOD and also petition the intercession of Mary and the Saints and Angels for the Salvation of as many souls as possible.
Let us never let our heroic acts of charity replace Christ’s job of our salvation and the merits of His Life, Passion, Crucifixion, Death, resurrection, Ascension, and fatherhood of the world to come for the whole of the good of the cosmos. For those willing to make such heroic acts of charity, let your prayers as such complement and work hand in hand with Christ’s merits. Ultimately, salvation is GOD’s job and we do not want to fall into a lax sense of pride that it is our job. However, we can and should help.
By the same token, one is under no morally binding obligation to make such heroic acts of charity, not even in the case where one seeks great Sainthood and would even attain it.
Technically speaking, GOD is not the absolute sum of all reality, rather the set of creatures and GOD are the sum total of reality. More to the point, GOD, currently existing creatures, and all that is possible but which has yet to be created or to exist is the sum total of reality.
I am in no way being a pantheist here, but rather am drawing a great and fundamental distinction between creature and GOD. Creation should never replace GOD and the supreme honor and worship HE is due, but should be viewed as complementary. I think GOD would have it no other way. We have no right to distain creation otherwise we would be telling GOD that what HE made is junk. Creation if the result of GOD’s work outside of HIMSELF and is thus HIS pride and joy in the sense that HE is rightfully proud and pleased by what HE made, for as the Book of Genesis says, GOD saw how good it was.
We must remember our vocations to be creatures and human persons. The ultimate mystery behind such vocations, whether we are clergymen, religious, married, single, divorced, consecrated virgins, laity, Saints in Heaven, Poor Souls in Purgatory, or perhaps Souls in any Limbo if Limbo exist, is currently yet to be fully manifested. The real glory comes at the Final Resurrection and what comes afterward.

So is Obama GOD? Definatively not! We should not attempt to make our selves GOD either.

In one Church Approved Marian appariton, I believe Our Lady was critical of the careerism that has entered into the life of many folks. She expressed concern that many want to excell over their family members and their peers and colleagues.

We need a return to a proper reverential respect for all GOD's rational creatures and put away the hate and desire for vengence.

In reality, in modern America, it is not sex, or money that is our GOD, but rather our excellence over and with respect to others.

Now I am not saying that we should effeminize ourselves with head bowing difference and OCD like humility, but we need a return to civility. I can hardly drive out of my drive way and feel comfortable waving at a stranger walking down my upper middle class development any more, because of the virtual looks of presumptuous disqust I receive, even from folks I know to be Catholic. In the Northern Virginia area where I live, it is almost as if such friendly guestures are seen as weae in character, or non-intellectually mature.




Mr. Thomas needs to get out of the Belt Way and see what his godling's policies are doing to the country. And while Reagan bankrupted the USSR out of existence, the Obama/godling not only is currently bankrupting the US, he's doing it for generations to come!

Leftists have invested so much of themselves in Obama that they have to deify him in order to over look his shortcomings. After all, a god doesn't commit errors...


It does amaze me that so many are so persistent in their utter cluelessnes. How so many can still be clamoring for more gov't precisely at the very time gov't has proven so discredited and bankrupt is rather astounding.

I can only conclude this means that many more people are gaming and bilking the system than might be willing to admit it--and that means middle class, working folks who vote.

What else could explain the schizophrenia we're apparently having over big daddy government? And this isn't just about the "poor," since most of them don't vote.

People are going to have to decide what they want. I for one can't wait to see whether people truly do want the responsibility of more freedom and limited gov't, or whether they'd prefer the shackles of big gov't in exchange for some security and benefits.

It's the Revolution all over again!! Buckle up, folks. The rides gonna get bumpy.

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