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Friday, September 23, 2011


Rosie Davis

reg; Martin Luther's excommunication.....

detente; the act of reducing something unpleasant ....
Is it not funny that we all believe in God & charity & compassion & mercy & yet we still do not know how to kiss & make up;
Are we still stuck on pomp & ceremony & regalia & all things to do with sibling rivalry ?/!
ie; kids stuff
Will God ever lose patience & insist on us growing up & acting our age, lest we get a good smack on the bot (smit)?


There is an element of Lutheranism that is akin to the Anglo-Catholic fraternity of which, of course, BXVI has granted the status of ordinariate.

Some Lutheran churches in Germany are more Catholic in presentation that the diocesan churches.

Rosie Davis

Mi casa su casa & when your in town come & break bread & sip the communal wine with us,
sounds good don't you think ? All warm & friendly like.


Idiot comments from one and three.

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