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Thursday, August 18, 2011


Rosie Davis

It is said that young ladies today are deciding to have their uterus removed as a life style choice. Why bother with messy, painful menstruation which takes up one third of your life ?
It is said that in becoming a wife & a mother in today's world a female is valued less than an intelligent dog by the world at large & you get the pleasure of living a life of sacrifice & poverty ?
Who wants to be less than a dog in life when young beautiful single females are the most prized, even by married men ?
One only has to look at the youth & beauty, & sex industry to know the truth of it all.
Apparently "THE SWEET SIXTEEN" nip & tuck is the most sought after by all ages.
"Life is but one & to short, choose to live," is the slogan/motto of today ?

C J Bob Sicard

Cathedral 11 o'clock Mass -- Where can I find a Bio on the lovely "voice", and the
Deacon threesome: Warriner, Grady, & Guidry?


Choosing to receive an abortion isn't doesn't necessarily signal a free pass on safe sex. Abortion comes with a lifetime of emotional consequence and the decision to instill priests with this restorative power may provide a way for many to reconnect to the church over an issue that has created much division.


any and all parish priests in the u.s. have this authority. this whole thing has been misleading especially the misinformed making statements regarding dogma and church policy. if you have any questions just ask your parish priest.

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