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Saturday, November 19, 2011



Bishop Brown:

"I have the deepest respect for the Crystal Cathedral ministry."

Of course he does. Certainly more respect than he has for traditional Catholicism.


Well its sad, but not exactly like this pattern wont be repeated in the future from the fruits of Ecumenism, when Mary destroys all heresies and the Protestants come home some 10-20 or 100 years from now.

Rosie Davis

Wow ! I'm gob smacked. Just when I thought that the whole world was broke. What exactly is the interest rate on $57.5 million in dollar terms &/or how many generations will it take to repay the loan. I wonder what will happen to all the Crystal Cathedrals Faithful will they convert to catholicism or turn to atheism in bewilderment & disillusionment.
You know in today's world we talk in terms of TRILLIONS & GAZILLIONS & only God knows what heights we will hit in the future.
BUT, & this is a big "BUT" the truth about money is that MAN KIND IS NO GOOD WITH MONEY. Just look around the globe today & see the financial wreck that the NATIONS of this planet are, but also look back in time & see the catastrophes of EMPIRES THAT CAME & WENT, GOLDEN AGES & know that this is a reality.
Man in this world with money is "A TRY HARD WANNA BE THAT NEVER WAS." It comes down to the fact that one can not be emotionally involved with money/riches & be of sound mind or sensible, rational thinking hence irrational borrowing & spending ie:- illusions of grandeur / the high life....
The "Nothing was to good for us at the time honey." mentality.

Rosie Davis

book:- To have or to be ?
author:- Erich Fromm
The Nature of Having
The nature of having mode of existence follows from the nature of private property. In this mode of existence all that matters is my acquisition of property & my unlimited right to keep what I have acquired. The having mode excludes others; it does not require any further effort on my part to keep my property or to make productive use of it. The Buddha has described this mode of behavior as craving, the Jewish & Christian religions as converting; it transforms everybody & everything into something dead & subject to another's power.
A fool hath no delight in understanding, but that his heart may discover itself.


We can pray for a replacement...but look at the bright side, he didn't get to build the Rog Mahal 2.0

Rosie Davis

To Joe :- Well said man !
Through out time "WE" have come & gone in oh so many ways, but "WE" always end up on the same thresh hold do you think some one is trying to tell us something ?


Perhaps, now I'm not a fan of the purchase...but it beats anything "Tod not of God" (coined by a priest friend of mine) would build himself. (or rather have designed)...Beauty is objective certainly. Perhaps he'll be replaced next month and new Bishop will get to design the sanctuary and everything.

orange county  csa

Well its sad, but not exactly like this design will not be recurrent later on from the fruit of Ecumenism.


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As I was sitting here thinking about this, I wondered, "Is there any history of a diocese buying a building like this?" I mean, I know it has worked the other way around, but I'm unaware of such an occurrence.

I think the Crystal Cathedral is beautiful, so I don't understand most of you. And adorned the right way, it could be quite extraordinary. And the grounds that will come with it will definitely add a lot to the cathedral -- although my understanding is that the Crystal Cathedral will maintain ownership of some of the buildings for the short-term future.

One more question: what the heck is going to become of the property on Bear and MacArthur now? How much money did they spend on it (although it may have been donated). And let's not forget the Bishop's new residence purchased in that new housing track (right?).

Sounds like someone made a serious miscalculation either a few years ago ... or now. We now have two properties and plans with for two cathedrals -- not exactly what I'd call good strategic planning.

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