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Friday, July 22, 2011


Fr. Erik J. Richtsteig




what a load of secularist drivel.



...lesser known changes to said Bible:

"I am the way" --> "I am a path"

"I am the truth" --> "I am an opinion"

I am the life --> "I am pro-choice"

Now doesn't that make us feel more inclusive and compassionate?


Even the acronym for the Common English Bible, CBE, sounds life that stupid BCE (Before Common Era).


Robert Partington

The four named pseudo-Christian organizations long ago turned their backs on biblical authority in favour of feminism, homosexual activism and neo-paganism. It shouldn't be any surprise when they support a culturally-twisted version of God's word. This is far from a legitimate "translation" honouring the biblical languages, so it doesn't deserve any degree of respect, unless one is short of fireplace fuel.

Rosie Davis

New thinking say's that The Holy Mother Mary & Joseph were from Egypt & that Jesus Christ also was 'NOT A JEW', that Jesus had nothing to do with the Jewish Faith but was seconded, ie; it's a great story let's go with it; ?/!
& like all good stories they develop a life of their own & sometimes bite back ?/!
I have heard Jesus renounced as a nothing by some Jews I should think that they will be delighted at this revelation, n'est pas!

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