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Saturday, July 09, 2011


Sr. Joyce Gardella, FMM

To Dr. Anthony Clark,

Thank you for posting the China Martyr photos.
The seven sisters are Franciscan Missionaries of Mary who were canonized by Pope John Paul II. They were the first martyrs of our order and the first to be canonized. Other sisters were also martyred at various times in the 21st Century but not beatified or canonized.
There was also Blessed Maria Assunta, an Italian sister who worked in China and died at age 24. She was beatified in 1954 and there is a religious order of Chinese Sisters who named their order after her. Our Foundress, Helen De Chappotin (Mary of the Passion) was also beatified by Pope John Paul.

Sr. Joyce Gardella, FMM

Rosie Davis

Through out time many courageous people have walked this earth & the world is all the better for them.

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